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Best Basketball Hoop: Our Review & Comprehensive Buying Guide

best basketball hoop

Buying a basketball hoop can be very confusing if you don’t know what to consider while buying basketball hoops. In this guide, we will talk about all the factors that you should consider to pick the best basketball hoop.

We’re pretty sure that, after reading this guide you will be able to pick the right one for you. If you are planning to buy a basketball shoe too then you can check our best outdoor basketball shoes¬†review.

Best Basketball Hoop In Market Now

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Basketball Hoop Buying Guide

Types of Hoops

There are mainly three types of basketball hoops available. They are In-ground, wall-mount and portable. Each of these different types of hoops has its own benefits.

1. In-Ground: These hoops are fixed into the ground. They are significantly more stable and strong than portable hoops. They often come with adjustable height settings. These hoops are specially designed for the serious player who wants to play basketball professionally.

In-ground hoops are also great for school and different institutions. Their cost will be relatively higher because of their stability and strength. Though they are expensive, they will offer you the best possible playing experience.

2. Portable: This is likely the most popular hoops in the market today. Portable hoops are very easy to transport and easier to set up than in-ground types. You carry them at any place you want.

Portable hoops generally come with a pre-designed base that can be filled with sand, water or anything which keeps the unit in place and stable. They range in size and capacity usually between 27 and 42 gallons. They often come with height adjustability settings.

3. Wall-mount: These type of hoops have become less popular due to the convenience of the portable types. These hoops are designed for the wall. However, there are still some people who prefer the wall-mounted hoops.

If you have a driveway and garage next to each other, then this type of hoops will be a better choice. Most of them are set at a fixed height but there are so0me available which can be adjusted.

Types of Backboard

There are three main types of backboards. Each of them has its own pros and cons. These three types are Polycarbonate, acrylic and tempered glass.

1. Polycarbonate Backboards: Polycarbonate backboards tend to be common on some of the low end and cheap basketball hoops. Most of these boards don’t have brace support capability. So, the ball won’t bounce well like other models.

Polycarbonate backboards are ideal for recreational play. it will be a better choice for occasional office basketball contest and family use.

2. Acrylic Backboards: This is an ideal backboard for competitive play. They offer better rebound of the ball. Durability is one of the biggest advantages of this board.

These boards are designed using thermoplastic acrylic and will generally perform better than their polycarbonate models. If you just want to enjoy the occasional game with your friends and family members, the acrylic board is a good option.

3. Tempered Glass Backboards: Tempered glass is the mother of all backboard materials. This material is used at the pro level. Tempered glass backboards are the best backboards available in the market.

Polycarbonate and acrylic both are forms of plastic. But tempered glass isn’t plastic. It is the real deal as far as quality and performance go.

If you are looking for the best one, this would be the one you can pick. These boards are made for professional players. You will generally find tempered glass boards on professional courts than the home courts.

However, the tempered glass board is expensive because of its high-end quality.

You should also take into count the size of the backboard. The larger the backboard the higher the cost. Backboard can range from 44″ up to 72″.

Types of Rim

It is probably the most important part of the hoop’s hardware. There are mainly three types of rims found on hoops. They are the standard rim, exposed spring breakaway rim and enclosed spring breakaway rim.

1. Standard Rim: It is very common in practically all recreational basketball hoops. Nowadays, standard rims are found basically on cheap portable hoops. These rims have prone to wrap, bend and break when dunked.

2. Exposed spring Breakaway Rim: These kind of rims are very popular nowadays. They are stronger than the standard type. They have some cons too. If you live in a humid climate, the rim has prone to rust. Their springs are also low quality. After all, they offer perfect value for the money.

3. Enclosed Spring Breakaway Rim: This rim is the boss of all rims. It is the most advanced one that you can get for your basketball hoop. These rims are designed for mid-tier and top-tier basketball hoops that are highly used by professional athletes.

Other Essentials

After finding out which type of hoops, backboard and rim best fits your needs, you need to consider some other things such as nets, poles, bases, adjustability etc.

Nets: Hoops commonly come with nets made of nylon and chain links. Nylon netting is available at a low price but it is not enough durable. Chain links are enough durable but will rust if left out in wet weather.

Poles: If you are purchasing in-ground or portable basketball hoops, then you should consider the pole types used in the hoops. Round poles are typical for smaller in-ground and portable hoops.

Adjustability: If you have growing kids, then you might appreciate adjustable basketball hoops. These hoops can adjust from 7 1/2′ up to 10′. Some hoops also come with a larger range.


These are all the things that you need to know to buy a basketball hoop. If you want to buy one, then you can check this review of portable basketball hoop.

We hope you’ve found our best basketball hoop buying guide very helpful. If you’ve liked this guide, then please do share this. Your sharing will highly motivate us to write more guide like this. You may also like to read about the effect of playing basketball on your social skills.

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