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How to Install a Light in a Garage

How to install a Light in a GarageAdequate garage lighting is essential and too much imperative for anybody who uses to work in the garage for any reason. Low light or no light in a garage makes it unsustainable to do the task with any accuracy at hand.

So, you need optimal lighting in your garage. So today in this writing you will learn how to install a light in your garage.

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Things You’ll Need-

1) A Tester.

2) A rubber handled screwdriver.

3) Some Rubber handled pliers.

4) Some drywall anchor bolts.

5) Plastic electrical pipes.

6) The best light amongst others.

7) Best fittings.

8) A drilling machine.

There are some variety of garage lights on the market, and it is suggested by experts to buy the best one that you can afford. It is also essential to check the reviews and opinions of other users. So you look up for articles about ‘Top Garage Light Reviews.’

And there is a saying “The better the root, the higher the result.” It means if your tree’s root is hard, healthy and without any disease then that tree will grow up fine and it will produce more fruits than any other.

So actually the saying is related to this one- “The better the fittings, The higher the number.” It means if your fittings of light are better, expensive and durable then it is going to serve you well. It will last long. There are lots of in the market. So try to bring out the best one.

So after bringing all the things you need in installing a light you need to head to set up all the things. But there are some warning regarding electrical works as it is electrical work.

install a Light in a Garage

Warnings before Starting –

  • Turn off the main power switch – You should turn off the electricity on your whole house on the power box until the setting up the light is complete.
  • Put a notice – Put a paper carrying a notice on the power box containing the text “Do not turn it on please.” It will help aware anyone. Because turning on the power may cause a severe hazard while you are setting up. So it is important.
  • Bring a tester – You need to bring a ‘Tester.’ It will help you detect if there is any electricity or not. It is a safety tool for screwing out something. Circuit testers are not so expensive, and anybody should have one while doing work regarding electricity.

So after maintaining all these warnings let’s head to the main steps.

How To Install A Light- Step By Step

Step 1 – Eliminating the old Fittings

When you are ready to start, the first step is to remove the old fittings, because old fittings may cause short circuits.

To remove the old fittings first unscrew the fitting from the ceiling then safely remove it. Then unhook the wiring of that old fitting and just remove it.

Step 2 – Plan to install new fittings

Now, this step is a bit important. In this stage, you will decide where the new fittings will be placed. Optimal placement is essential to get adequate lighting. So organize and mark where you will add your new fittings. Read this article to know how to organize your garage effectively.

Step 3 – Installing the new fittings

Now, you need drywall anchor bolts, and you need to use these to hold the garage lighting in the position. After deciding where you will place your new fitting you just extend the wiring from its old position to new.

To make it happen just to make it through the electrical plastic pipe to protect it. Use some proper connectors to make safe any joins. Ceramic connectors are okay to do its best job.

Step 4 – Drilling and start positioning

Once in the right position for the light fitting is to be attached, do drilling through the ceiling to run the wires through.

Now take an electrical plastic pipe, then take a proper measurement and then start bushing of the right size. Then run the wire through that plastic electrical pipe.

Now, you make marks on the ceiling to see where you need to screw your pipe into the right position by holding that electrical plastic pipe in your hand. Your drywall anchor bolts will find pillars for you.

Step 5 – Wire Attaching

This one is a vital step. Because if you make wrong wiring, you will not be able to get light on in your garage. So always attach wires when you are in the cold brain. Just always try to remember while doing this job green connects to green. It should be the grounding wire.

However, People and experts still say that using a tester is the safest tool, and safest to use. This small tool may save you or anyone of your love from a significant hazard. That’s why I have already mentioned bringing a tester.

Now saying about tester because, if you have any doubt about the wiring you have attached, or you have any doubt about the wiring colors then just ensure with an electrical connector and then check it with a tester.

Once you are done attaching wirings like black to black, green to green, white to white, blue to blue, then you can attach or add the new fitting to your garage’s ceiling.

Now you just check once again from top to bottom of all of your works.

Step 6 – Put the light into the fitting.

After finishing all the steps regarding attaching fittings check if all are done entirely. Then bring you light bulb/tube put it into the right place, I mean put it into the light holder/ new fitting. Put the cover on if there is any on the lighting.

Step 7 – Turn the switch on.

Now go to your central power box. Remove the notice which you have put on it. Then turn it on and observe is there any short circuit or something like that happens or not. If no then go to the garage and turn the light’s switch on and see how it looks.

Wrapping Up

Now project installing a light in a garage is done. So whenever you are installing a light don’t forget to maintain the warnings that have mentioned above.

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