How to Load a Grease Gun [Step by Step]


How to load refill a grease gunMechanics who work in a machine shop or a garage needs to use a grease gun to apply a thick and adhesive type lubricant onto mechanical moving parts of the machines.

It is a common method used for increasing the life of machinery and decreases the effects of abrasion. The lubricant used in the grease is easily available at any auto parts or hardware store. Usually, a thicker type of grease is used in such type of guns. To use a grease gun you must know how to load a grease gun.

Types of Grease Gun

There are four types of grease guns which are mostly used. One of the models is air powered while the other two models require a trigger mechanism and the other has no such mechanism. Air powered grease guns have a mechanism which is pneumatic and more commonly used in large industries and commercial facilities. But it is more unsafe to operate so an expert is needed to operate them.

The WW2 era M3 sub-machine gun also was nicknamed “Grease gun” because of its similarity in appearance to such a device. There are also grease guns which can operate by AC current and battery.

When it comes to the type of grip of the grease gun they are of two types, pistol and hand grip. The pistol grip has a trigger which is similar to a pistol whereas a hand grip produces pressure by hand-pumping. The lever-type grease gun is most commonly used. The psi rating of the hose and the grease gun should not mismatch because it is very hazardous.

How to Refill a Grease Gun

Many people who need to use the tool have faced the problem when it comes to the process of how to load a grease gun. The process itself is not very difficult to learn. But often it is seen that people make a lot of mess when trying to operate one.

The process of loading a grease gun for both cartridge loader and a reservoir style is different. It is highly recommended that an operator strictly abides by the instruction manual. The manual comes with the device to avoid any unnecessary injuries while using the grease gun.

how to load a grease gunCustomers who have just purchased the grease gun often have the tendency to mishandle the grease gun at first touch and pop out all the parts of the gun mistakenly if there is no instruction manual with the gun.

A cheaper model which has no brand value often have the problem of not coming with any instruction manuals. People are also confused about which end of the tube of the grease they should open, i.e the front or the back end.

The instruction manual which comes with a grease gun can sometimes be complicated for a person who wants to know the process of how to refill a grease gun. The process of how to refill the cartridge of a grease gun is also quite similar.

Cartridge models like traveler premium do not last long so brands like Valvoline is recommended instead. In such cases, it is often a good idea to watch YouTube videos to learn the process without too much hassle. The operator will require a pair of gloves which are disposable. And a new grease tube which will depend on the type of grease which will be used.

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Loading a Grease Gun: Step by Step

  • The cylinder needs to be unfastened once so that the plunger can be pulled back easily.
  • Pull the plunger back one time entirely and make sure that it is locked in its place.
  • Unscrew the top of the grease gun and discard the old grease cylinder by taking out manually with your hands in order to place the new one.
  • Take the new cylinder and remove the cap on top of it. Insert it from the open end of the cylinder.
  • The metal cover should be removed by lifting it up and peel it away.
  • Fasten the screw assembly back on the cylinder and fasten it tightly so that the screw does not fall off.
  • After pressing the middle tab of the plunger, push it back into the cylinder.
  • In the final step, fasten the cylinder very tightly so that the new cylinder does not fall off.

You can watch this video to be more clear:

 How to Load a Grease Gun Cartridge

The process of how to load a grease gun cartridge is not as difficult as it might seem to be. If the plunger of the grease gun is tighter than usual then the process mentioned above need to be modified a bit. The plunger needs to be twisted off if it cannot be pulled due to its tightness. There is no difference if the mechanism has a lever or not.

Once it is twisted off, the plunger can be pulled back easily and the cartridge is taken out to be refilled. Special care should be taken during this process. So that no grease comes off and hit the operator in the face. The rest of the process is very similar to the instructions mentioned.

Grease guns are very vulnerable to contaminants from the air. Metal silvers which are often flying around in the air can end up inside the grease cartridge and cause damage to the equipment where the grease is being used.

Also, refilling an old grease cartridge with more grease is not recommended to prevent damage to the gun. Loading a grease gun in bulk can be done if it is used a lot in a short time. In such cases, the grease needs to be heated a bit but not too much.

Final Words

From above it can be concluded that loading a grease gun is not a difficult task and it does not require any expert to do so. For lubrication purposes, training is required to avoid damage and spill to the machinery. If the proper instructions are not followed then the damage to the grease gun and the cartridge will be unavoidable.

A grease gun should not be operated if the operator is under medication or had alcohol. If the liquid in the grease gun hits the operators eye, immediately wash the eye with lots of water and seek medical attention as soon as possible.


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