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How to Choose the Best Backpack [Ultimate Guide]

how to choose the best backpack

Your Backpack will be your best friend if you have taken the right backpack. Choosing the wrong one can turn your days into suffering.

Which Backpack is best for you?

There is no fixed model for everyone. It is different for a different person. You have to consider a lot of things when picking out a backpack. So, at first, you have to find out for what reasons you need a backpack and what features are must for you.

The backpack has different types such as traveling backpack, hiking backpack, Daypack etc. You have to choose one according to your purpose.

The wrong backpack means you’ve made a big mistake.

There are a lot of brands of the backpack and these brands produce backpacks suited for different purposes. There are kids backpack, school, hiking, cycling, camping, traveling backpack and other outdoor activities, etc.

In this article, you will find our guide to choosing the best backpack. We have stated the important key features you need to look forward to when choosing a backpack. After reading this post you will be able to make the best decision and avoid making mistakes.

We will also suggest you some of the leading backpack brands.how to choose the best backpack?how to choose the best backpack?how to choose the best backpack?how to choose the best backpack?

Backpack Buying Guide

choosing the best backpack

When you want to select the best backpack for you, you need to look out the three main areas. These are:

1. Backpack features.
2. Backpack capacity.
3. Backpack fit

Main Features to Look For When Choosing


Do you need compartments for laptop, for put pens, keys, mobile phone, water holders, or other small things? Yes, surely.

A good backpack will have multiple pockets for various needs. Take this backpack which has a lot of compartments.

Make sure that your backpack has one lockable compartment so that you can put your valuable things such as passport checkbooks, money, cards etc safely.

Water Resistant

Make sure that your backpack has at least semi-water resistant material so your goods don’t get wet.

Lockable Zippers

If you want extra security, then you need a backpack which has two zippers. It’s quite necessary things to consider for security. It will get you access to lock together the two zippers of the main compartment. TSA-friendly lock has a special benefit. When choosing a backpack with lockable zippers, give priority to buy a Backpack which has TSA-friendly locks.

Removable Daypack

Some backpacks have removal daypack which is perfect for day trips. It is a plus point.

Padded Hip Belt, Shoulder Straps and Chest Straps

Make sure that, your hip belt and shoulder straps are padded and adjustable. The padded hip belt is absolutely essential because you will feel most pressure in the hips. The padded hip belt should be adjustable. It will be uncomfortable if the straps are too big or small.

Padded shoulder straps are a lifesaver when too much weight pressed on your shoulders. The backpack should have two shoulder straps. Avoid these backpacks which have only one shoulder straps. It will cause you injuries. Padding should be very thick.

The chest strap is also beneficial for both men and women. chest strap doesn’t need to be padded. It provides extra support. These are the most important features to look.

Handle: If there is a handle at the top of your backpack or on a side of the backpacks, then it will be obviously an awesome edition. This handle will give you more comfort. You can pick your backpack easily by this handle.

Padded Back Frame

It is essential if you have back pain. It makes carrying your backpack more comfortable by distributing the weight. The back frame also creates a small space between your back and the bag and allows air to get inside. If you have back pain problem you can check this best pain relief oil review.

Rain Cover

The rain cover is an important addition. Rain cover protects your backpack from rain by keeping water off. So, find the backpacks which have rain covers.

Sleeping Bag Compartment

Sleeping bag compartment is a very useful feature for travelers. If you are so, then you need this feature. Also, this space contains other gear which wants to reach easily.


A lightweight backpack is best for use. You have to consider the weight of the load you want to carry with. Compare your load weight with your backpack.every backpack has a base weight.

How to Choose the Best Backpack

Additional Features for Considering


Some Backpack comes with reflector for additional protection against vehicles. It’s good to have a reflector in Backpack

Glasses Pocket

Many backpacks feature a pocket for sunglasses. This pocket made of soft fabric which will protect your glasses from being scratched.

space for technology: Nowadays, technology pocket for a backpack is essential. Laptop, the tablet is often used things recently. A padded pocket will protect your devices from harm.

Which Size is Perfect?

Size is the most important matter while choosing your backpack. The perfect size of your backpack depends on a number of factors. If you looking backpack for traveling, then you need one size of bag whether you need a different size of bags for hiking, biking etc.

Choosing the wrong size can cause you back pain. Every size is correct and every size is incorrect. It only depends on you, which makes you feel more comfortable. The backpack should be fit to your body otherwise you will face a problem carrying this bag.

You need to consider two main factors while picking a size. They are Torso length and capacity. You have to measure from shoulders to hips to find out the torso length. Capacity is generally calculated by liters. It’s very good to trial backpacks in a store.

We suggest those backpacks which ranges are 40 liters to 65 liters, It’s a perfect size for a general trip. But we prefer backpacks of 65-80 liters if you are traveling for a long time and involved in hard hiking in the cold season.

If the backpack size is very big and the weight is high then it will be uncomfortable to carry on.

How Much Should You Spend On a Backpack?

You want to buy a backpack. How much it cost? To get an idea you have to know the average backpack price first.

There are several things to consider when you are buying a backpack. Costly things are not always the best. You have to choose wisely because you will buy only one backpack.

$120USD-$250USD is the average range of backpack depending on the factors we stated above. Also, don’t forget to look out for sales and offers!

Which Brand will Be the Best?

There is a lot of backpack brand in the market. You will notice a huge difference between brands comparing their quality. Each brand has some strengths and weaknesses. You should take this into count while choosing a backpack. Truly to say, you will fall into great confusion while you are in the market for choosing one.

Osprey, Tumi, Herschel, Everki, The north face, JanSport are some of the top-rated backpacks in the market. You can choose one of these brands. You can also check our Herschel pop quiz backpack review or Tumi Backpack Review. You can read more about other backpack brands here.

How to Choose the Best Backpack for Kids

kids backpack

Choosing a Backpack is different for every person as their purpose is different. For example, we also wrote the best tool backpack review, and there are a lot more types of backpacks. You have to choose a Backpack for your kids correctly by considering some specific features. Follow these tips.

The first thing you need to see is the size. Choose the size which adjusts to your child’s body correctly. The too much Bigger size of a backpack can cause injuries. The backpack weight should be under 10 percent of the kid’s body.

Look for a backpack which comes with individualized compartments.it will be helpful for users. Too much or too less compartment are not really good.

Padded shoulder straps and the hip belt is a must for safe and comfortable use. The shoulder straps should be adjustable.

Final Verdict

After all, the most important thing to consider when choosing a backpack is comfort. pick that one which you like! It’s essential to look for the features and benefits that suit your needs perfectly.

If you ever plan to buy luggage. Then you can read our reviews of the best Tumi Luggage.

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