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[DIY] How to Build a Folding Table (Your Step by Step Guide)

how to build a folding tableIt is not so easy to find a little bit more space for a table in your living room or the hallway whenever you need it. That’s why we wanted to create a massive guide on how to build a folding table for absolute newbies.

The drop-leaf table which is the most useful design of the 16th century is still very much useful for its efficiency. It consumes a quality space and fills the lacking of the counter-top.

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Whenever you want a surface area you can just lift the leaf. And if you want a neater and slimmer look you can easily drop it down. There are huge variations on these folding tables.

We can choose the simplest one with a fifth leg and a single leaf which the fifth leg can easily swing out to support the table. You can easily build it with a small table saw and some basic tools in a home workshop. And this table can be perfect for a foyer.

Making a folding table is a very easy and simple thing. These folding tables are very necessary for every house because they are easily portable and small in looking. If you have folding tables in your living place, it can be very much convenient for you.

Suppose if you have some guests in your home and you need to serve them food in front of them right then, these folding tables can be very much effective for you. Here we are adding some simple and easy steps in below about how you can easily build a folding table at home.

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Building a Folding Table: The Steps to Follow

Step 1: Gather Wood

Which you need to do first is to gather wood from anywhere according to your choice. The wood quality totally depends on your choice. It can be plywood or it can also be pallet wood. Collect the better one from according to your comfort.

Step 2: Making of The Leg And Aprons

If you are done by collecting wood then the first thing that you need to consider is making the legs and the aprons. For the top of the table first cut the groove, you need to make sure about how big table you want to make. Cut the length of the legs of your folding table according to the measurement of your table.

Step 3: Joining The Legs And Aprons

If you are done with your cutting, then now it is time to join the legs and the aprons of the table. The joining of the aprons and the legs are the most important part of your table making so that your table can stand up. You just need to drill the aprons and the legs with screws. After drilling test that the legs and aprons fit perfectly before following the next step.

Step 4: Making The Table Top:

After fixing the legs to the aprons you need to make the top of your table. The shape of your table top can be single, rectangular, oval or any type of shape according to your choice. But one thing which you have to make sure that whatever the shape of the top of your table is, the edge of the table must need to cut accurately and have to be smooth.

Step 5: Set The Tabletop

After making the table top, now it is the time to set it. As you cut the finished size of the top of the table, turn it upside down. Now attach the table top along with the aprons and the legs that you have all-ready prepared. For the best addition, drill all the required holes.

Step 6: Smoothing The Surface

The surface of your table must need to be smooth. You can use Wax for smoothing the surface or you can easily paint the surface of the table.

That’s it. I think now you can make a foldable table at home. There are thousands of DIY tutorials available on the internet which can easily help you in making your table.

Your Folding Table Buying Guide

It seems very easy to pick out a folding table. But actually, there are a lot of things to consider while buying a folding table. Here is a comprehensive list of factors that you should consider:

  • Table weight
  • Leg attachment method
  • Edge and corner construction
  • Reliability testing
  • Breadth of line
  • Cart Options
  • Duration and depth of warranty

Folding Table Styles

  • Card Table
  • General-use Table
  • Personal Table
  • Banquet Table
  • Folding Picnic Table
  • Ironing Board
  • Modesty Panels
  • Adjustable Height

Folding Table Top Materials

  • Plastic Table Tops
  • Melamine Table Tops
  • Laminate Table Tops
  • Wood Table Tops

Folding Table Top Cores

  • Particle Board Core
  • Plywood Core
  • Medium Density Fiberboard Core

Folding Table Frames and Legs

  • Pedestal Legs
  • Wishbone Legs
  • Roman Legs
  • Ladder Legs

Top Folding Table Brands

  • Lifetime
  • Cosco
  • Bolero
  • Gopak
  • Vogue

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