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Dewalt DCK240C2 Review 2019: Is It Worth The Money?

Are you planning to purchase a cordless drill and an impact driver together?

Then three things will prove your choosing smartness, these are tools capability, torque, and velocity.

The Dewalt DCK240C2 20V Lithium Drill Driver/Impact Combo tool meets the above criteria.

Keep reading this Dewalt DCK240C2 review to know more about this tool!

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Dewalt DCK240C2 20V Combo Kit Video Review

To have a clear idea about the drill, watch this video review at first then continue reading.

Key Specs:

  • Cordless rechargeable tool.
  • Drill: Dewalt DCD771 ; Impact: Dewalt DCF885.
  • Two pieces of batteries included.
  • Two-speed settings, LED light.
  • 3 years limited warranty.
  • Total item weight 9.1 pounds.

Combo Set

Dewalt DCK240C2 is bundled with a DCD771 cordless drill and a DCF885 impact driver. It is one of the latest launched products of Dewalt, in the 20V cordless driver series.

A big advantage of this combo tool is that if you buy those drill and impact driver separately, it will cost more than the combo package. Long story short, this combo is a discounted version of that drill and compact driver.

This package includes:
• Dewalt DCF885 ¼ inch impact driver (weight 2.8lbs).
• Dewalt DCD771 cordless drill with high-performance motor & high transmission.
• Two 1.3 Ah rechargeable lithium-Ion battery packs.
• 20 Volt maximal Charger.
• Contractor bag.

Dewalt DCF885 20V Maximal Impact Driver

Key Features: Battery Powered,  Led light
Dewalt DCF885 20V Maximal Impact Driver
Dewalt DCK240C2 includes DCF885 impact driver. It has a lithium-ion battery. It’s so lightweight (only 2.8 lbs.) and flexible to carry.

It designed for using at toughest areas. The core unit sets up a one-handed loading system.

The hex throw measuring 1/4 inch is perfect with bit tips measuring 1 inch.

There is also three LED light on the side of the driver. It enhances the clarity of work in dark places. And finally the belt hook, it ensures the impact drivers safety.

Dewalt DCD771  20V Maximal Compact Drill

Key Features: Battery Powered, Changeable transmission speed, Led Light
Dewalt 20V Maximal Compact Drill
Another powerful tool of the combo set is the DCD771 compact drill. It’s a ½ inch drill with 16 clutch settings options.

It is also combined with a 20v Lithium-Ion battery and very powerful to work in the remote areas. It is also lightweight (3.6 pounds) and measures 8.7 inches.

There are also LED lights on its trigger for working in low light. There is a high-performance motor inside the drill. It transmits up to 300 unit watts of power and offers two transmissions of speed: 0-450rpm and 0-1500rpm. It is very much flexible, useful & convenience.

Features of Dewalt DCK240C2

Battery Performance

Dewalt DCK240C2 20V Lithium Drill Driver/Impact Combo Kit consists of two 1.3Ah lithium-ion batteries. These batteries are so powerful, lightweight, suitable and flexible to carry.

The charger only takes an hour to recharge the battery from the blank. So you don’t need to panic when the battery goes off.


Dewalt DCK240C2 combo is one of the latest Dewalt 20V series driver. It is less bulky than the previous model. It only weights 9 pounds in total. Dewalt DCF885 Impact Drivers weight is only 2.8 lbs and Dewalt DCD771 Drills weight is only 3.6 pound.

Speed and Ability

Dewalt DCK240C2 20V Lithium Drill+Impact Driver is one of the best products made by Dewalt. It is designed for use at the toughest places.

Dewalt DCK240C2 is much quicker and powerful than its previous version. There is a motor inside both components. Without any loading, it can drill 117 ft-lbs.

The DCD771 compact drill has two transmissions of speed: 0-450rpm and 0-1500rpm, at 1500rpm, the driver transmits 300 watts of power. You can control the power through the 16 clutch setting options around the neck.


Dewalt DCK240C2 combo is designed in beneficial ways. The impact DCF885 driver has a non-slip & thin hand grip to carry it with just one hand comfortably. There is also a belt hook on both sides of the handle.

On the other hand, the core component of this combo kit, DCD771 compact drill stands on the 1/2″ inch single sleeve ratcheting chuck. It ensures the strength of the grip and large handle provides convenience and eases the pain of the arm while drilling.

Pros & Cons of Dewalt DCK240C2 20V Drill+Impact Driver


  • This combo kit is multifunctional and useful for remote places.
  • Lightweight and compact design.
  • Two-speed option.
  • longer battery life
  • The builder bag makes it easy to carry the tools.
  • LED lights enhance the visual display and facilitate working in the dark environment.
  • Affordable price


  • The charger takes about an hour to fully charge (that’s not so fast).

About the Brand Dewalt

Dewalt has a tremendous reputation in the market. Dewalt is the trendy brand in the market of power tool industry. They have been doing business in this industry for 90 years. They have got a high reputation for producing durable and stable power tools. They offer their customers three months money back assurance; one year of cost-free service and three years limited warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Ques: Are the batteries that come with it better than the 18v lithium ion?
Ans: Yes! They are last longer and charge faster than those.

Ques: Can this drill use bits with a round base?
Ans: Yes.

Ques: Are these tools brushless?
Ans: Yes, these are brushless.

Ques: Can I use my 1/4 and 3/8 sockets with the impact driver?
Ans: Yes, you can.

Ques: Does it come with a warranty?
Ans: Yes, it does.

Ques: Does the drill come with a belt clip?
Ans: The Drill does not but the Driver does.

Ques: Does the drill have reverse?
Ans: Yes, it does.

Ques: Can the drill be used for drilling into concrete?
Ans: Many users have made successful drilling into concrete with this drill but it’s not ideal for drilling in concrete.

Ques: Can we use these tools for hard lines for cable or telephone?
Ans: Sure, these are very lightweight but powerful.

Final Verdict

In this Dewalt DCK240C2 review, I tried to explain every feature of this drill driver/impact combo kit based on my long research. This one is very comfortable to carry and control.

All in all, I can finally say that, though this kit is powerful, has a longer charging time. It is an excellent combo kit.

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Accessories for Drill and Impact Driver

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Suitable for drilling in wood and plastic.
No spin shanks.”] [aawp box=”B00E3AOBJO” description=”Imp Ready Load Holder
Easy to use, magnet secures fastener for wobble-free fastening
Rapid Loadable.
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Easy to use.
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Compatible with most drills.”]

Drill+Impact Driver Combo Kit Buying Guide

Construction work requires high price man force and gadgets. But after the industrial revolution machinery significantly reduces human effort and makes the tasks so easy.

There are some tools that could accomplish the tough challenge of detaching the screws to replace different structures and furnishings. And make the best use of kits which are present process wearing out procedure.

Drills and Impact driver tools are also used for various purposes. You must check the drill and impact drivers specification before buying.

Things You Must Check Before Buying

  • Battery: If you need to work at any place where the electric facility isn’t so good, then sometimes you may need a tool that runs on battery power. So, if you have this issue, you must check if the tools run on battery.
    Also, check the battery capabilities, how long it will run, how much it needs to be fully charged etc.
  • Cordless or not: Some people need cordless tools for their comfort and their working place condition. I always prefer a cordless one. If you need a cordless one, you must check it before buying.
  • Capabilities: Before buying a tool make sure it can deliver enough power you need. Everyone doesn’t need the same amount of power!
  • Warranty: Try to know if the products you are going to buy have any warranty. Also, check the warranty duration and conditions.

For newbies using a drill isn’t very easy and safe. You can read our guide on using a drill safely. This may help you to make the best use of your drill.

That’s the end of Dewalt DCK240C2 review, hope that you’ve liked it. If you need to know anything about Dewalt DCK240C2, please comment below to let me know.

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