Buying Guide: Best Bench Vise

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Whether you’re cutting wood or welding in your workshop, having the best bench vise is vital.

We are here with the best bench vises to make your metalworking and woodworking effortless.

If you are planning to buy a bench vise, you need to consider the following factors to find one that suits your needs most.
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Why Are Bench Vises Used For?

A bench vise is a necessary tool attached to a workbench used to lock down object while you work on it. It is essential in any workshop and it will hold your work steady.

There are endless uses of bench vises. They are used in home, garage, workshops and many other workplaces. From metalworking to woodwork, bench vise can handle anything. Your duty is to choose one that suits your needs most. We’re pretty sure that, if you follow our guide, you will be able to find the best one for your needs.

Bench Vise Buying Guide

1. Purpose

The first thing is to determine the purpose of buying a bench vise. For what kind of work you want to buy bench vise?

  • Do you need it for heavy-duty work?
  • Do you need it for woodworking, metalworking or other projects?
  • Or do you plan to use it for model making and crafts?

2. Vises Type

There are many types of bench vises available in the market: Woodworking vise, engineer’s vise, metalworking vise, etc. Let’s talk about some useful and common types of vises.

Metalworking Vise: This type of vises are used for blacksmith’s work. They are the strongest ones.

Woodworking Vise: Those are used for light-duty or more delicate work. They are generally attached to the bench with jaws that are made of iron or steel.

Watchmaker’s or Jeweler’s Vises: This type of vises are lightweight and smaller. They’re particularly engineered for the jewelers and watchmakers.

There are some other types of vise available; machine vises, handheld vises, mechanic vises etc. Engineering vises and woodworking vises are the most familiar types among them. You have to select one according to your work type.

3. Construction Quality

The construction quality of the bench vise is another important factor to consider. You have to carefully pick one that is built of high-quality material. Otherwise, it won’t last for a longer time.

4. Vise Sizes

There are a variety of bench vise sizes available for cover almost any project. Choose the size according to your needs. For example, If you need a bench vise for metal and large woodworking project, you have to have the biggest vises. On the other hand, You need smaller models of vises for working with pieces of jewelry or watches.

If you want to buy a portable unit, weight and size will be an important factor. Remember that, smaller vises typically have fewer capabilities.

5. Jaw Width

The jaw width is another important factor to consider. Select one that fits your needs. A jaw width of 4-5 inches can fulfill most of your needs.

6. Jaw Opening

If you intend to work on big steel pipes, then you obviously need a big opening. But if you work on small objects, you need a small opening. Select a jaw width that will fit most equipment of your projects.

7. Throat Depth

This is not so important as width and opening. But you should consider it to get a better result. The deeper the throat, the better it will be to hold large pieces more securely.

8. Swivel Base

This is an extremely convenient feature. To provide you with flexibility, it allows the bench vise to rotate. It will be best if you choose one that can be set at 360 degrees. 120 degrees isn’t bad too. Keep in mind that, this will be very expensive.

9. Mounting

If you are searching for a heavy-duty model, it is good to pay attention to how it will be mounted. Look for one with at least three mounting tabs but the best option would have four.

10. Pipe, Combo or Bench

You can very easily hold rectangular objects and pipe by a serrated bench jaw. A pipe jaw can holds pipe but a combo jaw has both.

11. Psi

If you’re in confusion between two models and both look equally good. Then you may give priority to the model which has higher psi.

12. Price

While looking for bench vises, you will notice the variety of prices for bench vises. You can compare different models and their price. Don’t go for the cheaper product, they won’t last long.

13. No Aluminum Alloy Please

Don’t go for an aluminum alloy vise. I say, just don’t. If they aren’t built of iron and steel, they aren’t a vice.

14. Brand

You should also consider where the bench vise is manufactured. Select one from a well-known brand. Here we mentioning the top three brands that produce high-quality bench vises.

  • Yost Bench Vise
  • Tekton Bench Vise
  • Irwin Bench Vise

15. Customer Reviews

This is an easy way to know the quality of a product. Read customer reviews of your selected bench vise model from different e-commerce sites. You will get a better idea about this product.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions and their answers about bench vise.

Ques: Should I select a medium or heavy-duty Vise model?
Ans: This actually depends on how often you will use the vise. If you’re a professional or involved with heavy-duty work, go for a heavy-duty bench vise.

Ques: What are the main component of a vise?
Ans: The main components are the static jaw, the dynamic jaw, the handle and the slide. Quick-release or anvil are the additional features of a bench vise.

Final Words

Just like other woodworking tools, every vise is different from others in terms of quality, features, size, material etc.

To pick the best one, you should consider the type of works you will do. For heavy-duty works, you should go for one that is made of sturdy material.

We hope you’ve got enough information about this topic. If you still need to know more about bench vise or any other things related to our website, then let us inform via the commenting below. You can also share this article if you’ve liked it. Your sharing will highly inspire us to write more guides like this.

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