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Best Workbench for Woodworking & Garage Review 2019

best workbenches
You are searching for a workbench, that’s why you’re here, right?

But we know that finding a good workbench is easier said than done. So, we did a long research and then created this best workbenches review.

If you have a picture of a perfect workbench in your mind, then you just may find it here. So, let’s start!

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Best Workbench for Woodworking (Our Reviews)

Here are some of the latest Best Seller Workbenches on Amazon:

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1. Seville Classics UltraHD Lighted Workbench UHD20247B (Best Value Workbench)

Key Features:

  • Heavy duty steel frame.
  • Stainless steel drawers.
  • Built-in fluorescent light & power strip.
  • 1.5 inch work surface
  • Pegboard (with 23 free hooks).

The UltraHD UHD20247B Lighted Workbench from Seville Classics is the perfect workbench for you if you are looking for something that sings efficiency!

On the UHD20247B workbench, it has a wooden solid block working surface.

Its body is made out of high quality and furthermore powder coated steel that is more than strong enough to hold heavy weights.

As for dimensions, the UHD20247B workbench measures 48 inches in length, 24 inches in width and 37.5 inches from bottom to the table top.

However, here’s another great part about the UHD20247B workbench which makes it a powerhouse. A pegboard!

Yes, this workbench comes with its own pegboard, with a shelf on top, where you can hang essential tools and other necessities for easy, quick access.

It also has a vast pegboard with 23-pcs hook set for hanging larger items. That really helps when organizing tools.

This workbench also offers two fingerprint-resistant stainless steel drawers which will allow you to store those easy to lose, tiny or discreet objects!

Now, the best part about the UHD20247B is that it comes with a lighted work center, fluorescent bulb included, which creates the perfect workstation on those late hours or if you happen to suffer from any ocular discomfort.

It also has a gliding ball-bearing drawer and easy-to-reach power strip. This is one of the best workbench for garage. And to us this the the best workbench ever at an affordable price.


  • Ready to use.
  • Thick wood surface, has a pegboard.
  • High weight holding capacity.
  • Offers 2 drawers, fingerprint-proof.
  • Includes 23-pcs hook set
  • Has a lighted station (light included)

  • Flimsy drawers.

2. Hopkins 90164 (2×4) Workbench and Shelving Storage System (Best Cheap Workbench)

Key Features:

  • Completely customizable and easy to assemble.
  • Each shelf can hold up to 1,000 pounds.
  • Solvent resistant for long-term durability.
  • Expandable shelving and storage with six included ShelfLinks.
  • Durable bracket kits.

If you are looking for a starting point in workbench that is basic, simple yet ridiculously efficient and credible, then the Hopkins 90164 can be a good choice for you.

The Hopkins 90164 Workbench isn’t complete and ready to use workbench.

It comes with just the parts and tools you need in order to make a workbench or shelving storage system.

Which means that you won’t get the lumber in the package. You’ll need to purchase that separately.

Now, before you get a wrong impression of it, we want to tell you how stinking amazing this can be. In the package, you’ll get 4 workbench legs and 6 ShelfLinks. Each of which supports spans up to 8 feet or 2.4m and 1000 pounds/400 kg per shelf!

It comes with every hardware you’ll need, minus the lumber, and you’ll only need 90-degree cuts.

The best part about this is that it’s a build-it-yourself kind workbench. You’ll have maximum control over your preference and liking.

With all the hardware included, you can make your custom bench of any length up to 8 feet in length, 4 ft in width and 3 ft in height!

This is the best budget workbench that won’t cost you a fortune. Also the best 2×4 workbench.


  • Easy to build.
  • Large workbench, Multi-shelf.
  • Custom construction.
  • High weight holding capacity
  • Limited 2-year warranty

  • Exclusive of lumber.
  • Instructions aren’t good.

3. Seville Classics UltraGraphite Wood Top UHD20271B

Key Features:

  • 2 stainless still sliding drawers.
  • Polyurethane coated solid wooden top.
  • 4 wheels; 2 lockable.
  • Steel frame in a graphite finish.
  • Ideal for home, commercial, garage or office use.

We get it that not everyone is looking for monster workbenches. Some of us are happy with simple and low-profile ones.

And the Seville Classics UltraGraphite Wood Top Workbench UHD20271B is one of the best workbench to buy for them!
The Seville Classics UHD20271B has a Polyurethane coated solid wooden top which is about 1.5 inches thick. This feature, along with its size and body, makes the workbench just as competent as a study or computer station.

Speaking of size, the UHD20271B workbench measures 48 inches in length, 24.7 inches in width and 37.4 inches in height.

It has steel construction framework in graphite finish which can accommodate up to 500 pounds of weight when equally distributed.

Apart from that, what makes the UHD20271B Workbench so versatile is that it comes with 2 sliding drawers, both of which are of stainless steel and furthermore use commercial grade ball bearings.

However, the best part about the Seville UHD20271B is its wheels! Yep, this workbench offers you wheels, out of which 2 wheels can be locked. This one one of the best portable workbench

This makes moving from one place to the next so much more convenient, don’t you think so?


  • Ready to use.
  • Thick wood surface.
  • Offers 2 drawers.
  • Has wheels; 2 lockable.

  • Wobbles.

4. Seville Classics UltraHD 12-Drawer Rolling (Best Premium Workbench)

Key Features:

  • Heavy-duty steel frame.
  • Stainless steel door with lock.
  • 5 inches heavy duty wheels with lock.
  • 12 drawers of various sizes.
  • Easy to assemble.

If you are looking for a very heavy-duty workbench that you could showcase in your home, then the Seville Classics UltraHD 12-Drawer Rolling Workbench is the perfect workbench for you!

The Seville Classics UltraHD Rolling Workbench is huge, like gigantic. It measures 72 inches in length, 20 inches in width and 37.5 inches in height.

Needless to say, it is massive and heavy. We think it can be the perfect kitchen workbench for your cutting, chopping and rolling business.

You can use this in any garage, storage room, basement or hobby rooms.

Maybe you’re wondering how to move a thing that massive, right?

Well, the Seville Rolling Workbench comes with a push handle and furthermore has 4 5-inch wheels, 2 locks and 2 stationary. You can literally pull and push it in place.

The best part about this workbench is its storage capacity. The workbench offers a whopping count of 12 drawers! Enough to store half of your kitchen utensils and accessories in. This is the best rolling workbench.


  • Gigantic working surface.
  • Easy to move.
  • Has wheels; 2 locking.
  • The main cabinet comes with a lock and key.
  • Very high weight holding capacity.

  • Sharp drawer cut-out.
  • Needs assembly.

5. Sjobergs Elite 1500 Workbench+Cabinet Combo (Exclusive)

Key Features:

  • High capacity cabinets.
  • Coated with premium quality oil.
  • Enough larger in size.
  • Perfect for using tools, studying an so on.
  • Excellent clamping power.
  • Can accommodate both right and left-handed users.

Everyone swoons over those rustic, old-world wooden kitchen workbenches.

And if you are one those vintage, aesthetic lovers, then the Sjobergs Elite 1500 Workbench is the perfect workbench for you!

The Sjobergs Elite 1500 Workbench is definitely one of the more finer, high-end and expensive workbenches on our list. If you deeply look at it you’ll know that it’s all worth it.

The workbench is pretty gigantic. It measures 64 inches in length, 8 inches in width and 48.4 inches in height.

The workbench is made from high-quality European beech with a top thickness of 3-11/32″, in the center 4-5/16″ skirt. It comes treated and coated with a premium quality enriching oil for that sheen and glossy effect, plus the durability.

Perfect breakfast multi-use workbench. You can use it for your tools, study and so on.

The best part about the Sjobergs Elite 1500 Workbench is that it is a combo workbench. You won’t just get the bench, you’ll furthermore get the cool high capacity cabinets! This is one of the best workbench for woodworking.


  • Gigantic working surface.
  • Amazing storage capacity.
  • Complete wooden construction.
  • Very high weight holding capacity.
  • Comes with wooden cabinets.

  • Non-assembled.
  • Difficult to move; no wheels.
  • High price.

6. Seville Classics UltraHD Adjustable Height Heavy-Duty Wood Top Workbench

Key Features:

  • Heavy duty, Power-coated body.
  • 1000 lbs load capacity.
  • Solid hardwood top.
  • Ideal for home, commercial and office use.

The UltraHD Adjustable Height Heavy-Duty Wood Top Workbench from Seville Classics is set to offer you amazing comfort and design to bring out the pro in you!

The UltraHD Wood Top Workbench is very similar to the BenchPro Roosevelt Workbench. It spans 48 inches in length, 24 in width and 41.5 inches in height.

This workbench features height adjustable legs which make the legs go from 28.5 inches to 42 inches and vice versa.

Now, one thing we immediately noticed from here is that the height gap is very high, making it ideal for both work and home use. You can also use it as a study table.

What we really liked is that it has a solid hardwood top which is about 1.25 inches thick. However, its powder-coated steel body is strong enough to accommodate 1000 pounds of weight on it.

One very neat detail about the workbench is that it uses thick, rubber leveling feet which eliminate wobbling or shifting. This is the best adjustable workbench.


  • Ready to use.
  • Thick wood surface.
  • High weight holding capacity.
  • Adjustable height.
  • Powder-coated body.

  • None so far!

7. BenchPro Roosevelt Workbench Maple Butcher Block Top

Key Features:

  • Max 1,600 lbs load capacity.
  • Adjustable height 30-36 inches.
  • Made of heavy duty steel.
  • 10 years unconditional warranty.

Roosevelt Workbenches from BenchPro are some of the best in its line, and it is making a comeback in our list this time with the Maple Butcher Block Top!

This workbench is a follow-up with wooden top kinds like the one from Seville Classics.

The Maple Butcher Block Top, as you can guess from the name already, uses a wooden surface block. However, this block is by far one of the thickest at 1.75 inches.

It is coated using maple oil for added sheen and durability. As for dimensions, the Maple Butcher workbench spans up to 48 inches in length, 24 inches in width and 30 inches in height.

It is made of high quality, heavy-duty steel which can accommodate up to 1600 pounds of weight!

Apart from that, this workbench, much like some of the previous benches, offers height adjustability. You can change the height from 30 inches going 36 inches. If you are just starting out, this is the best beginner workbench for you.


  • Ready to use.
  • Thick wood surface.
  • High weight holding capacity.
  • Adjustable height.

  • Poor instructions.

8. BenchPro Roosevelt Workbench Formica Laminate Top

Key  Features:

  • 1,200 lbs load capacity.
  • Corrosion-resistant powder painted finish.
  • Incredibly easy to assemble.
  • Height adjustment 30 to 36 inches.
  • 25-year unconditional warranty.
  • Made of steel material.

The last name to make it to our list is for those of you, who got intimidated by the 2x4basics Hopkins 90164. This Benchpro workbench is simple, ready to use and minimal.

The BenchPro Roosevelt Workbench measures 48 inches in length, 24 in width and 30 to 36 inches in height. It is made of heavy-duty steel and furthermore has a Formica laminate top, making it absolutely ideal for electrical and lighting works since it is non-conductive.

And in conjunction with its strong steel body, which can hold up to 1200 pounds of weight, you’ll get the ease and safety of a 1.25-inch non-conductive top while enjoying a super strong bench.

One thing we really appreciate about the workbench is its height adjustability.

Yap, you heard that right. This table furthermore goes on to give to complete control over the height of the legs from 30 inches to 36 inches. A feature, we think, both tall and short people will admire greatly!

And finally, the workbench comes with a staggering 25-year unconditional warranty!


  • Ready to use.
  • Non-conductive, laminate surface.
  • High weight holding capacity.
  • Adjustable height.

  • May need a center support.


Workbenches are a staple tool to the trade. Make sure that you pick the best one for you and your requirements are fulfilled.

Our best woodworking and garage workbench review has a little something for everyone. Whether it is inexpensive and basic that you are looking for, or higher-end and fancy; we have it all right here, so dive right in!

If you want to know our opinion, then we’d say that if you have enough money to spend then go for  Seville Classics UltraHD. It’s a perfect workbench in so many ways. Thank us later.

If you are looking for a very basic workbench that doesn’t cost that much then the Hopkins 90164 is your best bet.

Our Ultimate Workbench Buying Guide & Tips

workbench buying guide

Choosing the right workbench can be a tricky thing as there are lots of important factors you have to consider. In order to buy the best one, you first need to outline your needs.

What to Look For Before Buying a Workbench

Will you use the workbench primarily for metalworking, woodworking or other projects? Does it need to be mobile stationary or portable? What size project will you be using the workbench for? Does it require a vise?

In this guide, we have included everything about the workbench that you need to know before buying one.

1. Workbench Types

Workbenches come in different shapes, sizes, and types.

All projects don’t have the same requirements. Each workbench corresponds to specific uses. Picking the right one depends on for what you plan to use the workbench and where you’ll be placing it.

Woodworking Workbench: The top of the woodworking workbench is of hardwood, normally made of laminated maple and is usually two or more inches thick. It’s extremely flat. It also has a sophisticated clamping system.

Garage Workbench: These are basically the traditional workbenches. They are great for home repair and minor carpentry projects. They often come with drawers, shelving and pegboard backs for organization.

Portable Workbench: Having a portable workbench gives you more work area and flexibility. It can be used for quick repairs when your main bench is filled with another project.

When you’re working out of a closet, a portable unit may be the best answer. they can be easily moved wherever they’re most needed.

The portable unit is originally developed for use on construction job sites. They are especially useful for those who don’t have a lot of room. These type of workbench usually have some sort of clamping system.

Laboratory Workbenches: This type of workbench are built to serve the chemical and biological scientists. Harsh power tools will be unable to beat the tabletops. These workbenches are usually made of metal for easy cleaning.

Electronic Workbench: If your projects involve electronic devices which will require special modifications, then an electrical workbench will fit you best. In addition to a master power switch, the electrical unit also includes extra duplex electrical outlets and knockouts.

Industrial Workbench: These workbenches offer the benefits of traditional workbenches but on a stronger and larger scale. They’re built to withstand heavy-duty projects and provide materials like steel that are designed for such purposes.

Gardening Workbench: This type of bench are generally used for seeding, grooming and potting. They usually have built-in storage and shelving. This benches must be dirt and moisture resistant.

General Repair: They’re used for lubricating, cleaning, sharpening and light metal work. Almost all family farms have this type of bench. They’re also found in repair shops.

Vise Benches: They are another type of folding workbench. Their tray is engineered in a  way to work like a vise or clamp which allows you to tighten pieces between two plates of them.

Multifunction Workbench: This is an attractive type of folding bench that can be transformed into different workshop tools. Simply attach some tools that you need such as the router, circular saw etc. Some of the accessories come with this bench. You can also buy some accessories separately to take full advantage of this workbench.

Cabinet Style Workbench: If you have a big collection of workshop equipment, materials and tools and you want to them within your hand reach, then you can go for the cabinet style workbench.

Folding Workbench: If you don’t have a workshop or if it is very small in size, then you can go for folding benches. They’re essential for mobile work sites. Their lightweight construction will make your life much easier. To reduce the risk of buckling, you should choose one that is made of sturdier material.

2. Size Matters

Width: Width is everything. Workbench can start at two feet wide and go up to ten feet wide, so there’s a wide range to pick one. You have to measure your space beforehand to make sure that the model you will plan to buy fits your space.

Always keep in mind that, when it comes to the workbenches, bigger size doesn’t ensure the quality of the product. There’s no need to overcompensate with a 10 feet workbench when a 4 feet workbench will do the job accurately.

Height: The height is also important as the width of the workbench.

Fixed height workbenches tend to be slightly less expensive as you can’t adjust the height of it. On the contrary, the great benefit of adjustable-height is that you can move the height up and down. That’s why, it’s very convenient for people of different ages, sizes, and physical abilities.

So, even a group of different height people can do their work comfortably at the same workbench.

3. Surface Options

The workbench surface is another vital part of the workbench.

You have to determine what type of tasks you will be doing at your workbench to figure out what type of surface material you should choose. It’s equally important to know about the materials of workbench tops as well.

Particleboard: Such workbench tops are an affordable choice and best for light to medium use. But they aren’t as strong as other workbench tops. This kind of tops features tiny wood particles that are pressure-bonded together. Most of the tops are also coated with melamine or laminate making them easy to wipe clean.

Wood: Wooden surfaces are one of the strongest tops, and are built to withstand marring, heat exposure, and impacts. Such workbench tops typically built of thick and solid maple. Moreover, they are ideal for all-purpose work that includes assembly, maintenance, and repair.

Plastic/Laminate: Such workbench tops are affordable, lightweight and non-conductive. That’s why they’re ideal for working on electrical appliances. Besides, this kind of tops has long-lasting coatings for protection against scratches and stains. If you plan to work on projects including light assembly or packaging, these surface are ideal to pick.

Steel: These surfaces are the most durable, stable and considered as the best workbench surface material. Steel tops are famous for holding up to years of heavy use. Thanks to the sturdy welds and underside reinforcements that offer increased weight capacities. If you’re planning to use the workbench for heavy duty work, steel surface is likely the best option.

Workbench Equipment

Once you’ve decided on the perfect workbench for you and your space, it’s time to trick it out. Choosing workbench equipment is as exciting as selecting the right base. Your workbench is the base and the accessories keep it usable.

Metal Tool Boxes: These toolboxes offer strong and dependable storage for your important tools. They are bit heavier and expensive than the other counterparts. Although they stand up better for heavy-duty usage.

Plastic Tool Boxes: These boxes offer a lightweight alternative for keeping your tools well organized. They also cost lesser than the previous one. A plastic toolbox is a good option for casual use and can hold up well.

Workbench stool
Image: A Stool

Workbench Stools: This equipment is almost as important as the workbench itself. Cop a squat and settle in for the long haul. Picking a comfortable workbench stool is a key to avoid the annoying numb-butt syndrome that might strike while you’ve been seated too long.

Pegboard: It’s used to create vertical storage space at the back of the workbench. You can use it to add extra shelving, create extra storage for little parts or hang your tools within arm’s reach.

Parts Storage: It is needed for keeping ends and odds where you need them and more importantly on hand when you need them. Small drawers and compartments make it easy to organize small parts and find them at a glance.

Top 10 Mistakes To Avoid When Building A Workbench

Workbench MistakesWorkbenches are a great piece of kit for any mechanic, woodworker or DIY-er. If you like making things yourself, you may want to build your own workbench.

You will find a lot of online resources on how to build workbenches, however, there are still many mistakes a first time builder may make.

Here are the most common mistakes you should avoid while building your own workbench. Read carefully!

  • Overthinking About Workbench Height

Workbench height is critical. When you’re making your own workbench, you need to make it fit for you properly. For heavy hand work, the workbench height should be even with the knuckles on your hand when your arm is hanging by your side. But this is too low for most modern work. The height should be close to waist height for most operations.

Build the workbench to a size that you’re comfortable with. Take a height between your thigh and waist that seems perfect. Don’t need to worry about the back. But if you are really unsure, make it a little taller and then cut down the legs.

In my opinion, Adjustable workbenches are great because you can adjust it for marquetry, carving and other retail jobs. It’s very good to have an adjustable height workbench so that your kids can comfortably work at it too.

  • Overthinking About Wood Types

One of the biggest mistakes beginner woodworkers make is that they overthink about the types of wood that they’re going to use. They worry about the wood type. But, in reality, there is no special workbench wood, any type of wood can be used to make a bench. All wood has the qualities of toughness and strength.

Depending on your needs, you can even use plywood. But, I personally wouldn’t use this for the top. The material should be affordable, heavy, cheap and easy to get. Most importantly, the wood should be dry. This makes sense because over time your workbench will look like every other used workbench-broke, beat up and awesome.

  • Too Many Vises

Vices are great when you’re making complex furniture. A good workbench always has vise installed on one side of the bench. Thinking of its benefits, Novice woodworkers plan to have the vise on all sides of the bench. But they are a pain to install: the installation process can take almost two weeks! You can tackle 2/3 projects within this time.

If you’re trying to install too many vises, you may be wasting your valuable time. When making your DIY workbench, aim for two vises: a tail vice and a front vice. Two vices will be enough for your DIY woodwork needs.

  • Too Many Dog/Holdfast Holes

You will always need dog/holdfast holes on your bench. If you use holdfast holes, you need around 8 holdfast holes. Many novice woodworkers plan an array of dog/holdfast holes that make the bench top look like a monster pegboard or colander.

Too many holes don’t really weaken the bench, they won’t even be that problematic, but they’re a lot of work to execute. You don’t need them unless you have any special operation in your mind. Holes can also be added later, start with eight and add more as you need them.

  • Overthinking The Design

Workbenches are simple pieces of kit. They’re designed to make other things. Considering this, keep your bench design simple. Don’t agonize over complex bits of kits for your bench, sliding vices or adjustable height.

Make sure to consider the proportions of the bench in relation to your height and workspace area. If you’re in doubt, make the bench a little taller than you’re used to. After all, get a simple nice design and build it.

  • Building the DIY Workbench Too Deep

Workbenches don’t need to be too deep. If the workbench is very deep, it can be less useful than a shallower one. Keep in mind that, the benchtop should be less deep than your casework so that you can easily work on the casework. Again, don’t over agonize about this.

  • Overthinking Wood Movement

Yes, Wood moves, but worrying about it while designing your workbench wastes more energy than dealing with it after the bench is made. It’s not something you need to worry about each day. When it becomes a pain, you can fix it within 45 minutes of work.

  • Over-Complicating The Workbench

When you’re ready to build your workbench, keep in mind that it’s just a workbench. You would think that an array of dog/holdfast holes, vices and clamps would only improve your working efficiency, but actually, it will do the opposite.

Plan for maximum 2 vices: a tail vice and a front vice. In terms of holdfast holes, consider around 8 holes- any more may decrease the efficiency of your workbench and also weaken the wood structure. So, don’t try to be over smart and don’t over design it. You can apply your creativity later when you’re using the workbench to build other things.

  • Laminating The Bench

It’s not really needed to laminate the workbench. You don’t need to consider this factor unless the top will be made out of 2×4’s turned on edge. At first times, the aesthetics might look pretty good, but eventually, it will be very worn.

  • Making The Workbench Too Pretty

You shouldn’t aim for making your workbench too nice. Workbenches are piles of rearranged wood and they are used to better make other things, they’re not going to be displayed in any fashion magazines. So, don’t try to make it too pretty.

Workbench FAQ

Ques: Which workbench type will be best for large scale production use?
Ans: The industrial workbenches will be best for that.

Ques: What’s the benefit of UV cured coating?
Ans: It helps the workbench to resist harmful chemicals and all the moisture. Thus, it helps the workbench to last for a longer time.

Ques: Can I cut down workbench top?
Ans: Yes. It depends on the dimension of the workbench construction.

Wrapping Up

We hope you have found our Best Workbench Review very helpful and now you’re able to choose the right workbench for your needs. If you still have any question, feel free to inform us via the comment box below.

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