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14 Cool Gift Ideas on Amazon (Around 25$, 50$ & 100$)

Cool Gift You Can Buy on AmazonCan’t decide what to gift your loved ones?

I know! That’s really confusing. Especially when it’s for your dearest one, your brain seems unable to generate gift ideas.

No prob. We are here to help you by giving some great idea of some cool gifts you can buy on Amazon priced around 25$, 50$ and 100$ for your mom, dad, sister, brother, husband, wife or someone else.

Gift Ideas Around 25$

1. Etekcity Lasergrip 774 Digital Laser Infrared Thermometer

This can be a great gift for them who often need to test the temperature. It can be used when cooking and barbequing, testing metals temperature, doing home repairs etc.

  • It can accurately measure temperature.
  • It can measure temperature from: -58℉~ 716℉ / -50℃ ~ 380℃.
  • Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • LCD screen, Auto on-off.

2. Cafe Du Chateau French Press Coffee Maker

This can be a great gift for them who are lazy to make a cup of coffee but love to drink coffee.

This coffee maker doesn’t need extra filters because it has a built-in four-level filtration system. It also doesn’t need electricity, so it can be a great addition to the camp kitchen too.

  • 304-grade stainless steel.
  • BPA free plastic lid strainer.
  • 4 level filtration system.
  • Very portable.
  • Lifetime Replacement Guarantee.

3. George Foreman Quesadilla Maker

A quesadilla lover will really be happy if s/he gets this as a gift. Even though quesadillas are very simple snacks to make.

This awesome machine is specially designed to turn out expertly crafted and crunchy ones.

It makes quesadilla complete with indented outer edges and creases where it should be cut. This can create 10-inch quesadillas in just 3-4 minutes!

Its nonstick cooking surface wipes clean in no time, which means they can fill the quesadilla cravings time and time again without hassle.

  • Can make 10-inch Quesadilla.
  • Nonstick Cooking Surface.
  • 6 Deep-Dish Pockets.
  • Cord Wrap and Vertical Storage.

Gift Ideas Around 50$

4. Amazon Echo Dot

Amazon Echo Dot can be a perfect gift for advanced technology lover.

It’s a voice assistant to home for nearly half the price of the original and this one sounds better. It can pick up voice commands, can be connected to the home speaker. A true smart home gadget.

  • Hands-free, voice-controlled device.
  • It can control smart home devices, make calls, send and receive messages, read the news, set alarms, read audiobooks and so on.
  • Can control lights, fans, switches, thermostats, garage doors, sprinklers, locks and more. Compatible connected devices from Philips Hue, Sony, Samsung SmartThings and others.

To have a more clear idea about its ability, watch this video:

5. Nokia Body Smart Scale

Nokia Body Smart Scale can measure your weight and send basic information of your daily weight to your phone using Wi-Fi.

It’s an affordable and smart scale. It uses smart position control technology that provides the best way to manage your weight. 8 users can use it and access their personal weight history.

Nokia Body is able to recognize automatically who’s who. It provides immediate on-screen feedback and helps you reach your weight goals.

  • Instant weight insight with BMI.
  • Automatic synchronization.
  • It can also keep track of your beloved ones.
  • Daily weather forecast.
  • Multi-user friendly.

6. Anker PowerCore 10,000 mAh Powerbank

A great gift for them who have to stay out for a long time.

Anker PowerCore 10000 is one of the smallest and lightest 10000 mAh portable chargers.

It provides almost two-and-a-half Galaxy S8 charges or three-and-a-half iPhone 8 charges or.

It’s an Ultra-Compact and High-speed Charging Technology Power Bank for Samsung, iPhone and more.

It’s a must-have for those who freak out around about phone battery charge. This power bank is able to charge multiple devices at once and provides 24 hours of charge.

  • 10000mAh portable charger.
  • High-speed-Charging Technology.
  • Certified safety system.
  • 18-months warranty.
  • Micro USB cable, Travel pouch included.

7. Magic Bullet Blender

This is a versatile countertop magician that works like magic and it’s very easy to use. This high-speed blender and mixer can do any job in 10 seconds or less.

It’s a versatile kitchen gadget that can mix, chop, mince, blend, grind and whip everything you toss in it in less time. It’s suitable to turn out top-notch smoothies.

  • Can chop, mix, blend, whip, grind & more.
  • Free 10 Second Recipes Book.
  • Dishwasher safe.

8. Hamilton Beach Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Is there anyone you know who doesn’t love sandwiches? I hope not.

Can you imagine how happy they can be if they receive a sandwich maker as a gift?

This great Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker can cook delicious breakfast sandwiches ready in five minutes.

You can forget the fast food and enjoy a homemade hot breakfast with this great sandwich maker.

The process is very easy. At first, you’ve to place the ingredients inside and then make the base of your sandwich in the bottom layer. After that, place the egg on the cooking plate and close the lid.

At last, slide the cooking plate out and your sandwich assembles itself. Then open the lid. Your desired sandwich is now ready to eat!

  • Can make 1 to 2 sandwiches within 5 minutes.
  • Timer with an audible tone.
  • All removable parts are dishwasher safe.
  • Quick and easy recipes included.

Gift Ideas Around 100$

9. Wi-Fi Range Extender

If your loved ones are having wifi range issue then a wifi extender can be a perfect gift for them. They might not need a new router; a range extender could get the job done.

For around $100 our top pick is TP-Link AC1750 Wi-Fi Range Extender (RE450).

It works with any standard router or gateway, has 3 dual-band antenna and its setup is very easy. It also offers lifetime support.

  • Three external dual-band antennas with high-powered amplifiers that can eliminate the dead zone.
  • 2-year warranty and free unlimited 24/7 technical support.
  • Two WiFi Modes.
  • Gigabit Ethernet port.
  • Works with any Wi-Fi router

10. Amazon Echo 2nd Generation

A great gift for tech lover. It’s a cool voice-activated smart home speaker from Amazon.

You can ask to play the news, make calls, send/receive messages, answer questions, check the weather, and a whole suite of other cool stuff just by giving voice commands.

  • Echo can connect to Alexa to make calls, set alarms and timers, answer questions, control smart home devices, and many more.
  • It can connect to other Echo devices.
  • 360° omnidirectional audio, seven microphones, beamforming technology, and noise cancellation.
  • Echo can hear you from any direction.

11. Fitbit Alta

A perfect gift for anyone who wants to track their activity but not ready for a full-on smartwatch.

Fitbit’s Alta wristband can monitor all-day activity. It can even notify of incoming texts, calls, and calendar reminders when it is synced with a phone. A great smartwatch alternative.

  • Can track steps, distance, calories burned and active minutes.
  • Up to 5 days of battery life.
  • It can automatically track how long & how well you sleep.
  • Can set a silent, vibrating alarm.
  • Can get call, text and calendar notifications.

12. Anova Bluetooth-Equipped Sous Vide Cooker

A great gift for them who loves smart gadget and cooking.

It can cook almost everything from fish, meats, vegetables to soups, and desserts too.

This sous vide cooker can produce restaurant-quality foods. Which is normally almost impossible to do.

You can attach this to any pot then add water, drop in the ingredients then press start. You can start, stop and monitor your cook on your mobile device using Bluetooth connectivity.

  • Food is cooked evenly edge to edge, which means no worry of overcooking.
  • Cooks food at a precise temperature to guarantee perfect results every time.
  • Very easy to use.

13. Nespresso Inissia Espresso Maker

An espresso maker can also be a great gift. This smart little machine can make life easier.

Nespresso Inissia Espresso machine offers an impeccable barista-style coffee every time. It has a simple one-touch operation and great extraction system. It’s lightweight and has an ergonomic handle.

  • It can make 9 coffees in just one touch and 25 seconds.
  • Can deliver up to 19 bars of pressure.
  • Has energy saving mode.

14. Sabatier 12-Piece Self-Sharpening Knife Block Set

Everyone needs a knife. Giving a knife can also be a great idea.

Sabatier 12-Piece Self-Sharpening Knife set features built-in knife sharpeners. This sharpener automatically sharpens the knives every time the knives are removed or placed back into the block.

Each knife is stain and corrosion-resistant and is made of high carbon stainless steel.

  • Built-in knife sharpener.
  • 6 pieces of 4.5-inch steak knives, an 8-inch chef knife, 8-inch slicer knife, 4.5-inch fine edge utility, 5-inch chef knife with Cullens and a 3.5-inch paring knife.
  • Made of high-carbon stainless steel.
  • Stain and corrosion-resistant.
  • Easy care: Rinse and dry immediately.

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