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How to Check Blind Spot While Driving?

how to check blind spot while driving

Do you know about your blind spots while driving? Do you know how dangerous can it be to not know where your blind spots are while driving?

Hint: It’s damn right dangerous if you are driving and you don’t have any clue or what so ever about your blind spots.

Everybody drives some form of automotive vehicle nowadays. Whether it’s an expensive BMW 7 series or a little cheaper Hyundai scent, we all enjoy driving as it helps us get to our destination quicker and comfortably unlike running or walking.

But the thing is, driving requires you to be fully aware of your surroundings so that you and other drivers can stay safe on the road. After all, no one wants to jeopardize their safety by colliding with another speeding vehicle because of their reckless driving.

So, with that in our mind, today we are going to be talking about ‘Blind Spots‘ on your vehicles and basically explain how to check blind spot while driving.

Importance of Knowing Blind Spots

Knowing about your blind spots will not only help you but also help others who are going to be driving near or around you. No one wants to get sideswiped and be the culprit of an accident which could have been easily avoided if they had known about their blind spots.

While it may sound juvenile at first, do you really want to be in a blind spot of a large heavy vehicle that is carrying highly flammable petroleum goods while driving from your workplace to your home?

We all want to reach our homes without getting into an accident. And we know that there are always going to be risks when you are driving. But it doesn’t mean that we should totally ignore the rules set in place to keep us safe and away from dangers.

What Are Blind Spots?

In its simplicity, blind spots are those areas where you can’t see with the help of your peripheral vision and sideways or rearview mirrors.

Trust me, it’s life-threatening to not know how to check blind spot while driving. So, if you wish to see what really is happening back there then you have to physically turn your head and look over those blind spots as you can’t trust your peripheral vision or even your reliable mirrors in those situations.

Changing lanes can be very hard and dangerous at the same time if you’re totally unaware of your blind spots. You don’t want a car or a truck to hit you when you are trying to change the lane while driving 100 km per hour on the highway.

How to Check Blind Spot While Driving?

Anytime you are thinking about changing lanes, make sure to think about your blind spots. Use your turn signals to let other drivers know that you are about to change lanes so that they won’t speed up when you suddenly change your lane. Also, use your rearview and sideway mirrors to check if there are some cars behind/beside you or not.

Lastly, use your neck to do a quick shoulder check before finally moving on with your decision of changing lanes. You will know that it is all safe to change your lanes if you don’t see any vehicle approaching your car or driving beside you after doing all the things mentioned above.

However, drivers need to steadily hold their driving wheels every time they do a quick shoulder check as they might change the lanes unknowingly while turning their upper body to have a look at their blind spots.

Next, drivers also need to pay attention to small things like not having their back seat full of impervious objects that can block their view in the rear mirror. You have to personally check if your rear windows are clear from any sort of obstruction before even starting your engines. Because you really don’t want to create more blind spots for yourself.

In addition to that, drivers who are driving a vehicle full of passengers should ask for driver assistance from the passengers on the back if they have a clearer view of your blind spots.

And just a side note, asking for help from your passengers are not going to hurt your reputation as a good driver due to the fact that you are simply using your experience and good decision-making skills to keep you and your passengers safe on the road.

Blind Spot Detection System

At present, many car manufacturers are using advanced machinery and technological equipment to get rid of their car’s blind spot. Some have even installed cameras on every blind spot areas or some install adjustable blind spot mirrors for cars to ensure that drivers can see everything around their car while driving.

Plus, if you are actually driving a car that has these kinds of blind spot detection system then you won’t have to do a quick shoulder check every time you want to change the lanes.

Buying a car that has an audible alert system to inform its drivers about other speeding vehicles is a super cool feature to have in one’s car. However, these systems can malfunction and make mistakes. So, we highly suggest you check for yourself if a car is speeding up to you or not by turning your head around.

Mainly because of the fact that it’s amazing how fast speeding cars can appear right next to you when you are sure that there is nothing beside you. Some dash cam can work as a mirror for blind spots, you can try those too.


Blind spots are very infuriating and they can make you want to drive less. But if you are ready to take appropriate measures and follow all the safety precautions then you won’t have to worry too much. Make sure that you understand, you can’t trust anyone on the road because not everyone thinks about the safety of other drivers while driving.

So, use your own defensive driving skills and trust your own good decision-making abilities to keep yourself away and others safe from avoidable dangerous situations.

Got any questions regarding the blind spots of your vehicle? If so, feel free to contact us and we will happily answer them! Also, check our grease gun buying guide and car cover guide.

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