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best snake boots reviewSnake boots are a great way to defend yourself from snakebites. They are designed in such a way that snake fangs can’t reach your leg. But finding a good quality snake boot isn’t easy.

So, we’ve done a long research and created this best snake boots review for you.

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Best Snake Boots Review

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Here are some of the latest Best Seller Snake Boots on Amazon:
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1. LaCrosse Venom Scent APG HD Snake Boot Review


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This pair is one of the best buys in the snake boot market. It was first marketed as men’s boots but many women bought them, now it’s generally considered as a unisex model despite its masculine look.

Though this pair of boots doesn’t just look tough, in reality, it is tough. It has a durable rubber outsole along with a reinforced toe cap that’s abrasion-resistant. It comes with a thick design with 1,000-denier nylon uppers, so you get 360-degree protection from snakebites.

What else amazing is that you get this level of protection while you also feel comfortable in these boots. They’re extremely flexible around the ankles, so your movements aren’t impeded and you can easily run with these. It is one of the best waterproof snake boots. This one has Dry-Core lining that makes this pair entirely waterproof, so wading in streams won’t be an issue.

This is one of the best snake boots for hot weather. Its inside is breathable, so your feet won’t feel overly warm inside the boots. It also features the Hyper-Dri lining that wicks moisture. It also fights off odor-causing bacteria.

It’s comfortable enough to put on as long as you get the right size. For women, you may want to try 1 or 2 sizes smaller than your regular size. There’s a side zipper that makes it easy to put this on and off.

Your comfort is also enhanced by the cushioning provided by the PU footbed and the EVA midsole. It’s not even overly heavy, as it weighs just 80 ounces. Even the break-in period doesn’t take all that long.

Overall, it’s not surprising to see the Venom Scent HD Boot being regularly listed as the best snake proof boots on the market today. The brand has been making boots for a hundred years now, so they’ve clearly learned a thing or two about how to make them.

Just start with 1 size bigger than your regular size if you’re a guy, and you’re all set. Ready to rock with the best hunting snake boots.

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2. LaCrosse Adder 18” Snake Boot Review


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This pair of boots measures 18 inches in height, and the camouflage pattern of leaves and branches tells you right off that it’s meant for hunting.

But it’s when you wear it that tells you just how good it really is when you’re out hunting in the woods and the swamps where snakes share their hunting grounds with you.

This boot features a flexible 360-degree Snake Guard protection, and it is made with full-grain leather matched with 1,000-denier nylon upper. The toe cap is also abrasion resistant for enhanced durability and added protection for your feet.

This is a well-made pair of boots even though its price isn’t that high. It doesn’t feature laces; instead, you have huge pull loops so you’re able to put it on and take it off easily. To help you make it fit securely and comfortably, the back gusset is adjustable.

This comes with a synthetic sole so you can hunt without tripping all over yourself over the slippery ground. The non-loading outsole has been designed to actually shed debris and mud that sticks like clay to other boots. So your boots will provide you with the steady step you need over all types of ground.

This is 100% waterproof and you won’t have to worry about the odor too. It’s been treated with an antimicrobial treatment, so bacteria that cause odors won’t build up.

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3. Danner Pronghorn Snake Side-Zip Snake Boot Review


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Danner boots have long been regarded as pne of the best snake boots in the world, though you sure will have to pay for the privilege.

If you have the budget for these boots, you owe it to yourself to at least try once these boots. Despite the higher prices, they sure do provide excellent features.

Its construction uses full-grain waterproof leather matched with 900-denier nylon, so your boots are both lightweight and rugged. The 17-inch length and the use of laces may make you feel tired just thinking about lacing it up. But it actually comes with a Speed Lace System.

Its design features a unique type of hardware that allows you to tighten up the whole boot from top to bottom with a single fast tug. It also has a side zip so you can secure it quickly on your foot.

This feels comfy, and it helps that it fits true to size. The forefoot design is actually anatomical, so you get more room in your toe box so your toes aren’t all scrunched up. Your heel sits nicely too. This is one of the best snake boots for big calves. The PU Ortholite footbed and the 3-density cushioning enhance the comfort level even further. The Gore-Tex lining also makes these boots breathable as well.

The people at Danner consider themselves craftsmen and they have good reasons to think that way. Their boots are made with exacting quality. They’re tough, comfy, and durable, and they look great too. You may have to shell out more money, but then quality like usually comes with a matching price tag.

Since this doesn’t have laces or zippers, you may have to practice getting it on and off so that the whole procedure becomes easier for you. Anyway, it’s extremely comfy to wear, and the full leather around your feet and ankles offers superior snakebite protection.

You sure will get the full value for your money with these Adder boots.

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4. LaCrosse 4X Alpha Snake Hunting Boot Review


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Yes, this is the 3rd LaCrosse pair on our list, but then that’s not our fault. It’s just that the brand excels in making high-quality snake boots for reasonable prices, and it’s criminal to leave them out just to make way for other inferior brands.

This one is a bit shorter, as it measures about 16 inches to the top. The platform is about an inch, while the shaft is about 14.5 inches from the arch.

It’s easy enough to see how this is truly waterproof, as the lower part of the boot is made completely out of rubber. But this isn’t just regular rubber. It’s natural hand-laid rubber that’s placed over the neoprene insulation. This is warm enough to get a temperature rating of -20 degrees.

Of course, the rubber offers complete 360-degree snake protection and you even get a nice shin guard out of it. But this protection doesn’t come with an uncomfortable fit.

It features a contoured ankle fit, along with a strap and a back gusset that you can adjust so you can feel comfy while wearing your boots. You also get 4 layers of cushioning and support. The traction is also excellent with the outsole.

It may take a while for you to break this in, as it uses rubber instead of leather. At first, it will take a while for you to learn how to put this on and take this off properly and quickly. But you’ll learn soon enough. You may want to get one that’s just a tiny bit bigger than usual, so you can wear thick socks with it.

These LaCrosse Alpha boots prioritize function and comfort above good looks, and the simplicity of the design makes it possible for a lower price. But don’t mistake simplicity with effectiveness—when it comes to snake guard protection, this thing rules. The rubber all over the boot really provides the armor you need against snake fangs.

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5. Danner Sharptail Snake Boot Review


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Now Danner makes high-quality boots, and this one definitely fits the bill. At first glance, you’re already fairly certain that your feet and ankles are safe from snake bites with these things, and it seems waterproof too.

The lower part uses leather so it’s waterproof and offers terrific protection against snakes. At the same time, the leather also slowly molds to the shape of your feet, so after a short break-in period, the pair of boots become eminently comfy to wear.

It even looks classy, with its belt-like snap in the bottom instead of laces. You also have a rear gusset that lets you adjust the boot securely.

The full-grain leather is paired with 900-denier nylon, so you get some weight savings without compromising your protection. The Gore-Tex lining is also breathable, and that also helps with your comfort level. The cushioning Ortholite footbed also makes sure that each step you take gives you the adequate cushioning you need for your feet.

With its terrific snake protection, undeniable high quality and durability, and its subtle good looks, you know it’s a premium pair of boots. That means it also comes with premium prices. But then again it’s a Danner, so you get full value for your money.

With Danner, it’s really all about the quality. These things will last for a long while, as you wear them with the comfy protection you want when you’re out hunting. You just really should save up for them, as they’re worth every cent. Yes, they’re that good.

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6. Rocky Waterproof Snakeproof Hunting Boot Review


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A single glance at this Rocky pair of boots is all you need to determine that this is meant for hunting. The camouflage pattern all over the boots attests to how it’s great for hunting. But this isn’t just a stylish accessory. It’s a serious piece of protection against snakes out in the bush.

This uses a snake-proof fabric, along with a particular layering system that’s designed to protect against every kind of snake you may find in North America. The way it’s made makes sure that the fangs don’t get deep enough to pierce your skin.

Of course, that’s not its only benefit. This comes with terrific “Prolight BioMech” outsoles that give you the great traction you will need while you’re out tracking your prey. You’ll get the traction you need even if the surfaces are uneven.

This also features the proven Gore-Tex lining that adds both durability and waterproofing for the boots. Yet it’s also breathable, so you’re not too uncomfortable with your sweaty feet. The full-grade leather and the high-quality nylon prove how Rocky took the time and effort to make a truly safe pair of boots to wear without compromising on comfort and durability.

Rocky has been in the boot business for 75+ years now, and they know what they’re doing. These boots offer all the essentials you need: snake protection, comfort, waterproofing, and utter durability. Even the price is just right. While the brand isn’t as famous as Lacrosse or Danner, it sure seems like it will be soon.

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Final Verdict

Most of these are actually unisex boots, though for women the sizing can be a bit more complicated. Find out what your need is and pick one from above.

If you’re still confused and want our suggestion, then we’d suggest you try the LaCrosse Venom Scent APG HD. This pair has just about everything you need in boots when you’re out hunting in areas filled with snakes. This pair is widely regarded as the gold standard of snake boots. In terms of pure value for money, the boot is undoubtedly at the top.

And you can try the Danner boots too if you have enough money to spare. The Rocky Boots have their own fans, though they aren’t as popular.

If you need a recurve bow for hunting, you can go here to read a cool review.

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Snake Boot Buying Guide & Tips

best snake boots buying guide

So, you want to know what should you consider before buying a snake boot. Maybe you are looking for the best snake boots for turkey hunting or deer hunting or bowhunting or hiking or something related to that. That’s why you’re here, right?

You have to choose the best snake proof boot for the best protection. But it’s not an easy job to find the best one. There are many brands and models in the market.

There are a lot of things to consider while you’re buying a pair of boots. To find the best one, you have to do deep research. But probably you don’t have enough time to research as you’re busy with your works.

But don’t worry, sit back and relax. We’re going to talk about the common considerations required to choose the best snakeproof boot. You can read these then decide or, you can just check our recommendations above.

What to Check to Buy The Best snake proof hunting boot?

The first thing that you should think about is for what you’re going to use the boot?. There are a lot of forms of outdoor activities and snake boots are customized for each activity.

Do you have a clear idea on the purpose of the snake boots? Purchase a pair of boots that correspond to the land you will be walking on.

Coverage is one of the most important things that you have to consider while buying a snake boot. Snake can slither, climb and strike their way up your feet and on your shines. So, the longer your boots are, the more protected you’ll be.

According to our research, most snakes strikes are actually between the knee and ankle. So, a knee-length size is the best choice. Your boot must cover your feet properly so that the snake can’t bite you. High-quality boots should have a high shaft. The most famous shaft sizes range from 16-18 inches in height.

It’s the material that makes the boot snake proof. The material has a direct impact on the boots ability to protect you from the snake bites.

Leather, Cordura nylon, denim, synthetic, weaves, and kevlar are the most common materials used to construct snake boots. Best quality snake boots are made of a combination of one or more of these materials to provide 100% protection from the snake bites.

The boot material also needs to be breathable and lightweight. A lightweight boot will make it easy to cover long distances without straining your legs joints and muscles.

Snake boots are available in different sizes to meet diverse clientele needs. You need to make sure if the boot fits you perfectly. It’s very important because you want the boot to protect you properly.

Take time to try out the boots before buying. keep in mind that, the right boot might feel a little tight for the first time, but they will adjust your feet properly after wearing some days.

After coverage, material and size you have to look at the comfort of the boot when choosing snake boots.

While you go hunting, you spend a lot of time hunting. That’s why the snake boots you wear must feel comfortable so that you can fully focus on hunting rather than your feet.

Snake boots not only protect you from snake bites, but they also look cool and you can pick from different sizes and shapes that you’ll love.

You will find a variety of designs, styles, and colors. The design of the boot also varies according to the purpose for which it is to be used.

Camouflage print on the surface is another important part of snake booty design. Effective camouflage is essential for hunting and tracking activities. Top-quality snake boots are available in different camouflage designs for different type of jungles & forests.

For example, the Mossy Oak design provides the hunters with perfect camouflage. That’s why it is very popular among them.

Snake boots are made in two different styles. The western style hunting boots and the high lace boots that are knee high. There are several modern designs and styles available nowadays. But none of the styles can match the safety that these two styles offer.

Remember that, if the boot is low, then the risk of snake bites increases and if the boot is too high, then it will be very uncomfortable when walking.

The air circulation and breathability are one of the most important factors. Knee-high snake boots are notorious for making your feet sweaty.

Look for boots with moisture-wicking linings and breathable fabrics for a fresh and cool environment. But don’t compromise the waterproof features for more breathability.

When choosing snake boots, you should consider even the tiniest aspect of it. The way your snake boot closes could have a big effect on the overall safety and comfort.

For example, zippers are very common and easy to use. They caught by twigs and thick bushes many times. So, considering the closures is very important. There are some renowned brands that combine some different closures with velcro for a unique effect.

How much should you spend on a snake boot?

Price is an important fact as you can’t buy a pair of snake boots over your budget. You have to find the best boots in your budget. The price range of snake boots approximately begin around $100 and go above $200.

You will find snake boots around the budget of a normal quality hiking boot. But the quality of those hiking boots are really poor and they don’t offer any safety. High-quality snake boots are generally a bit expensive. It’s the best decision to make a 1-time investment for long-term security and durability.

You can find many popular brands of snake boots on different e-commerce websites. You can check them for special offers and discounts and buy a boot at a lower price than a retail shop.

It’s a great way to know about product quality. You can easily get a clear idea about the product quality by reading the previous user reviews. You can see previous user reviews of products. This will help you take a better decision.

Advantages Of Using Snake Boots

Are you wondering why you need a snake boot? Isn’t it enough to use any ordinary boots?

Snake boots have a lot of advantages and it’s not only about comfort! Here are the benefits that these boots offer.

These boots provide the great protection you need not only from snakes but from many other insects that may harm you as well. If you go camping in the jungle area then you may need it. This is the main reason why I recommend snake boots.

They are made from high-quality material that prevents the snakes from reaching your legs as you walk between dangerous areas that are infested with snakes Any creatures can’t go past the boot surface. Thus, snake boots protect you from all kinds of bites which can lead to poisoning.

Most of the snake boots are knee high and offer superior protection since snakes mostly bite the lower part of the leg.

Snake doesn’t only protect you from the snake bite, they also protect you from harmful substances. As a bonus, these boots will basically protect you against the shoots as well and keep your feet protected.

Snake boots are made from light materials. So, you can easily walk or carry them for long distances.

On the contrary, heavy boots will make it very difficult for you to cover a long distance. These boots will strain your leg muscles.

Snake boots will not only protect from insects and snakes but also from inclement weather.

They provide warmth to your feet even during the cold weather condition. This is really great for those hunters who want to hunt during winter or rainy days.

The manufacturers use waterproof material to make the boots. Because they know well that people won’t always go hunting or hiking in hot weather conditions or dry terrains. People will want the best waterproof snake boots for hunting. So most of them make waterproof boots. These boots will highly protect your feet from the wet surface and surroundings.

The poor eyesight that most of the snakes have is supplemented by their powerful smelling sense. So, the manufacturer has made a scent free coating that installed on the outer section of the shoe.

This coating is very useful for hunters and hikers. Because of this coating, they can walk through very dangerous areas that are infested with poisonous snakes without being detected these snakes.

The best quality snake boots have special soles that offer extra traction. When you’re wearing this kind of boot, you don’t need to worry about dislocating your ankle or breaking your leg.

Different Types Of Snake Boots

When you work in the garden, there are chances of getting snake bites. For the gardening purpose, you can use snake boots that are light and easy to put on and remove. Lace-ups provide more support but are harder to put on.

This kind of snake boots is mostly used for hiking. A quality, light, fitting and comfortable boot are needed for this purpose.

This type of boots is expensive and stylish. They are very comfortable, effective and easy enough to the eye for regular wear. The western-style shoe that goes up to the knee is the most popular one.

There are a lot of ways of hunting. Lace-ups are ideal when if the hunt requires a lot of backpacking. Rubber snake boots are best for you if you’re hunting from a tree stand and are keen on scent control. The western-style boot will be best when hunting out of your blind.

Why You Need Snake Boots?

One of the facts that some non-hunters don’t realize is that when people go out hunting in the bush, they’re not the only hunters out there.

Hunters know very well that in many swamps and wooded areas, other predators may regard them as prey instead.

Among the scariest of them are snakes, which may be venomous and aren’t too easy to see out in the wild. The threat snakes represent is very real, that is why you want to get snake boots if you’re going out hunting.

Wrapping Up

We hope that you’ve liked our best snake boots review. If you still have any questions about snake boots, then inform us via the comment box below.

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