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Differences Between ADA and Non-ADA Height Toilets

Differences Between ADA and Non-ADA Height ToiletsWhile there are different flushing toilets on the market today, you will want to understand the differences between the standard height and the Comfort Height or ADA toilet.

The standard height toilet is fourteen to fifteen inches from the floor to the rim of the toilet bowl. The Comfort Height which is also called the ADA, it’s height is from sixteen to 16.5 inches from the floor to the rim of the toilet bowl. You can learn more about these two toilet types from Relief In Bath.

There are also custom heights flushing toilet that hang on the wall and are made to accommodate the user, whether tall or short. There are also flushing toilets that offer the TOTO or dual flush system, with a choice between 0.9 gallons flushed or 1.6 gallons flushed, depending on what is needed.

The TOTO system or dual flush system is also considered the best system for custom flushes. The heights mentioned are without the toilet seat, which adds about one to two inches from the floor.

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Which One is Better

To determine which flushing system works best for you, it will depend on the size of your family members along with their heights. For the family members who are shorter than 5 feet 2 inches, it is recommended by experts to use the standard height toilet.

different toiletFor those taller in stature, the Comfort Height/ADA toilet is recommended. If your family needs a custom toilet, this can be purchased for hanging on the wall to accommodate each person in your family from the children to the adults.

When asked by experts which toilet is better, they tend to recommend the Comfort Height or ADA toilet. It is lead by the decision that for those with bad knees or unable to get around easily, after sitting on the toilet from a higher height, that the rise to the standup position is easier on the knees and body.

This is also great for the handicapped person who is having trouble with mobility issues of sitting on the toilet and raising up to transfer to a wheelchair. For the handicapped person who is much shorter or has short legs, the comfort height or ADA height toilet will not work well.

As the toilet seat will be too high when the shorter person needs to be transferred to a wheelchair. The standard height toilet works better for the shorter person, even when they are being transferred to their wheelchair.

For the person needing more of a toilet flush, the dual flush or TOTO system works well. Depending upon how much of a flush is needed between 0.9 gallons or the 1.6 gallons, the discretion is up to the user. Dual action flushing allows more powered flushing when needed and less as needed. This allows the consumer to use less energy while ultimately saving on the energy bill for the home.

What You Need to Consider Before Making Decision

Whether you are six feet three inches tall or four feet nine inches tall, you will need to understand your bathroom. Experts say that the bathroom and the kitchen are the most used rooms in the home. They also say that the toilet is the most used utility in the home. Choosing a toilet that is convenient and easy to use will be important for you. Making sure that your toilet flushes properly is also important.

standard toiletWhen you are unable to sit on your toilet, then enjoying your bathroom becomes much more of a chore. Those long hours of reading a magazine on the toilet become more frustrating than enjoyable.

The times where it will take you a little longer to maneuver around your toilet will also become a chore. Taking the time to choose the right height toilet and correct flushing system will depend on several factors.

These includes: length of time that your family is in the bathroom, the number of people in your family, the makeup of your family, if members in your family are handicapped and need wheelchair utilities, the budget for your family bathroom, the number of times that your family visits the bathroom toilet daily, the type of power that is needed for each flush and some other factors.


If your family enjoys sitting on the toilet while reading a magazine or book, then you will definitely want to make sure that they are comfortable. Enjoying your bathroom toilet becomes something special throughout the day. The height will determine the wear and tear on your body so it is important to make sure that the height of your toilet is correct for each member of your family.


If you are living alone in a small apartment or home, then you can probably purchase a toilet that does not need a lot of flushes daily. Depending upon your height, whether you are a tall or short person, you can make a determination if you will need the standard height toilet or the comfort height or otherwise known as the ADA height toilet.


One determining factor on what type of height toilet you will choose for your family is how many elderly, adults and children do you have in their makeup? If there is a wheelchair-bound person in your family, then having a handicapped-accessible bathroom is important.

If the bathroom is large enough, then you may be able to purchase a miniature child seat toilet for the small children in your family, until they grow to where they can use either the standard height toilet of the comfort height or ADA toilet.

For the elderly in your family, they may need the comfort height as elevating or standing up from the sitting position will be less stress on their body. For the wheelchair-bound person in your family, you will need to go by their height in determining which toilet seat height works best for them.


Determining what type of bathroom you will have certainly depends on your budget. Answer the following questions then rethink your answers and decide. Are you able to afford the comfort height or ADA toilet, which is going to be more expensive? Are you able to afford the custom toilet that can hang on the wall and be used comfortably by each member of the family? Can you afford the TOTO or dual flush system that gives you the comfort, in knowing that you have the right amount of water and the right power for each flush, for whatever is done on your bathroom toilet?


In addition to the amount of time that your family stays in the bathroom, the number of times that your bathroom is visited will also determine what is needed. If your bathroom is being flushed constantly, then this lets you know that your family is in the bathroom constantly.

Give them a seat that works for them, whether it is the standard height seat toilet or the comfort height or ADA height seat toilet. It may become apparent that you will need the custom seating that hangs on the wall and is able to be adjusted for the height of each family member.


If you are someone that is prone to doing mostly urinating and it is not a lot, then one flush of 0.9 gallons of water will do. However, if you do more in the bathroom then urinating on multiple occasions then the 1.6 gallons of water are needed. That is the power of the TOTO or dual flush toilet system that gives you the power to choose what is needed, at your discretion.

Wrapping Up

Whatever height you choose for your family bathroom, be sure and consult with an expert either online through blogs or websites or physically at a store that specializes in bathroom toilet sales. You will begin to feel the difference when your bathroom toilet height is comfortable for you and each of your family member’s bodies.

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