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13 Hot Summer Kitchen Gadgets You Should Own

Hot summer kitchen gadgetsIs your kitchen ready for the hot weather of summer? If not, then make your kitchen ready with these 13 hot summer kitchen gadgets!

It’s almost summertime and that means it’s time for some iced coffee, frozen treats, smoothies, and grilling. Summertime is a unique season when it comes to food we eat at our house.

Whether you’re looking to make your job in the kitchen little easier, make fruit drinks for your guests, there are plenty of cool kitchen gadgets that will make your task more easier.

Let’s proceed to the core section of this article to discover more about it.

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13 Hot Summer Kitchen Gadgets

1. Citrus Juicer Machine

What can be more soothing and refreshing than ice cold glass of fresh lemon juice or squeezed OJ at summer? Nothing, right? So, Citrus juicer machines are the first and foremost item on our list. Also, having a juice are fresh juices made out of it helps to fight dehydration away from your family members.

2. Peeling Blade Peeler

Another important kit that helps in preparing some summer fondly foods is the peeler. You can beautify your cooking process with a branded peeler like Prepare. Usually, these peelers are also called tri-blade peeler as well. No matter whatever the name is, getting one right in your kitchen will help you a lot to be a better cook in summer.

3. Ice Cream Scoop Twister

Who doesn’t love to have a couple of scoops of his favorite ice cream in summer? In fact, starting to babies to seniors, everyone is a lover of that. A single scope of ice cream (purchased or prepared) can bring on some peaceful tasty feelings to sooth in summer. But how to prepare the ice cream scoop from the ice cream box? Well, that’s where the role of an ice cream scoop twister comes it. With a classic ice cream twister, you can enjoy classic staple right away. Just chose the kit based on the design and brand value.

4. S’More Maker

You have heard about S’More Maker is maybe a camp. Because this is a common tool used in camping or fire placing. But in summer, if you decide to use one, summer won’t feel like summer anymore. These kits are easy to use, made of metal great and helps in making steaks, grills in the over. With a standard S’More Maker, you can make six s’mores at a time.

 5. T-Fal Actifry

French fries is anyone’s favorite food. And in summer, it’s even better as a light but tasty fast food item. And in summer, the kit that will help you to make awesome French fries at home is T-Fal Actifry. If you’re health-conscious and multi cooker, a branded T-Fal Actifry would be your first choice in this case.

6. Premium Grade Zester

In summer, we are likely to have more citrus in the dishes more than any other time. So, having a Premium Zester in hand will be the wise decision for a smart homemaker. These kits are available in the market in various sizes, and with different patterns as well. So, you may need to be a little bit careful while choosing one for your kitchen.

7. Pineapple Corer

You can save your money on pineapples by purchasing whole ones and cutting them yourself. This pineapple corer makes the whole process very simple. The process is just slicing the top off the pineapple. Then insert the corer and press and rotate downward. This awesome pineapple corer removes the tough, fibrous core and slices the pineapple at the same time.

8. The VegiDrill 

This vegiDrill quickly cores vegetables, so they’re prepared to be stuffed. The drill is made of plastic and free of sharp metal blades. That’s why there is no risk of cutting yourself with this drill.

9. Nutribullet

This is an absolute must-have for cold drinks, and the 600w model of Nutribullet is ultra powerful. It makes you able to blend veggies and fruits into delicious smoothies that will not only keep you healthy but also chill the heat away. This gadget comes with one tall cup, two short cups and two different blades, as well as two re-sealable lids. With this gadget, you will be able to make icy drinks that will help keep the heat at bay. The super versatility and power of Nutribullet’s have made it a winner compared to the Magic Bullet.

10. Strawberry Huller

If you’re making strawberry shortcake, filled strawberries or any kind of recipe that uses a lot of strawberries, then a strawberry huller is a must-have gadget for you. It will make your work very quicker and easier.

11. Food Dehydrator

A  food dehydrator will enable you to make dried fruit for days. So, you don’t have to opt for potato chips and other processed snacks. You can pretty much dehydrate anything with this dehydrator.

12. Mr. Coffee 20-Ounce Frappe Maker

If you’re a fan of iced coffee drinks, then check out this awesome gadget. This gadget brews and blends drinks with the touch of a button. It enables you to create numerous varieties of blended ice coffee drinks very easily. The process is to Just add your favorite coffee and water to the top of the machine. After that,  add extra ingredients to the blending jar and press the frappe button. Now, you’re ready to go.

13. Hamburger Patty Maker

This is another great gadget to have in this summer. It helps you to make your own burger patties very easily.

Bottom Line

This is the list of 13 summer gadgets that can prepare your kitchen for the summer to the fullest. They are sure to make your summertime food preparation easier, quicker and enjoyable!

Happy Cooking! Our job is done here! Now, it’s your turn to collect these awesome summer kitchen gadgets. There are some other products, but we think these 13 gadgets can give you an initial grip. Just choose the size and design based on your preference for juicer portal.

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