Everything You Need to Know About Tool Backpack Setup[+Special Tips]

tool backpack setup

When the term “backpack” comes into your mind, you may say that you don’t need one. Most of the people think that the backpack is only for students who go to school or college.

If you are a professional carpenter or electrician, you might think that there is no (tool)backpack needed for you.

Do you know that you are wrong?

If you don’t agree with me then keep reading to find out why. I’ve explained below why your thoughts about tool backpack are wrong!

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Some Interesting Stories

Once I was carrying a big backpack for my tools filled with equipment needed for my work. My colleagues were provoking me like this- “Are you going on vacation with that bag”? I haven’t replied to anything that time.

Later that day, one of them remembered that he forgot to bring a wrench he needed. He did not use a backpack at that time, so he could not carry a lot of tools. I had two in my bag and I lent one to him. The funny thing is that after giving him my wrench, the question he asked me was this -“Where can I buy a good tool backpack like yours”?

A good friend of mine is a great mountain climber. He was also not interested in carrying a tool backpack. I told him to carry one but he never listened. A few years ago we went climbing a mountain in New Zealand. When he was about to start climbing he noticed that he forgot to bring one of his ice picks. I had extra ice picks, so I gave that to him. He was pleased and asked me where to find a good backpack as well!

Why You Need a Tool Backpack?

Many professional mechanics, carpenter, electrician, and others need a lot of tools to use during their work. You can’t feel comfortable when carrying too many things in your hands. If you recall the incident above, we human beings cannot carry all the things we need at once.

Suppose you want to climb a ladder for some work. A tool backpack can distribute the weight of the things you will be carrying. If you use a tool backpack you will feel a lot more comfortable during climbing or work. If you do that, you won’t need to worry about forgetting to bring necessary things before going to work.

Who Needs a Tool Backpack?

Any carpenter, HVAC electrician, mechanics, mountain, roofer, painter, plumber, climbers or any other professionals who need to carry a lot of things during their work, need a tool backpack.

tool backpack setupThings to Keep in a Tool Backpack

Here is a short list of some common tools that you can keep in your tool backpack. But essential tools is not limited to only these. You may need many other tools according to your work.

  • Hammers
  • Knife
  • Chisel
  • Wrenches
  • Cordless drills
  • Impact driver
  • Hoses and cable wires
  • Screwdrivers
  • Basic mountain climbing tools etc.

Basic Setup of a Tool Backpack

After doing a long research, we have prepared this guide on Tool backpack setup for you. The basic method of how to set up a backpack for keeping your tools varies from profession to profession. Here are our suggestions on how to set up a tool backpack in the most efficient way.

  • HVAC Electrician

If you want to do some installation works, keep duct tools, hand tools for gas pipe and light electrical connections. For preventive maintenance keep necessary tools like gas furnaces and heat pumps. Finally, do not forget to keep basics tools if you are asked to go to a regular troubleshooting service call.

  • Car Mechanic

Keep a radiator hose, fix-a-flat, and fan belts in your backpack. If you are working in a junkyard, always carry a cordless impact of at least 3/8″.

  • Carpenter

Don’t forget to put your screwdrivers, pliers, nut drivers, spring-loaded clamps, electric tapes, a good set of picks and socket wrenches before going to work.

  • Mountain Climbers

Since this is the most dangerous than all other categories, make sure that you put all your necessary equipment such as ice axes, protection, ropes, harness and also crampons.

Tips on How to Load Your Backpack Properly

  • The internal part of the bag

Before buying a bag, check its pockets. Make sure that the pockets are able to hold not only your required tools but also water for drinking and also a lunchbox to keep your food. You need to eat and drink also, don’t you?

I have often used a knife to slice open the loops in a bag to make more space. You can do it but carefully.

  • Distribution of the weight

I try to spread the weight along the hip, waist, and straps of the chest. If you are not an avid mountain climber then you can avoid this tip. But still, remember to not to carry too many things on one side of the bag.

  • Fabric and water resistance

If your backpack can resist a maximum amount of water, the better it is. Also, the composition of the bag should be strong enough to hold a large amount of weight.


We hope you’ve got a clear idea of the proper method of tool backpack setup. You are now ready to start your work once you get everything packed into your tool backpack.

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