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8 Common Mistakes Every Gardener Must Avoid : Winter Gardening

8 Coammon Mistakes to Avoid in Winter GardeningWinter is a season of frost that can almost stop everything. So, you need to take proper preparation for winter if you have a garden. At the time of taking this preparation, you may make some common mistakes that are normally done by most of the farmers.

A single mistake can ruin the garden that you have. Here in this article, I have studied and shown some common gardening mistakes that you need to avoid in winter.

8 Common Mistakes Gardener Must Avoid

1. Delaying to Plant

For many reasons, sometimes we become late to plant trees and vegetables. In winter, planting late shows a massive negative effect on the plants.

Where the soil freezes, the snowfall won’t allow the roots to go under the soil properly. As a result, it can’t get enough nutrients. So, it dies. A consecutive death of some plants that you added in your landscape in winter may result in a great loss is spring.

So, re-arrange your priority list and make sure that you add some plants to your landscape 6-7 weeks before the soil starts freezing.

2. Ignoring the Plan of Spring

8 Common Mistakes Every Gardener Must AvoidA common mistake of winter gardening is not making a plan of spring. If you have a vision of making some change in your garden in spring, you must plan for that with your plan for winter.

The reason is, if you plan for winter and spring together, you can make changes in winter that won’t affect your spring planning. As a result, when you’ll make a change of your garden in spring, your winter additions won’t need to be harmed.

Again, making a plan for spring with the plan of winter will save your time. So, don’t forget to make a plan for spring and winter together before 1-2 months of winter.

3. Cleaning the Garden

Keeping the garden clean by removing all the dead and faded plants and leaves which are falling on soil is really a good thing to do. It will make your garden to look good and allow your plants to breathe properly.

But, in winter, this may not be good. When you clean out the dead and faded plants and leaves from your garden, the other plants become exposed to the harsh weather of winter. As a result, the plants become the victim of the cruelty of winter.

Pruning the shrubs also make the plants vulnerable to harsh weather. So, wait for pruning until the spring comes.

Besides, cleaning the leaves from the soil makes the soil exposed to the harsh winter environment. As a result, the soil loses its fertility.

4. Not Watering Properly

In winter, you may think that the trees don’t need huge water because it is too cold outside. Thinking this, many farmers don’t water the trees daily. It is a common practice done by many farmers.

But it is actually a huge mistake. You need to water your plants properly in winter too. In winter, it may felt that much water is not needed as it is cold. But you need to remember that winter is a dry season. So, to save your trees from dryness, you need to provide enough water to those.

If the temperature is above freezing, you need to provide water to your plants regularly as plants can’t use frost for making food.

5. Not Controlling Self-sowers

In winter, you may love to have a cup of coffee sitting in your room instead of going to the garden and controlling the self-sowers. Some may think of cleaning those after the winter.

But not controlling self-sowers regularly will result in a nightmare. If you don’t do it regularly in winter, you’ll find a bunch of self-sowers here and thereafter the winter. This will create a huge task before preparing for the spring. This may also ruin your gardening plan for the spring.

6. Not Using Mulch

Mulch is very much important for your plants. The plants which are newly added to your garden right before winter must have some mulch. This mixture of wet leaf, straw keeps the roots safe from frost.

Besides, mulch keeps the soil from being the victim of winter. Not using munch is one of the common mistakes done by beginners. Don’t forget to use enough mulch in your garden to make sure that your garden is safe in winter.

You can use a wheelbarrow to spread mulch in your garden. You can check for some best wheelbarrow before buying one.

7. Not Using Frost Blankets

mistakes to avoid winter gardeningIf you have vegetable plants that are providing you vegetables regularly, you need to use frost blankets to save those in winter if you want those to grow properly and supply you vegetables.

Frost blankets don’t allow frost to fall and stay on the plants. As a result, the plants can grow and serve you vegetables throughout the winter.

The shrubs that are planted right before winter also needs frost blanket to grow up. If you don’t use it, you may find most of your shrubs dead or faded after the winter. You can also wrap the shrubs instead of using frost blankets to keep those warm and safe from frost.

8. Sowing Too Many Plants

Everybody wants to make the best use of free place in the garden. Planting shrubs or trees is a good way to make the best use of free space left in the garden. At the time of doing that, many people create an overcrowded situation. This is a great mistake, especially in winter.

In winter, normally there is less light. So, most of your plants may face lack of light. If you make the garden crowded by putting some more plants, the problem called lack of light will increase. As a result, your plants can’t grow properly.

So, don’t make your garden overcrowded, especially in winter. Keeping some places empty will give a better result than making the garden overcrowded.

Wrapping Up

So, these are the gardening mistakes that may ruin your garden in winter. Try to avoid these to get the best outcome from your garden. Keep in mind that, if you give your best, the result will be the best.


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