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7 Common Home Building Flaws

Common Home Building FlawsWith the increasing technological advance, the world has seen tremendous growth in modern buildings and architecture.

In spite of the fact that the modern infrastructure technique is growing apparently; there are still some construction defects found in residential buildings.

Some of the most common construction defects are leaking water supply, defective wood, facade leaks etc.

Apart from that, there are a lot of defects that occur in building constructions. As you know, how difficult it is to build a new home, repair the old home, repair the leakage etc.

Also, dealing with such issues is an intrusive, cumbersome and time-consuming process.

Top 7 Construction Defects That You Must Know

1. Facade Leaks

Façade leaks are one of the worst construction defects. The industrial site uses many advanced techniques to address the façade leak.  Thermal imaging, Hose Testing, spray Bar testing, smoke testing, gas testing are some of the techniques used for detecting façade leaks.

After an earthquake, small cracks appear on the floor and windows. These small cracks can cause major problems like façade leaks. Hence, all leaks are must be evaluated by the trained engineer to determine whether the crack is normal or dangerous.

2. Window Leaks

Window leak is the common form of construction defects. It might be due to the faulty installation. If you find your window leaks, then contact the professional installer.

No matter what the season is, leaking windows can cause major issues including aesthetic and structural damage. Hence, it is important to address the window leaks in your home.

After years of varying weather condition, natural disasters, and extreme temperatures, window frames are prone to crack and damage. You can see the older windows experiencing water leaks. But, new ones are also at risk these days. Window leaks usually occur due to installation, house design, and maintenance.

3. Wood Floor Problems

Wood floor problemsIt is not surprising that Natural wood contracts and expands over time.

However, the wooden floor is not the choice of many people today. The interior design companies make use of countertops materials like soapstone, concrete, tiles, bluestones and other such materials. Granite and quartz materials are also options for some people.

If you want to live in a home that gives you traditional feel, the wooden floor might be the best options. The worst part of the wood floor is it contracts during summertime. Before installing the wooden floor, it is important that you are using strong and durable building materials for the effective building site.

If you fail to do, small gaps will be developed.  The gaps will expand and attracts minor insects, pest and another organism to your home. This microorganism will definitely leave you and your family members at risk.

This is why building contractors put plastic material between cement and the floor. A trained engineer and construction specialist are always required for repairing the building components.

4. Fire-Stopping Deficiencies

Fire stopping deficiencies are a common occurrence nowadays. Apart from the other leaks, fire stopping deficiencies are the most dangerous one. It can cause severe health issues and may leave your family at risk.

For an old house, it is common to address the fire stopping seals around conduits, ducts, pipes, and walls.  This is why fireproof walls and floors are essential for building construction.

5. Ventilation/Exhaust Problems

Ventilation problem is also a common issue in both the residential building and workplace. A well-constructed home is the one that lets everyone enjoy the pleasant climate, natural space, and open air.

But, in most of the residential house, Ventilation system doesn’t work properly. Whether it is a commercial building, residential building or even a workplace, the good ventilation system is the must have a thing for everyone.

For high rise buildings, poor ventilation system causes a stack effect. As high-rise buildings are well sealed, when the heating systems in use, hot air from heater pass through hallways and creates negative pressure. That passes the bad odors from one apartment to another.  This stack effect is really a major problem in apartments.

6. Balconies Leak

The faulty installation and poor maintenance are the cause of the balconies leak. The deck and balconies defect coincide with the roof defect.

A strong roof is the symbol of a strong foundation. But, there are more chances that the roofs are getting worse due to the poor installation system.

Flashing and underlayment are also the main cause of balconies defect. Even most of the trained engineers install the fault flashing material that causes leaks.

Generally, residential buildings, apartments, residential multi-dwelling, multi-story buildings are highly experiencing the home construction defects. Waterproofing failure is the most common cause of this leakage.

Balconies leak is mainly due to the waterproofing problem. Some multilevel balconies are missing the proper balconies membranes.

In order to prevent the leak in balconies, the membranes should have the ability to withstand acidic material and ponding water. It should be capable of bridging joints and cracks. If membranes are resistant to corrosion, rust, erosion, balconies can withstand any temperatures at ease.

7. Displacement

Whether the building material is made of strong iron, durable tiles or sturdy cement material, all building materials change over time.

Some building materials may even contract or expand. Some building components gradually move in response to temperature changes. Displacement of one building material with others can cause some minor problems.

It also causes severe damage to the materials around the floor and windows. The displacement problems will certainly leave your family members and the public at risk.

Some building materials like stucco and concrete create fine shrinkage cracks. After years of varying climate changes and natural disaster, these fine shrinkage cracks may form wide and vertical cracks, which can cause more serious problems.

Wrapping Up

When you are buying a new home, make sure that the building is in perfect working condition without any construction defects. If your home has construction defects like façade leaks, window leaks etc, contact the trained engineer to get it fixed on time.

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