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Best Work Boots Review (Our #10 Picks & A Comparison)

best work boots

If you’re new to the world of work boots, it can be a daunting task to pick the perfect one for you.

Not all work boots are created equal. When you’re in the market for buying work boots, you have to consider some factors to pick the best one.

Below are 10 factors that you should consider to pick the best work boot for your needs.

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Best Work Boots Buying Guide

#1 Safety Toes

There are mainly three different kinds of safety toes. They are Steel toes, Aluminium toes and Composite toes.

  • Steel toes: This is the most popular choice and also the heaviest. They are made mainly of steel. The only negative point is that steel toes conduct temperature. So, they are not suitable for use in cold or hot environments. They tend to conduct electricity.
  • Aluminum toes: These are lighter than the previous ones. They are one of the most protective types of safety toes. The only negative point is that they’re bulkier than the steel toes. They conduct temperature too.
  • Composite toes: They are made from one of these three materials: Kevlar, Plastic or Carbon Fiber. These materials have a good level of durability and resistance. They are lighter and comfortable to wear than steel toes. They don’t conduct electricity. So, they’re suitable for use in places with electrical hazards. The bulkier design is the only downside of it.

#2 Resistant Sole and Heel

You may need a different type of work boot soles depending on the surface you normally work on. For example, if you work on slippery surfaces, you need to choose one sole that is oil and slip-resistant.

Good quality work boot offers a puncture-resistant plate which is designed to protect you from nails and other sharp objects such as debris, broken glass etc.

No matter what type of surface you work on, you should choose one that is both slip and oil resistant. For some occupations, it’s also important to look for soles that are resistant to acid.

#3 Additional support

You should pick one which provides you with great additional support and protects you from hurting yourself.

If your jobs involve lifting heavy objects, you may also want to consider buying boots with metatarsal guards. They are quite similar to the safety toes but they are proven to offer better feet portion than safety toes.

If you’re a logger or railroad worker, you may want to buy boots with both calf and ankle support.

#4 Electrical Surge Protection

There are mainly two types of boot available that are built for working around electricity. They are electrical hazard work boots and the static dissipation work boots.

  • Electrical Hazard Work Boots: They are simply constructed to minimize the risk of electrocution. Their all materials are nonconductive.
  • Static Dissipation: On the other hand, these work boots are constructed with a conductive insole that is designed to prevent the buildup of static electricity. If you work with electrical sensitive objects, then it may be the best option.

#5 Construction type

When it comes to boots, construction is also a big deal.

  • Cement construction: THis method is the most popular one. It’s not very expensive and quite simple. The leather upper and rubber sole are very simply “cemented” with an industrial strength glue adhesive.
  • Molded construction: This involves the injection technology to put together the leather upper and the sole of the boot. The molded construction method ensures a superior connection and weather resistance.
  • Goodyear welt construction: This method uses a welt to connect the sole and the upper of the boot. Though they are expensive, they last for a longer time.

#6 Waterproofing and Insulation

Waterproofing is an essential feature for people working in or around water. Waterproof boots are a must for the workplaces which include puddles, rubbles, wet gravel etc. These boots are engineered to prevent water from reaching your feet. If you live somewhere with snowy winters,  then waterproof boots are great to have.

The best quality insulated work boots are engineered to be used in very low temperatures. But remember that, the more insulation the boot has, the more uncomfortable it will be to use.

#7 Comfort

A comfortable boot can ensure the best performance whatever work you’re doing. Before buying, make sure that the boot is comfortable to wear.

#8 Weight

Most people overlook or neglect the weight of the work boots. But remember that, it plays a critical role in determining the perfect one. Overweighted boots are not suitable if you move about or walk for long distances.

#9 Durability

Durability is the key feature that will make the boot last for a longer time. That’s why it’s so important. There are a lot of factors that could affect the durability of the boots including toe types, construction material, construction types etc. You can easily judge the durability of work boots by reading customer reviews through different e-commerce sites.

#10 Brand

When looking for work boots, try to pick one from a renowned brand. The best quality boots are generally made by well-known manufacturers like Wolverine, Caterpillar, Red Wing, Chippewa, Carhartt, Muck Boots, Irish Setter, Keen, Danner, DR.Martens and Timberland.

Top Five Work Boot Brands You Can Trust


This is probably the most popular brand that provides high-quality work boots. Timberland boots have practically no break-in period. But if you want a boot that will last more than 1 year, then it will be better to look elsewhere.

Red Wing

This work boot brand is established almost 80 years ago. They produce stylish work boots but their products are very expensive. You can easily buy two pairs of Wolverine boots for the same price. However, if you’ve enough budget, you can go for this


Caterpillar is another well-known brand in the boot industry because of their extremely high-quality products. Keep in mind that, boots of the Caterpillar brand take a long time to break-in. But the plus point is that their boots will be ultra comfortable after you get past the break-in period.


Wolverine produces very comfortable work boots and practically have no break in period. But one negative point is that their boots are a little dated in the style.


This brand is not as popular as the other brands on this list. But they’re a good brand to go with. Their boots come with extremely lightest safety toes. Plus, they’re amazingly cheap.

We hope you have found our best work boot buying guide very helpful. You may also like to read our tool backpack buying guide.

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