Best Off Road Lights: Our Ultimate Guide to Choose The Best One

best off-road lights

Every off-roader wants to ensure they are safe while driving off-road. That’s why it’s very important for your vehicle to have quality off-road lights. They save most of the people from avoidable accidents. Your off-roading experience gets better if you have the best off-road lights.

If you’re a regular off-roader, then you should have a winch. You can read our best jeep winch review if you don’t have one but planning to buy one.
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The Best Off Road Lights in the Market Now

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How To Choose The Best Off-Road Lights

The market is always competitive. So how can you get the best one? Well, there are many factors need to be considered to pick the best one. Here are these factors:

Types of Bulbs

All off-road lights aren’t the same. Different types have different types of advantages and disadvantages.

  • LED(Light Emitting Diodes): They are becoming popular day by day because of their long life and energy efficiency. They produce more light than other types of bulbs. Most of them can last for more than 50,000 hours. They are more durable, compact and not easily damaged by vibrations and impact. Also, they won’t consume too much of your vehicle’s battery. But, this type of light can be quite expensive compared to its counterparts.
  • HID(High-Intensity Discharge): They can last for more than 2,000 hours. They’re typically relatively brighter than other types. But one downside is that it can have dirty lenses which can affect the clarity of vision.
  • Halogen: This type of bulb is known for its low cost. But one problem is that their lifespan is very short which is only about 1,000 hours on average. This is a good option for those who want reliable and powerful light at a low price.

Types Of Lights

The light pattern is also important for LED off-road lights.

  • Spotlight: These lights produce a more focused beam that can reach a longer distance. They are extremely bright but illuminate a smaller area. These types of lights are generally used for agricultural, racing and commercial applications. They shouldn’t be used on the highway.
  • Floodlight: This will illuminate a large wide area within a short distance. These type of lights are typically used as work lights or in back up lights. You’ll find them on towing vehicles.
  • Combo: These type of light will allow you to take benefits of the two types of beam patterns.

Winch Mounting Position

After choosing one, the next step will be the setup process. You can install them in the bumper, windshield pillars and roof.

  • Front Bumper: Floodlights are very effective when they’re installed on the bumper because they produce direct wide light in front of the vehicle.
  • Roof: Installing a light on the roof will maximize your visibility. When mounting in this position, pick flood beams or a combination of flood and spot beam. Because installing the light on the roof will increase the jeep’s height.
  • Windshield Pillars: You should choose one with small widths for mounting in this position. For this position, spotlights are ideal. Also, don’t go for very large lights.

Durability & Reputation

You should pick off-road lights with a good waterproof rating. It should also be dust-proof. You have to ensure that the light bar is as durable as possible. You can get an idea about the light bar quality from its material. The mounting brackets must be able to resist rust and corrosion. You should also look at the IP code of the light.

You should choose one from any company that must have some reputation. It will be better if you choose one from the company that has taken their lights through vigorous off-road testing.


You have to consider the installing process. Make sure that it has comprehensive instructions from manufacturers. You won’t need the help of a mechanic to set up the light.


It is most likely the first thing that pops up. If you want to have tons of bright light, then you should go for LEDs with a high number of bulbs. The bigger the light, the better the brightness you’ll get.


You have to determine how bright you want the light to be. Off-road lights with higher voltage indicate that it is brighter than other models with a lower voltage.


When choosing light bars, consider those which comes with extended warranties. It will be great if you choose one that comes with a lifetime warranty. Also, look at what the warranty covers.

Why Do I Need Off-Road Lights?

If you’re an off-roader and often drive at night or on a back road, then the off-road light is must-have for your vehicle. They’ll provide illumination in dark places. They’ll also improve the physical appearance of your vehicle.

Final Words

Off-road lights will help you be safe on rugged terrain. They also offer you tremendous advantages. They’ll assure you safe and fun driving. I hope you’ve got enough information from this guide and that will help you to make the right choice.

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