Herschel Pop Quiz Backpack Review – Worth Buying in 2019?

Nowadays numerous people are becoming travel enthusiasts, are you one of them?

If so, one of the most important things you should have is a good quality backpack that suits whatever specific purpose you have. But if possible, you should also have one that can serve various purposes.

Herschel Pop Quiz is that type of backpack. Keep reading this Herschel Pop Quiz Backpack review to know why.
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Key Features:

  • Made of 100% Polyester.
  • Padded and fleece-lined 15-inch laptop compartment.
  • Zipper closure, waterproof zipper detail.
  • 12+ color options.
  • 17.5 inch (H) x 11.75 inch (W) x 6 inch (D), 22L.


Features of Herschel Pop Quiz Multipurpose Backpack

This backpack comes with a simple design. It is made of 100% polyester and also comes with several compartments. It is small in size that makes it more comfortable during travel.


This backpack can be a good choice for you if you are a minimalist person. It looks like it comes with only one big compartment and a small front pocket.
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But if you look closer, you will see that it has four sections that’ll make it easier to organize stuff.

These sections include the main compartment which offers plenty of space for various things.

A front zippered pocket which is perfect for storing cards, keys, pens, and phones; zippered sunglasses pocket which can truly secure your eyewear; and the weather-proof zippered pocket which is perfect for storing electronic devices.
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As for the zips, you can find them under concealed zipper flaps. Meanwhile, there is one exposed zip on the front part.

While the backpack’s prints and colors change according to seasonal trends, its overall design is simple and timeless. This explains why it appeals to numerous users including men, women, kids, and teenagers.

Size and Shape

This backpack is tall, skinny, and large enough to fit a laptop, particularly up to 15-inch option. Such size and shape also suit simple activities on the beach or park. It can accommodate your picnic blanket or your beach towel.

You may also opt for the 15-inch option or the 13-inch size if you don’t need much space or if compromising is not a problem.

Other Features

Apart from the overall design, size, and shape that our Herschel Pop Quiz Backpack review has covered, there are other features that you should take note of.

First one is its padded shoulder straps. They are adjustable and can help you achieve the level of comfort that you want as well as a great fit. The straps make it easy for users to carry the backpack. Likewise, they are strong enough to secure the items it carries.

Another great feature of the backpack is its tough woven exterior. It has a strong material and high quality that apparently enable it to last long. Take note that its reinforced bottom comes with eco-friendly materials.

In the midst of this Herschel Pop Quiz Backpack review, you have already learned that simplicity and flexibility are what a product showcases. Its simple design makes it easy to use and allows it to fit anyone’s style; hence the flexibility.

If you are looking for a backpack that you can use on various occasions, this can surely count as one of your greatest options.

Upsides and Downsides

This backpack comes with the following good traits:

  • It is lightweight; therefore, it is comfortable to travel with.
  • It can hold a lot of things despite having a small size. Its main pocket is large enough to hold several things.
  • It is a strong and durable backpack; not to mention its capacity to withstand bad weather.
  • It is well-designed with its simple appearance catering to various user needs.
  • This backpack is aesthetically beautiful.
  • It comes in different colors that suit the different preferences of potential users.
  • It serves various purposes. Apart from being a perfect choice for travels, it also works well as a school bag particularly for high school and college users.
  • This backpack is of high quality.
  • It comes at a reasonable price.
  • Limited lifetime warranty.

And for the downsides, take note of the following:

  • While it claims to have a huge capacity, the space it provides is still limited especially when compared to other similar backpacks.
  • It does not have side pockets, which could be a great disadvantage for those who would like to bring water bottles.
  • While the hidden zips make the backpack look cleaner, it can also lead to more difficulty in closing and opening the bag.
  • All laptop bags can’t fit in this backpack, so you better be careful. Make sure it can accommodate your device if you are planning to use it as a laptop bag.

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What Users Say About Herschel Pop Quiz Backpack?

[su_note note_color=”#e0fec0″ text_color=”#2b2b2b”]Most of the user found this backpack very comfortable to wear. Some user said that this backpack seemed very sturdy and there was enough space to keep their stuff.

A user, Reid shared a story. One day he was caught outside during a storm(with his MacBook Pro inside his Herschel backpack). He was worried as hell. When he was back at home, he sprinted inside to check the damage. To his utter surprise, he found that everything was still perfectly dry! [/su_note]

[su_note note_color=”#fcedeb” text_color=”#2b2b2b”]Some user said that its zipper sometimes become stuck. Some other people said that this backpack was smaller than they expected.[/su_note]

Who Should Buy Herschel Pop Quiz Backpack?

As mentioned earlier in this Herschel Pop Quiz Backpack review, this backpack is best for users who love to travel.

This backpack may not be able to carry all your stuff but it is a great item to use during a walk or to store a few important things needed in beach and park activities.

Also, it suits the preferences of minimalists; thanks to its simple and timeless design.

Meanwhile, it suits students for it has the capacity to secure their school essentials including laptops. It could be a good buy for those who use public transport on a daily basis.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

herschel pop quiz backpack faq

Ques: Does this have laptop and water bottle pocket?
Ans: It has a padded laptop compartment but unfortunately it doesn’t have an extra water bottle pocket.

Ques: Is this a structured backpack? Can it protect my laptop?
Ans: Obviously! It’s a very sturdy backpack. You can keep bok and laptop at the same time.

Ques: Is this backpack machine washable?
Ans: It’s recommended that you wash this backpack by hand.

Ques: Is the bottom of this backpack made of leather or something else?
Ans: Its bottom is made of leather.

Ques: Will my 15-inch laptop fit in this backpack?
Ans: Definitely.

Ques: Does the backpack have a water bottle holder?
Ans: Unfortunately, there isn’t.

Ques: Is this backpack for only girls?
Ans: No, this is a unisex backpack that is suitable for both boys and girls.

Ques: Can I carry this backpack when traveling by plane?
Ans: Yes! They allow it.

Final Verdict: Should You Buy Herschel Supply Co Pop Quiz Backpack?

Is this backpack worth buying?

This one is a simple yet beautiful looking backpack plus made with high-quality materials.

Being comfortable yet durable is another fact that makes this backpack more appealing to a lot of users. It may have some disadvantages and limitations but it is still worth buying.
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On the other hand, depending on your personal needs and preferences, you can also consider other brands like Tumi that offer bigger and more spacious bags. Their backpacks are pricey though. But they really worth the money.

If you ever plan to buy a tool backpack, then you can check our tool backpack review.
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About the Brand Herschel

Today, if you stroll through the streets of top cities of worlds like New York, Washington DC, London or Sydney city, you will find one thing in common that is a dozen of passersby wearing Herschel brand merchandise. You have seen them around; worn by everyone from school students to sartorially superior gents in the US, Asia, and Europe.

Herschel is now a staple brand tough their history is not long. Herschel brand got a rare and rapid success because of its high quality, practicality mixed with the modern, creative, affordable and stylish design.
With countless modern styles, Herschel offers a broad range of backpacks, duffle bags, hats, luggage, travel luggage, and other accessories. Herschel sold a remarkable 8,000 backpacks in their first year. Herschel has become a globally recognized brand after 8 years by selling millions of backpack and other goods to an international audience. There are more than 5,000 stores available worldwide that sell Herschel’s merchandise. Fan of Herschel brand has bought over 15 million merchandise of color-blocked backpacks, wallets, and recently launched clothing.

Herschell seems like a brand that’s been around for a long time, but actually, it’s less than 10 years old. It was founded by two brothers Jamie and Lyndon Cormack, in 2009. Both brothers knew how the fashion world worked and they used to their advantage. A Canadian brand that’s seen massive growth since it’s conception. The Herschel Supply Co. was named after a small town in Canada.

As per, a brand is known for its image and its customer. Herschel brand is a great example of this.

How Herschel took Over The Backpack Market?

  • Unity in the quality of its goods with flagship designs.
  • They avoid tacky mass-marketing to keep the elusive factor.
  • To continue up-ing their exclusivity and elusiveness, they leverage on social media.
  • Consciously took partnerships that made sure to bring attention to their brand.
  • Working along with local brands to create goods for the local market.

How to Wash a Herschel Backpack

It is important to take care of your backpack if you want to get maximum usage. Herschel backpack is famous for its finest material, stylish, attractive look, durable build, and modern design.

But when the term is washing a backpack, the care instructions are the same for all of these backpacks. You need to wash your backpack every few months or when necessary to keep the backpack looks great.

  • Take a Mild Soap: The Herschel brand recommends mild soap for washing a backpack. They also recommend washing all bags, backpacks, and accessories by hand. Some people like homemade soap while some like organic soaps bought from their trusted stores. Dove soap and ivory soap are other examples.
  • Cleaning the Backpack Inside: It is very important to ensure that the inside of your backpack is clean. So, check your backpack inside before washing. Inspect the bottom of the backpack carefully and take out all of the accessories and things from the bag. You will usually find dust, crumbs or other debris in the bottom. You can use your hand to wipe it if there is not much debris. Then, turn the backpack inside out and shake it. You can use a light hand vacuum or a wet paper to remove if there is a lot of debris that sticks. You can not turn inside out the backpack if the backpack has smaller compartments. You can just use a wet paper towel to remove the debris as much as possible in that case. You can use a Q-tip to remove debris that builds up in the corners of your backpack.
  • Cleaning The Metal Parts: It’s very common that your backpack buckles and zippers will be attacked by dirt and other residues. You can use a non-abrasive rag with warm water or Q-tips to remove any dirt that may build up in some parts of your backpack.
  • Washing the Backpack: You can use a steady stream of moving water unless your backpack is very dirt and must be soaked. Next, Wet your backpack thoroughly with lukewarm water along with the soap bar. Now, run the mild soap gently across the backpack at circular speed. While the backpack is still inside out, firstly, wash the inside. After cleaning the inside, turn the backpacks right side out to wash the outer parts of the backpack. Rinse out the soap from the backpack entirely. You can rub the bag to see if suds form. Be careful, not to wring or twist the backpack. Finally, shake the backpack several times to let the water drip from it.
  • Hang the Backpack: Now, you have to hang the backpack to make it dry. Hang in a place where it’s easy to dry. The backpack can be hanged outside if there is no debris or dust blowing. You can also put your backpack in front of a fan. But put a towel below the bag to save the floor from dripping water. After some hours, turn the backpack around. After making sure that the side feels fully dry, then let the inside of the bag dry thoroughly. So, turn the backpack inside. The backside of the backpacks needs to keep under a fan for a longer time because the straps of the backpacks will take a longer time to dry. If the outside is drying well, turn the backpack inside out.
  • Lastly, Fix Any Tears: People often check there backpack and bags before washing, and it’s the time when they find any tears or rips if they exist. You have to fix them as soon as possible before they become very worse.

Backpacks of Herschel Brand will last for many years if it is used with proper care. Washing your backpack regularly and correctly is a good way to keep your backpack in good condition.

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  1. This is a lovely, stylish backpack. After having tried some turtle-esque backpacks for holding my 15″ laptop, I was very happy to find this one. It looks nice but is also comfortable and functional. The bag is great for holding a laptop, and a few other things (a book, water bottle, etc). Not good if you have a lot of textbooks.

  2. The color is darker than I thought, but the quality is good. The laptop sleeve is really nice and comfortable. The price was also good. Overall, I’m very satisfied with this bag.

  3. Better than I expected. Quality was as expected. Only wished that there were a little more compartments. However, I had a tough time placing my Mac Pro 15″ in the laptop compartment. Had to use a little force to get it in. Other than that, I love this.

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