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Dewalt Cordless Drill DCD771C2 Review 2019 [20V Max]

Whether you are a professional or an at-home rookie tools man, having a high-quality compact drill driver is essential in your repertoire.

And the Dewalt DCD771C2 20V MAX Cordless Compact Drill Driver Kit is always a great one to start! Today we are going to do Dewalt DCD771C2 review, to make it easier for you to decide if you should purchase it or debunk it right away.

Is this the right tool for you? Will it fall short? Read on to find the answers.

Before you start reading this detailed review, watch this Dewalt DCD771C2 video review first to have a visual idea about it.

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Features of Dewalt DCD771C2


Let’s start with the feature that makes the world go round in the power tool word: power.

You will be very happy to know if you didn’t get from its name already, that the DeWalt dcd771c2 is very much cordless. It is powered by a 20V lithium-ion battery which gives it enough runtime and power to make it through most of your projects. The power tool offers 300 unit watts out (UWO) which covers a wide variety of applications so you can rest assured.


Now, let’s look into the battery with a little more detail.

The DeWalt dcd771c2 uses the 20V MAX batteries. And being lithium-ion, you get more power, more runtime for less weight. The good news is the upon purchase of the Compact Drill Driver Kit, you get not 1, but 2 counts of batteries. That’s twice the use! Use one while the others stay in back, or charges away.

One very evident problem with the batteries, however, is that they tend to deteriorate as they age. In other words, they stop taking and maintaining the charge. Something to consider here…

Rapid Battery charger

Speaking of which, since it is a cordless and battery run power tool, there is bound to be a charger for it too, right? This charger can fully charge the battery only in 30 minutes. That means you won’t have to wait for that long to fully charge the battery.

You get a compact battery charger in the kit as well. It is very pretty and lightweight so you can carry it with you from one outlet to another with little no problem.
Dewalt DCD771C2 review


The control means everything. And when it comes to using power tools, this feature has a huge role to play.

On that note, you will be very happy to know that the Dewalt DCD771C2 20V MAX Cordless Compact Drill Driver offers you speeds settings as well. You get 2 speeds settings: one at 0 to 450 rpm, and the other at 0 to 1500 rpm.

For anyone who’s wondering, “rpm” stands for rotations per minute. This terminology is used to indicate the number to time around object completes a circumference in motion in 60 seconds. Simply put speed.  You can easily change the speed to low or high using the clutch setting of this model.

Ease of use

The DCD771C2 is not the lightest drill driver we are aware of, at 3.6 lbs. However, it has an excellent ergonomic form factor and awesome handling. This is great for long time use because of the very soft and comfortable handle. You can use this drill driver for quite a long time without feeling any hand pain at all.

It is also compact & lightweight. Enabling you to work in little and tight areas easily. This is a practical feature, particularly while doing cabinet work where there is only a small room to work.

All things considered, this models handle is extremely well. And because of the tall but compact form factor of this drill driver, it is always fantastic dealing with.


Dewalt product, all of them more or less, come with an excellent warranty and guaranty deals.

We are very happy to disclose that this drill driver comes with a whopping and generous 3-year limited warranty.

Construction of Dewalt DCD771C2

Size and weight

Our DeWalt dcd771c2 review cannot even begin to emphasize and admire the sheer ingenuity of the construction of this toolkit.

First, on all, it was made from some of the more higher quality construction materials in the market. It feels sturdy and wholesome, without weighing you down. Despite such quality build, it is more or less lightweight at 3.6 pounds (without the battery attached).

And furthermore, the lightweight battery adds little to disrupt that. You can, in fact, keep using it for an extended period of time without muscle ache or fatigue. As for reaching for tight, hard to reach spots, the DeWalt dcd771c2 is very compact too.


The chuck of the DCD771C2 drill is standard 1/2”. That means you will face no problem finding drill bits for this drill driver. Moreover, an extra benefit of the 1/2” shank drill bit is that it is cheap and are designed for drilling metal, wood. Speaking it, one complaint we came across with this driver is that its chuck tends to get loose, or don’t fit well.

Bits, therefore, tend to fall out very frequently or when used with force. A minority of the drills sold may have the problem or it most probably a user error. Where the users may have tried to use the wrong size or type of drill bit into the chuck.

Furthermore, this is a keyless sleeve tightening the clutch system. It has a tight grip on your drill bit diminishing vibrations for boosting performance. Additionally, this particular system enables you to rapidly and easily change drill bits within a matter of seconds. Indeed, even beginners can use this chuck system to replace drill bits rapidly and easily.


Apart from being favorably lightweight and compact, the design that the driver takes is very intuitive to the shape of your hand. The handle echoes the contour of your palms and therefore sits very nice and comfortably in your hands.

LED light

Next, the DeWalt dcd771c2 drill driver features a built-in LED light on its head, right above its ½-inch chuck. This light system is a life savior for you if you happen to need to work under unfavorable conditions like under the sink.


The price is the most intriguing part of the Dewalt DCD771C2 drill. Though it isn’t the cheapest drill driver in the market. But, it is not as costly as the Dewalt DCD780. However, we believe that you will get a lot for your money with this purchase. Even though it doesn’t perform more than the premium drill Dewalt DCD780.

Another good thing is that Dewalt includes an extra battery at no additional cost, which makes it a better deal. To be honest, we do not know of any other deals in this price range that includes an extra battery. All in all, we believe that the price of this drill driver is very reasonable and worth each cent.

What You’ll Get in the Bag

Another thing is that the DeWalt dcd771c2 comes with the whole, complete arsenal of your solutions. You therefore no longer have to buy 1 piece at a time. You get everything, and more, you need in one place. So here’s a quick recap of what’s in the bag:

  • 1 pc DCD771 1/2″ Drill Driver
  • 2 counts of 20V Max compact lithium-ion battery packs
  • 1 pc Compact Charger

Oh, you will get a contractor bag too! It makes keeping everything in one places so much more easy and convenient. It furthermore makes sure you don’t end up losing of damaging any of the stuff by keeping them exposed. Pretty cool, right?

Who Should Purchase?

This specific model from Dewalt has enough power to be used as a job site drill driver. Changing the drill bits is possible within a matter of seconds with the keyless ratcheting sleeve chuck. In this manner, we recommend the DCD771C2 drill to homeowners who are searching for a lightweight, ergonomic and fairly affordable drill driver.

Moreover, contractors can also go ahead and buy this model if they do not need to do drilling on concrete. The extra battery delivered with this purchase is very advantageous. It will dramatically help decrease your recharge time. It’s something that professionals on a tight schedule will appreciate.

The Pros & Cons

  • 20V battery holds charge longer.
  • Lightweight and durable construction.
  • Cordless and battery powered.
  • 2-speed settings.
  • Comes with 1 extra battery.
  • Recharges really fast(within 30 minutes)!
  • Easy and comfortable to use.
  • Features an LED light for practicality.
  • Comes in a bag.
  • 3-year limited warranty.
  • Is an entire drilling solution; complete kit.
  • Batteries tend to stop charging properly after a while.
  • Not ideal for hammer drilling
  • Loose chuck.

Frequently Asked Question

Ques: Does this cordless drill have a built-in LED light?
Ans: Yes. You can find it right above the trigger.

Ques: How much batteries a unit includes?
Ans: You'll get two batteries in the package!

Ques: How long does it take to fully recharge one battery?
Ans: About half an hour.

Ques: Does this have a reverse mode?
Ans: Yes! It does have a reverse mode.

Ques: Can I drill with this on concrete?
Ans: Yes, but it's not ideal for drilling in concrete. You'll need a hammer drill for that.

Ques: Is this drill driver brush or brushless?
Ans: While buying, you can select between a brushless and brush motor. And the brushless model is expensive compared to a brushed motor.

Ques: How many settings does this drill have?
Ans: 15 settings.

Final Verdict

The Dewalt DCD771c2 drill kit is an amazing kit, undoubtedly. But it isn’t as flawless as we think it is. It has a loose chuck where bits can't sit properly. But although it isn't a big problem, we still think the Dewalt DCD771c2 is a good deal.

First of all, no power tool is perfect. Second, the price to value ratio of this kit is staggering. You will get a lot of value and performance than what you are paying for. This drill is definitely worth the money if you can work with a little patience. What you also need is you have to be careful. Here goes a set of tips on Using Drilling Machine Safely.

This concludes our review of Dewalt DCD771c2. We tried our best to cover everything we need to know about the drill in this review.

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Accessories for Dewalt DCD771C2

DEWALT DW1354 14-Piece Titanium Drill Bit Set - Best Drill Bit Set

You'll get 14 piece titanium made drill bit that includes sizes from 1/6 to 1/2-Inch in a plastic tough case.. Titanium pilot point for 2x longer life versus black oxide. This has a 30-day money back guarantee!

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Pilot Point 16-Piece Twist Drill Bit Assortment

You'll get 16-piece Pilot Point twist drill bit assortment that comes with pilot point tips for starts on contact that result in clean, accurate holes.

This kit comes with two 1/16-inch, one 5/64-inch, one 3/32-inch, one 7/64-inch, one 1/8-inch, one 9/64-inch, one 5/32-inch, and one 11/64-inch split point drill bits and one 3/16-inch, one 13/64-inch, one 7/32-inch, one 1/4-inch, one 5/16-inch, one 3/8-inch, and one 1/2-inch pilot point drill bits.

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DEWALT DW1263 Cobalt Pilot Point 14-Piece Drill Bit Set 

In this set, bits come neatly packaged in a heavy-duty case that includes two 1/16-, two 3/32-, and two 1/8-inch commonly used bits, and one bit in 5/64,  7/64,  9/64,   5/32,  3/16,  7/32,  1/4 and 5/16-inch sizes suitable for a wide variety of applications.

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Wrapping Up

Thank you for reading along and staying so far with us. I hope that you've found my Dewalt DCD771C2 review helpful. If you need to know anything else about this drill, please comment below.

7 thoughts on “Dewalt Cordless Drill DCD771C2 Review 2019 [20V Max]”

  1. My friend suggested me to order a DeWalt drill and he picked the one that would work best for me(dcd771). The drill arrived timely and wrapped perfectly. He showed me how to use it. It was very easy to change the battery and the drill bits. He also told me that he really liked it and would probably get one to replace the old one he has. I’m happy because now I can fix my own projects with a reliable drill.

  2. This drill is very powerful for its size and more suited for the DIY crowd. The grip is excellent and the ease of changing drill bits is second to none. The only negative thing it has is the sudden loud noise at the end of every cycle. It actually rocks your hand (not severely) when you take your finger off the trigger. This does not take away from performance however, so it might not be a bother to others.

    • Dewalt is a well known brand. They always make quality tools.
      And this drill is one of their most famous drill. So, we’re sure that this drill will last longer.

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