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Best Truck Bed Tent Reviews & Buying Guide (Ultimate Reviews)

best truck bed tent reviewAre you planning to go on camping to a river, forest or any other camping spot with your truck or jeep or any other vehicle?

If the answer is yes then you must not forget to take a truck bed tent with you.

But choosing a good one is a back-breaking task. So, we have done a long research and then created this top 9 best truck bed tents review.

Best Truck Bed Tents Reviews

Here are some of the latest Best Seller Truck Bed Tents on Amazon:

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1. Rightline Gear 110730 Truck Bed Tent Review

If you’re looking for a full-size standard truck bed tent, then this tent model offered by Right Line Gear is a solid option to consider.

It is capable of turning any spot into a beautiful and comfortable campsite. Users love the practicality of this tent.

Highlighted Features

  • Floorless design offers quick and easy setup.
  • Made of water-resistant fabric.
  • Heavy-duty nylon straps and buckles.
  • Sky-view vent offers ventilation and extra light.
  • Color-coded poles and pockets.
  • Waterproof rain fly.

Rightline’s truck bed tent offers you a floorless design, making the setup process even easier. It allows you to set-up or takes down the tent without removing your gear from the bed. It features protective straps and nylon buckles. So, your truck’s finish won’t be damaged.

The tent is made of water-resistant fabric with tape sealed seams (PU 2000mm) for additional protection. It has color-coded poles and pole pockets which make set up an easy process. If you want to camp in a dry truck bed, up off the ground, this tent seems like a solid choice.

This truck bed tent features lantern hanging hook, two rear pockets, comfortable space for 2 adults, rainfly and glows in the dark zipper pulls. It also comes with a sewn-in set up guide. So, there is no possibility of losing it.

This standard tent also features a sky view vent that is great for letting in more light during the day, while providing an awesome experience of sleeping under the stars at night. This is one of the best pickup truck bed tents.

The general user opinion about this tent is that it is well designed and set up process is easy. They shared that there is enough room for 2 adults to sleep in and the shelter absolutely keeps the rain out.

Some users also complain about the quality of stitching, seams and zippers and this tent doesn’t do well in the heavy wind.

Measure your truck beds inside with the tailgate up and check the Truck Tent Sizing Guide before purchasing.


  • Water-resistant fabric.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Protective heavy duty straps.
  • Roomy, Well designed.
  • Rain fly keeps the tent dry in rainy weather.
  • Sewn-in stuff sack.

  • It is not durable.
  • Poor quality zippers.
  • Can’t handle heavy winds.

2. Guide Gear Full Size Truck Tent Review

This truck tent from Guide Gear is a good option for those who need a full-size truck tent.

Highlighted Features

  • A large interior area with 5.25′ of headroom.
  • Sewn-in polyethylene flooring.
  • Mesh ventilation windows.
  • Comes with full rainfly.
  • Large D-shaped door.
  • Fits full-sized pickups.
  • Lightweight and easy to set up.

Guide Gear Full Size Truck Tent offers an effective and quick deployment process. It deploys in minutes in pickup beds to provide a fast and comfortable shelter for your entire family.

It features sewn-in polyethylene flooring coupled with a large interior area of about 5.25′ (63″) of headroom makes this truck bed tent a must-have item.

This tent comes with polyester with 1500mm water-resistant coating. The shock-corded fiberglass poles offer quick and easy set up while the D-shaped doors and mesh windows provide superb ventilation.

Its top-notch construction with excellent ventilation and customizable options make the choice easy.

It features 2 storage pockets, a heavy-duty, weather-resistant, polyester carrying bag and a full rainfly to keep you dry.

This tent is designed to fit full-sized pickups from various manufacturers including Nissan, Ford, Toyota, Chevy among many others. It fits most of the full sized bed 79″-81″ and 63″ x 79″. The tent fits two people; perfect for you and your buddy, family member or special person.

Users feedback for this tent model is positive. They agree that it fits very well and is easy to set it up and take it down. They also said that it holds up well in the rain.


  • Sets up quickly, easy to take down.
  • Holds up well in the rain.
  • Lightweight, Adequate ventilation.
  • Sewn-in flooring.
  • Fits numerous full-sized pickups.

  • It runs low at the center which is slightly annoying.

3.  Guide Gear Compact Truck Tent Review

This is yet another tent from Guide Gear that offers incredible features. If you’re looking for a compact truck tent, then you can consider this 6-by-6 foot truck bed tent.

Highlighted Features

  • A large interior area with 4.75′ of headroom.
  • 190T polyester shell with a water-resistant coating.
  • Lightweight and easy to set up.
  • Mesh windows and D shaped door.
  • Shock-corded fiberglass poles.
  • Sewn-in polyethylene flooring.
  • Full rain fly keeps you dry.
  • Fits most truck beds 72-74″.

Just like its earlier sibling, it offers a very easy set-up process with top-notch construction, Sewn-in polyethylene flooring, water-resistant coating and superb ventilation is offered by its mesh windows and D shaped door.

This product offers a large interior area with 4.75′ headroom. It is lightweight and very easy to set up with four total poles. It also comes with a heavy-duty, weather-resistant polyester carrying bag, 2 storage pockets and a full rain fly to keep you totally dry.

The topnotch construction, customizable and adaptable options give you a chance to customize your experience to best suit your desires. The sewn-in flooring and durable polyethylene material make the tent quite incredible.

This compact truck bed tent might be a better pick for those buyers who want a comfortable shelter that gets them up off the ground in minutes.

Actually, this tent delivers an easy to use and lightweight solution for camping enthusiasts which can be assembled within ten minutes. It fits most truck bed of 72-74″. But it is specially designed to fit a wide range of bed sizes. It weighs 10 lbs. and 2 persons can sleep comfortably.

Users love its incredible features. They praise that it fits various trucks very well, has enough room and it is good for windy and rainy weather.

Some users also complain about the confusing set-up instructions. Several users shared that the tent poles broke after using a few times.


  • Easy setup.
  • Fit most truck beds.
  • Quite Strong and durable.
  • Plenty of room.
  • Comes with weather resistant package

  • The straps are too short.
  • Not good for short beds.
  • Can’t handle extreme winds.

4. Napier Backroadz Truck Tent Review

Through intense searching, Napier Backroadz truck tent scoops in the top 5 position. This is one of the most appreciated truck tents model available on the market at the moment.

It can offer all of the protection of a general tent with an added advantage of not having sleep on the ground.

Highlighted Features

  • Designed to fit most pickup trucks.
  • Shock-corded fiberglass poles for easy storage and installation.
  • Sewn-in floor allows you to sleep comfortably off the ground.
  • Comes with full rain fly and a storm flap on the door.
  • 4 large windows provide ample ventilation.

To fit your truck bed, there are some options available including 5.5 feet, 6 feet, 6.5 feet, 8 feet and 9 feet. This product features a roomy 5.5 feet″ interior. So, it should be comfortable enough even for very tall people.

This tent comes with a full rain fly that covers the entire tent and offers full protection against bad weather. The included storm flap located at the door enhances privacy. In addition, four large windows provide great ventilation.

The sewn in floor design feature has makes this model stand out from the others available on the market. It is made from polyethylene that allows you to sleep comfortably. What this does is you won’t have to wash your truck bed before use.

This tent is designed to fit a variety of truck models including Tacoma. The four shock-corded fiberglass poles make the installation process very easier and faster. Most of the users found that putting up the tent and taking it down normally takes around ten minutes. So, this is a perfect tent for those people who are always on the move.

User feedback for this tent is generally positive, but some users complain about the lack of instructions. Others complain about the quality of straps, poles and pole sleeves that broke soon.

Another thing which you should consider is that the tent is great for rainy weather, but it can’t be used in cold weather as it simply can’t provide enough insulation.


  • Fits great, easy to set up.
  • Sewn-in floor for a comfortable surface.
  • Includes a rain fly.
  • Sturdy Construction.
  • Vehicle’s cargo can be used for extra storage.
  • The door has in-built storm flap for privacy and safety.

  • The poles are of low quality.
  • Windows don’t close, but there is a full rain fly.

5. Kodiak Canvas Truck Bed Tent Review

If you’re looking for a good quality truck bed tent, you might want to consider this tent model from Kodiak Canvas. Users love the awesome quality and functionality of this tent.

Highlighted Features

  • Made with Hydra-Shield, 100% cotton duck canvas.
  • Tunnel shaped design maximizes interior space.
  • 5 windows provide adequate ventilation and openness.
  • Clamp-on rails easily mount on the truck bed for a secure fit.
  • Large D-shaped door with the top of the line YKK zippers.

This tent will fit full-size trucks, with short beds from 5.5 feet to 6.8 feet. The tent capacity will adequately fit two people.

It is made from hydra-shield, 100% cotton duck canvas which is really durable, watertight and even breathable. Its unique tunnel-shape design offers the maximum interior space and high ceiling height.

The tailgate down design expands usable space. It’s five well-positioned windows provide superb ventilation and openness. It also comes with a cab access window.

This tent is designed with the large D shaped door with the top of the line YKK zippers. The tent also includes two convenient gear pockets.

Users feedback shows, they are happy with this Kodiak Canvas truck bed tent. They agree that the tent is very strong and durable. The good quality, great fit, and waterproof features make it a great buy.

But some users also complain about the vague instructions and some shared that it takes a little practice to set it up solo.

After all, if you’re looking for a good quality, sturdy, steel tube framed truck bed tent, this might be a better option.


  • Well-constructed, waterproof.
  • Very spacious, Great fit.
  • Adequate ventilation.
  • Strong and durable.
  • Excellent quality zippers.
  • Perfect for use in all seasons.

  • Vague instructions.
  • Difficult to set it up without any help.
  • Not designed for heavy snow accumulations.

6. Sportz Truck Tent Blue/Grey Review

This is the only truck tent available in the market at the moment that has sewn-in floor with over 5.6 feet of headroom for a couple.

Highlighted Features

  • Water-resistant sewn-in floor and full-coverage rainfly.
  • 2 large windows and 2 vents provide excellent cross-ventilation.
  • Interior space offers more than 5 feet of headroom.
  • Large rear access panel.
  • Color-coded pole and sleeve system.
  • Includes a set of strap protectors.
  • Expandable carrying bag.

There are options available for medium sized, full-sized and compact beds with boxes between 5.5 feet and 8 feet. This tent is available in two colors-blue and grey.

This tent offers the large rear access panel that allows you to access the truck’s cab for additional storage and sewn in floor provides a great surface. The large entrance door, 2 mesh windows and side vents for ventilation ensure that air circulation is maintained.

You won’t even need guide ropes. The 4′ x 4′ shade awning secures the tailgate making it ideal for setting up at any particular place you want.

This tent Includes an expandable carrying bag for storage and a set of strap protectors to provide your truck with extra protection against the tent??s straps. Color coded pole and sleeve system of this tent allows fast and easy setup.

This tent assembles in the back of your open-bed pickup in less than ten minutes and makes a very comfortable sleeping area for 2 people. As the tent comes with patented sewn in floor, You won’t have to worry about cleaning out tour bed before using it.


  • It comes with strap protectors to secure the truck.
  • Assembles less than ten minutes.
  • No need to worry about cleaning bed before use.
  • Comes with an expandable bag for storage.

  • The poles are a bit long.

7. Napier Outdoors Sportz Avalanche Truck Tent Review

Make the world your campsite with the Napier Sportz 2 Person Avalanche Truck Tent.

It’s an extra roomy tent with enough space for two. This sturdy tent sets up within 10 minutes in any 5.6-ft. truck bed.

Highlighted Features

  • 2-person truck tent with 5.5 feet of headroom.
  • Rear access for truck-cab accessibility.
  • Fits any 5.6-ft. truck bed.
  • Made from durable polyester and nylon taffeta.
  • Rain fly keeps you dry and shade keeps you cool.

The spacious interior of this tent offers 5.5 feet of headroom and enough sleeping space for 2 people. The shock-corded fiberglass color poles make the installation process very easier and quicker.

This tent is made from durable polyester and nylon taffeta. It features an additional 6×6-ft. shade awning for sun protection and a full-size tape-seamed rain fly to keep you dry.

It has one large entrance door and one rear access door that lets you enter your truck’s cab through the tent. That means you won’t have to walk out into the cold in order to access your truck’s cab.

A handy carrying bag is also included with this tent. So, when the adventure is over, you can easily store your tent back behind your seat until the next trip.


  • It can withstand windy environments.
  • Made from durable polyester and nylon taffeta.
  • Includes 2 interior pockets and gear loft.
  • Offers large carry bag.

  • You might have to break a sweat setting up the tent.

8. Rightline Gear 110907 Tent Review

If you don’t like those hard grounds, the Rightline Gear Tent lets you sleep off the ground in the comfort of your own truck.

This tent is designed with secure dowel and loop fasteners. It connects to the back of any size Minivan, SUV, Wagon, Crossover, or pick-up truck with a cap. This tent is compatible with vehicles with a rare barn or rare hatch doors.

Highlighted Features

  • Water resistant fabric with tape sealed seams.
  • Easy access to vehicle power receptacles.
  • PE bathtub floor, no ground tarp is needed.
  • Compatible with vehicles with a rear hatch or rear barn doors.
  • Ideal for various models and a family day out.

The product dimension is 26.4 x 8.3 x 8.3 inch which has made the tent an ideal for various car models while the fact that it can accommodate up to 4 person makes it quite ideal for a family day out. And the cargo area of the vehicle can accommodate two people who are comfortably shielded by this tent.

It features water-resistant fabric with tape sealed seams (PU 2000mm) to keep you dry on rainy nights. The tent material is fire-resistant and UV-protected. A rain fly is included that fits over the tent for protection from wet weather.

The tent fits snugly over the sides and rear hatch of your vehicle so that water can’t run inside it. PE bathtub floor offers great cover and durability. So, no ground tarp is needed.

This tent is outfitted with 2 gear pockets to organize your camping essentials, glowing zipper pulls to find your way out in the darker conditions and a lantern hanging hook to keep the tent brightly lit.

The protective straps and nylon buckles secure the tent to your vehicle’s body without scratching the finish. Instructions are sewn right into the stuff sack so that they never gone lost.

This tent comes with no-see-um mesh windows and doors with storm covers that can be enclosed for privacy. The Vents, doors, and windows with no-see-um mesh feature let in light and provide ventilation.

The Rightline Gear Tent includes a rain fly, 3 poles with a bag, stakes, 4 guy lines, 2 extension straps 1 carry bag and a sewn-in setup guide.


  • Includes rainfly for adequate protection.
  • PE bathtub floor makes it quite comfortable.
  • Water resistant fabric with tape Sealed seams.
  • Sewn-in setup guide.

  • The stakes are a bit flimsy.

9. DAC Full Size Truck Tent Review

If you’re looking for a truck tent that can fit a full-size vehicle, then DAC Full Size Tent is the highest recommendation. It is designed to use with full-sized vehicles and SUV with tailgates.

Highlighted Features

  • Fits vehicles with a rear window.
  • Does not fit vehicles with an external rear mounted spare tire.
  • Great Ventilation System.

This tent will perfectly fit trucks that have a tailgate of at least 58″ wide and will not fit with the vehicles that have an external rear mounted spare tire.

It provides great ventilation with 2 privacy mesh windows located behind the doors. Also, the roof and walls are coated with polyester. Elastic shock cords with plastic hooks snug the tent tight against the body of the truck by hooking into the wheel wells and underframe. This is perfectly safe for your truck.

Truly to say, it’s a terrific tent model. It turns a truck into the perfect camping unit in minutes. You just need to raise the rear window, lower the tailgate and place the tent over the opening.

This tent is ideal for one to three people. It is flame-retardant and waterproof. A carry bag is also included for storage.

You can go for DAC Full-size tent if you have a properly sized truck. If not, then pick one from above.


  • The set-up is very easy.
  • Great Ventilation.

  • The roof isn’t made of high-quality material.

All of the products on this list are really easy to setup and will surely meet your needs.

Amongst them, our top choice is Napier Backroadz Truck Tent. We especially recommend this product because it provides great security in an affordable price range. It is quite easy and quick to set up and can handle heavy winds easily. It is also water resistant and offers adequate ventilation.

After all, you should consider getting one that will meet your needs most and help you enjoy the maximum enjoyment of your travels. If the road isn’t good then you should consider taking a winch in case you get stuck. If you don’t have one, then read our reviews of best winches.

How to Buy the Best Truck Bed Tent On The Market?

How to Buy the Best Truck Bed Tent On The Market? 

There are a lot of options available in the market when it comes to truck bed tent. This causes a big confusion while choosing the best one. Here are some factors that you should consider while buying a truck bed tent.

Things You Should Consider When Buying

1. Size

Size is one of the most important factors to take into count. At first, you have to determine whether you need a tent for one person or more. You also have to consider how much gear you will be carrying with you.

The perfect size of the tent depending on your vehicle. Make sure to pick one that has enough space for you to sleep comfortably. It should properly fit your truck bed to provide maximum comfort. Measure the dimension of your truck’s bed before buying a tent.

If you choose a tent that is too big for your truck bed, then it’s going to create problems. So, you should know the area, breadth, and length of your truck before buying. If you’re a tall man, you can look for a tent that has a length of at least 90 inches. You can also look for a domed tent. Because their height will be higher than other roof types.

2. Type

There are a lot of options to choose from but the ideal one depends fully on the ride type. If you’re buying tents for smaller SUV or Vehicle, additional cargo hatchback tents will be most appropriate for you. Tents designed for pickup truck tent camping system can be used as well. But you should go for a tent model that is easy to install.

3. Seasonality

Tents are designed according to their seasonality. They are classified into two categories depending on the seasons. They are 3-season tents and 4-season tents. It’s very important to consider the seasonality of your tent.

3-season tents are the most popular truck tents on the market. They are designed for only serve in summer, spring and early fall. They maintain good airflow with sufficient ventilation. The ventilation panels are made to block insect infestation. Most of them also come with a rain fly.

On the other hand, 4-season tents are higher in price and less common. They are designed to resist snow and a bit of cold as well. Since the 4-season tent can be used year-round, the cost more than 3-season tents. If you have a  plan for camping in the winter season, then you should go for a 4-season tent.

4. Durability

It is very important to check how durable the tent is. You may face harsh climate during camping. You will find a lot of tent models designed to protect you from external aspects. Look for a tent model that is waterproof, windproof and stormproof. This will increase the overall comfort.

The lifetime of your tent also depends on the overall durability of it. If you’re going to use the tent on a regular basis, then go for the most durable one.

5. Flooring

The beds of the truck aren’t the most comfortable places to lay down. There is usually some corrugation on a truck bed. This corrugation needs to be covered in order to be tolerable. Don’t choose the tent which comes with thin flooring. Especially give importance to what the floors are made of and how well they’re rated to provide comfort.

6. Ventilation System

If the ventilation system isn’t good enough, then it will give you a suffocating feel. Ventilation is a big deal, especially in the summer season. Look for truck bed tent that has enough windows and includes a rain fly. If your tent has a rain fly, you can keep the windows cracked open even if the rain begins pouring.

7. Poles

These will support your tent. Most of them are made of lightweight aluminum and some are made of fiberglass. Be sure to check what the poles are made of. You should look for poles that are made of sturdy materials and can hold against strong winds. It will be great if you can find a tent with telescoping poles and awnings.

8. Materials

The material deserves special mention. You don’t want to buy a tent for your truck that is going to break and tear easily because of some weather changes or because you cleaned or washed the tent for so long time that the materials started to break.

Best quality truck tent construction material includes nylon, polyester taffeta, and polyester. Make sure to choose the material that is rip-proof, waterproof and sturdy enough to withstand adverse conditions.

Generally, the higher the tent price is, the higher the quality of the materials. Choose the material that can last for a very long time in adverse situations.

9. Constructions

To know about the construction of the tent, you should look at the seams that hold the tent together. If the tent has been especially enforced or there is a double seam, then it’s a signal of a well-constructed tent. You should also look at the tent poles quality and the design of the tent foot.

If you’re in confusion about the design of the truck tent, consult with an expert before purchasing. Don’t buy a poorly constructed tent.  Otherwise, it will end up being a dud.

10. Tent Shapes

Tents are usually categorized by 3 shapes. They include dome, umbrella, and A-shaped. A-shaped tents are regarded as the most basic truck shape on the market. This model is common among many camping enthusiasts.

The umbrella-shaped truck tent comes with a lot of benefits. They come with large windows, include ample camping gear storage, a tall and roomy entrance and many other awesome advantages. Many families prefer this shapes for their spacious nature and versatile design.

Dome-shaped truck tents offer more storage space as you can gather all your necessary equipment in the corners. Flexible fiberglass, shock-cord poles not only make them durable but also convenient to use.

You should go for a tent shape that suits your truck and needs most.

11. Interior

Truck tents are specially designed to be placed on the back of the truck. If you choose a truck tent that has a larger interior, then you won’t be able to fit the tent onto the back of your truck. While buying a tent, the general rule of interiors is to buy one that has more rooms.

12. Amount of Headroom

If you’re a tall person, you may like to have enough space for your head while you’re sitting up. But, you won’t be able to stand fully upright. You will find some tent models which comes with elevated ceilings. Keep in mind that, this is a luxury feature and you will have to pay a little more for that.

13. Setup System

Considering the setup system is very important while buying a truck bed tent. You won’t want to fight with a tent on a camping trip. Most of the present truck tents have a simple set up system. While buying a truck bed tent, consider the setup system very closely.

14.Vestibules and Pockets

You need a place where you can put some of your backpacking gear. While buying a tent, you should consider the availability and size of tent vestibules. Your selected truck tent should have a vestibule that will accommodate all your backpacking gear.

You should also consider the number of storage pockets. These pockets will offer storage space for keeping your small items. They are also essential for keeping the interior of your tent organized by keeping items off the ground.

15. Can You Wash the Tent?

Truly to say, truck tents are just likely to get caught by dirt. Being able to clean the truck tent is something that should be taken into count seriously otherwise the materials of the tent can break down easily.

Look for a truck tent that is made of waterproof materials. This kind of tents can dry out faster and you don’t have to damage your tent with water from the hose. It will be better if the tent can be cleaned with a hose attached to a brush.

16. Can You Clean the Tent?

There is a little different between cleaning and washing the truck tent. Cleaning the tent means getting rid of things such as odors or dust that make your tent smell like a junkyard. Considering this factor is very important because you don’t want to have a tent that makes your life miserable.

You should go for a tent that is made of materials that can be easily cleaned and don’t cause odors. If it’s no possible to clean the tent or the materials cause odors, then make sure that you can at least clean the tent easily without fuss. Otherwise, you won’t be able to enjoy the time in your tent.

17. Price

Lastly, never forget your budget. It also has to be taken into account before making any purchase. The price has to be reasonable and convenient. The best quality products aren’t the cheapest or the most expensive. The best products are those whose price reflects the quality of them.

Other Features

Look for a truck tent which comes with heavy-duty straps and protective plastic buckles. It will allow you to easily set up your tent without damaging it’s material or finish.

A standard tarp that covers the floor will highly serve you whenever you need to set up your tent on a dirty bed.

If you choose a tent with sky view vent designs, it will be great. Tents with sky view vent designs provide excellent lighting and ventilation. You will be also able to enjoy viewing the stars during the night.

Truck Tent vs. Traditional Tent

A question might be running through your mind, “why you should choose a truck tent rather than a traditional tent?” Am I Right?

Truck tents are becoming popular day by day. Use the back of your truck to set your tent and you will be amazed at how easy it is.

One of the great advantages of a truck tent over a regular camping tent is you can camp at any place where your truck can go. When you have a truck bed tent, you don’t need to find a campground. You can go for a weekend road trip without worrying about booking a hotel. Take your truck and truck tent with you at the beach and don’t worry about finding space for the tent.

Another major benefit to the truck tent is being off the ground. It means you’re further from the pooling water, insects, animals and typically warmer. Campers have been trying to get off the ground for a long time. The truck tent camping system has given them the solution.

One minor benefit of a truck tent is the sides of the truck provides you with more protection from the cold and wind. You may also discover that you are warmer in your truck tent than you would be a traditional tent.

When you have a truck tent, you don’t have to worry about protecting your tent bottom from water, rocks or dirt. A normal tent can be punctured and damaged as the ground usually contains many sharp objects. But when you’re using a truck tent, you don’t have to worry about that as there is nothing in the truck bed that could damage or puncture the tent.

Truly to say, truck tents are a great new way to enjoy the beauty of outdoors with your families. They aren’t very expensive and you can find these tents to fit almost every model of trucks or another vehicle.

Safety Instructions For Using Truck Bed Tent

To make your truck tent camping safe and secured, you need to keep some safety instructions in your mind. Here some of these instructions that you should follow.

1. Select Campsite carefully

While choosing a campsite, choose one that has no possibility of lightning strikes, strong winds, falling rocks or tree limbs, flash floods and other objective hazards. You must carefully consider this to reduce serious loss and injury.

2. Shut Off the Truck Engine

Never use or assemble the tent while your truck engine is active to prevent engine exhaust from entering the tent. Carbon Monoxide poisoning can cause death.

3. Keep Away From Fire

Always keep in mind that, the tent is flammable. So, keep all the flame and heat sources away from your tent fabric. Never use lantern, heater, light or any other heat sources inside the tent. Also, never place any flame or heat sources near your tent. Serious burns can occur at any time.

4. Air Circulation

Always maintain sufficient ventilation inside your tent. If the ventilation system of the tent isn’t good, death can occur by suffocation.

5. Children

To keep your children safe while camping, don’t allow them to assemble or disassemble the tent. Don’t leave them unattended inside the tent. Don’t let them swing or hang from any parts of the tent. Also, don’t let them remain closed-up in the tent on very hot days. You should follow these instructions to keep your children safe and prevent serious injury or death.

6. Don’t Drive With Erected Tent

While your tent is erected, don’t drive your truck. If you drive with the erected tent, it could cause serious damage to your tent, trucks, and others. You should also don’t drive your truck with the mountain rails attached. Because the vibration could cause them to come loose.

By following these safety instructions, you will be able to keep yourself as well as your truck tent safe during your camping time.

Common Problems & Solutions Related Truck Tent

1. Rain Water  In The Rain Fly

While camping, you will face some problems with rain, snow, and dust. When these elements collect on the rain fly, it will be best to retract the rain fly to let the dust or snow sweep and drain the water. If you don’t want to retract the rain fly from the tent, then you can use a pipe to eliminate the accumulated water.

2. Interior Darkness

While you’re camping in areas with no electric connection, darkness can be a very irritating matter. So, when you go such areas for camping, we suggest you to use solar or battery powered lamps to make your tent brighten. You can also take a flashlight with you.

Truck Tent  camping Gear Checklist

A tent camping checklist will ensure that you have everything needed for the trip. This Truck tent camping gear checklist is one of the checklists that you will need for your next truck camping trip. After reading the post, you can remove or add items that you want.

1. Cooking Gear

Cooking Utensils, Plastic cups, Cutting Board, Mitts, Oven, Can opener, Bottled water, Grill, Egg Holders, Dish Pan, Paper Towels, Mugs, cups, Funnel, Grill rack, Jug, Paper Plates, bowls, Paring, Lighter, Measuring cups and Spoons, Dish rack, Extension sticks, fuel, Aluminium Foil, Can Opener, Charcoal, Lighter fluid, Ziploc bags, Food-storage Canister, Coffee Pot, Storage containers, Collapsible water container, Mixing Bowls, Cooler, Dutch Oven.

Pot holders, Skewers, Plastic silverware, thermos, Toothpicks, Trash Bags, Releasable Bags, Tongs and Spatula, Tablecloth and Clips, Camp Stove, Pot grabber, Coller, Stove stands,

2. Sleeping Gear

Pillows, Cot, Blankets, Cot, Alarm Clock, Pad, Air Mattress, pump for air mattresses.

3. Camp Lighting

Flashlight, Lantern With Fuel, Extra batteries, Extra lantern fuel, Extra Bulbs, Headlamps, Lantern Pole, Extra lantern mantles, Strike-Anywhere kitchen matches.

4. Camping Tools

Work Gloves, Straps, Super Glue, Tent, Long-handled Axe & Hatchet,  Multi-tool, Knife, Whistle, Saw, Rope, Rake, Trowel, Duct Tape, Knife sharpener, Pliers, Wrench, Hammer.

5. Clothing

Laundry Bag, Shoes, T-Shirts, hat, Rain Gear, Sleep Clothes, Underwear, Swimsuit, Jacket, Pant, Belt.

6. Toiletries

Deodorant, Soap, Toothpaste, Toothbrush, Nail clippers, Shower cap, Shampoo, Conditioner, Shower Shoes,  Special need products.

7. Food

Eggs, Coffee, tea, Milk, Cereal, Syrup, Jelly, Jam, Salt, Soup Mixes, Butter, Breakfast Bars, Cocoa, Herbs, Spice kit, Vegetables, Marshmallows, Cheese, Fruit, Drink Mixes, Bottled Beverages, Crackers.

8. Miscellaneous

Candles, Backpack, Watch, Scissors, Umbrella, Helmets, Drinks, Hot Chocolate, Fire extinguisher, Travel alarm clock, Money, Small Shovel, Notepad, Pen, Plastic Grocery Bags, Binoculars, Popcorn, Trail maps, Tissues, Sunscreen, Compass.

9. Basic First Aid Kit

Personal Medications, Roll Bandages, Bug repellant, Sinus medications, Cotton Swabs, Antiseptic Wipes, Adhesive tape, Antibiotic Cream, Anti-acids, Small Mirror, Feminine products.

Other Items to Bring

Guidebook, Cell Phone, Pet food, Gps receiver, Radio, Maps, Memory cards, Water filter, Books, Fire Starter.

Make Sure you pack everything you need for your next truck tent camping trip with this checklist. You can also search on google for more camping gear ideas.

Best Truck Tent Manufacturers

Truly to say, truck tent camping is a novel idea. There are some companies that produce the best quality truck tents. Among them, Rightline Gear, Napier and The Adventure Truck Tent are the most popular names in truck tent camping.

Although most of the truck tents are fundamentally the same, there is some variation. When it comes to Napier’s tents, there is a layer of the tent that covers the bottom of the truck bed. On the other hand, CampRight Truck Tents and the Adventure Truck Tent leave the bottom open and bare. Kodiak is also known for its shape design.

1. Napier Enterprises

Napier is the world’s most famous distributor and developer of vehicle camping tents. They are one of the first companies to produce and market truck tents in North America. Since 1990, this brand has been changing the way people view camping.

The company was started by  Roman Napieraj. The head office is located in Ontario, Canada. They distribute vehicles tent to major automotive manufacturers across Australia, Europe and North America. They offer two brands named Backroadz and Sportz. Their tents are the number one selling SUV Tent and Truck Tents in the world.

2. Rightline Gear

Rightline Gear founded in 2008 by Loran Evans, located in Asheville, North Carolina. It is an automotive aftermarket equipment manufacturer. Their products are available internationally by a variety of retailers.

Rightline Gear specializes in the jeep wrangler, Car top carries, truck tents and accessories. Their products are marketed under the Rightline Gear brand name.

Rightline Gear Truck Tents have been manufactured since 2003. Their truck tents come with sky view ventilation, glow in the dark zippers, rain fly, a stuff sack for easy storage.

3. Kodiac Canvas

This company was born in the rugged Rockies. They have got a high reputation within 10 years by making some high-quality tents. They use good quality, top-of-the-line materials and components to make their products. They are very popular for their tunnel shape design which promotes roomier camping.

Wrapping Up

We hope that this best truck bed tents review helped you a lot. If you still need anything else to know about truck bed tents, then please let us know by commenting below.

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