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Top 5 Fighting Styles in Boxing (New Guide)

Different fighting styles in boxing

Boxing may seem like nothing but punching and kicking but deep beneath the surface it is more than punching and kicking – if you notice its diversity deeply you will surely admit that boxing is kinda martial art with a diverse style.

The boxing training starts with learning the basic steps and techniques. When you are skilled to apply the basic techniques it is time to learn different fighting styles of boxing. With time you can develop your own unique boxing style through practice and experience.

The fighting styles in boxing can be divided into 2 parts –one is offensive style and other is defensive style. Both of these styles have several subgroups and we will discuss those subgroups in detail in this article. Let’s start.

Top 5 Fighting Styles in Boxing

1. Pressure Fighter Fighting Style

“Pressure Fighter” is a common boxing style that boxers are applying for a long time. If you want to make your opponent overwhelmed for a long time this style will be best to pick up.

It is an offensive fighting style that keeps your opponent on the defensive style for a long time and it helps you a lot to win in the bout.

The trademark of a pressure fighter is that he initiates the offensive action. Though defense is also very important, judges favor who initiates the aggression first in the bout.

This fighting style requires an improved cardiovascular condition. If your cardiovascular health is not in very good condition, (yes, I have said “very good”, not “good” only) please do not try to apply this fighting style on your opponent.

You know what, when we fire using a rifle, the gunman also has to endure a back force. When you are applying “Pressure Fighter” fighting style you also have to endure a back pressure. If your cardiovascular health is not in very good condition you may lose the competition.

So it is highly recommended that one must give emphasize on cardiovascular endurance training to be a good pressure fighter. If you look at the history boxers who used to fight applying pressure fighting style all had supreme cardiovascular health.

“Pacman” Pacquiao, Roberto Duran, and Julio Cesar Chavez are the significant names of pressure fighter in the world of boxing.

2. Out-Boxer Fighting Style

The out boxer fighting style is opposite to the previous style that is pressure fighter style. It is a crafty fighting technique where the out boxer utilizes the reach as a weapon and he keeps the opponents at bay.

The long wingspan of the out boxer provides a long, rangy, and effective jab to pepper their opponent with pinpoint accuracy.  The clever technique applied by the out boxer is the secret of their victory. That means the victory of the out boxer comes by decision.

An out boxer accumulates damage on the opponent and picks apart the opponent by breaking them down with clean, accurate punching. If you can truly acquire the skill of an out boxer you can easily score knockouts compared to others.

You may have heard the name of the greatest boxer Mohammad Ali. Do you know that Mohammad Ali was an out boxer? Heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder, boxing legend Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr. are some other notable out boxers name in the field of boxing.

3. Boxer Puncher Fighting Style

Boxer-puncher is a two in one fighting style that allows the boxer to switch between pressure fighter style and out boxer fighting style. That is why boxer-puncher fighting style is considered as a dynamic fighting style.

This style allows you to force your opponent to make mistakes and utilizing those mistakes you can make them frustrated. A boxer-puncher usually initiates their action from outside and gradually work his way in.

Yes, a boxer-puncher enjoys more advantage compared to an out boxer and pressure fighter but his job is more difficult to deal with compared to the out boxer and pressure fighter.

The offensive action taken by a boxer-puncher is of varied style. It is very hard for the opponent to guess his next step. Most boxer-puncher has a lack of defense. To win the match they look to apply the combination of both offensive and defensive style in the best possible way.

Heavyweight legend “Iron” Mike Tyson, retired Puerto Rican superstar Miguel Cotto, and the blazingly fast Sugar Ray Leonard are world-famous boxer-puncher.

4. Slugger Fighting Style

Boxers who use slugger fighting style are more aggressive than others. Most of the time they do not do any parsimony to apply the highest possible force on the opponent. Physical strength is the main fighting gear of slugger fighter.

They do not care about any serious damage and that is why sometimes they get punished to violate the rules or to make serious damage.

The fighting style of sluggers may seem like that they less use their brain and more uses their physical strength. But that is not right.  They also apply a great deal of techniques that is not understood easily.

They are very skilled to trap the opponents along the ropes or into corners. It is wise to avoid trading punches with sluggers. However, sluggers can give the fans the most entertaining bouts and they know how to cut off the ring.

Britain’s Ricky “Hitman” Hatton, the late Arturo “Thunder” Gatti, and “Irish” Micky Ward are world famous slugger boxer.

5. Counter Puncher Fighting Style

Counter punchers are considered as one of the most talented boxers. Boxers who use counter puncher fighting style are very talented, skilled and defeat the opponent by applying the flawless technique. Counter punchers are very witty, in fact, witness works as their fighting gear.

They present themselves as easily hittable targets to the opponents and just at the moment of hitting the masterfully and gracefully slipping out of their way. When the opponent misses the target, again and again, he becomes frustrated and this is the time when the counter puncher utilizes his strength at great speed.

Counter punchers generally do not initiate the action rather they wait for the opponent to initiate the action. It is considered as a drawback of counter puncher fighting style.

Cuban Olympic gold medalist Guillermo “El Chacal” Rigondeaux, multiple-division Mexican boxing legend Juan Manuel Marquez, and all-time great Sugar Ray Robinson are some notable counter punchers in the history of boxing.


The above mentioned different fighting style in boxing are widely known boxing style. The characteristic of a good boxer is that he adds his own style in these common styles and become a unique boxer.

With experience and practice, you can also generate your own fighting style. If you look at the history of boxing you will find that the historically famous boxers have generated their own unique fighting techniques that are named after those boxers.

A good boxer is he who utilizes his talent, skill, and technique to win the competition and yes most importantly he does not break the rules and never forget the ethics of the competition.

Winning the ring is not so difficult but winning the heart of the people is really very difficult. And a boxer with all of the above-mentioned traits can win the heart, respect not only of the viewer but also of the opponents and becomes a legend in the boxing world.


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