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How to Remove Wheel Locks of Your Car [With or Without Key]

How to Remove Wheel Locks of Your CarWheel locks, also known as locking lug nuts are a safety feature for extra security to your car’s wheel. When you buy a brand new car, the luxurious rims will not only attract your friends but also some aficionados.

You may think stealing the rims will not be that much easy. But you may not know that it will require a couple of minutes to take the wheels out. The thieves can simply take the wheels along with the tires out with a simple floor jack and lug nut wrench.

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To get rid of such incidents, what you can do is installing wheel locks. The wheel locks can only be removed with a specified key that comes with the locks. It can secure your car from the thieves and take away all your tensions.

However, the wheel locks can also bring problems for you. If you can’t find the keys in needy situations, it will be harder to remove the wheel locks.

Why Your Cars Need Wheel Locks?

Wheels are one of the most important parts of your cars. A better wheel will beautify your car as well as give your car better performance. But they are expensive too. Your car becomes more stunning when you put a new wheel in the car. That also makes your car the target of the thieves. As a result, if you leave the car in the parking lot they can steal the wheels.

The wheel lock also is known as locking lug nut; it is a unique tool to protect your car wheel from any kind of robbery. The locks are actually some specialized nuts which come with abnormally shaped nuts. You can replace them with the normal nuts of your car. They are only removable with a certain key. So, it becomes almost impossible to take away the wheels from the car.

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Two Ways of Removing Wheel Locks Of Car

If you have a car with integrated wheel locks then you need to know how to unlock the car. I will discuss how to remove the wheel locks easily in below:

 1. How to Remove Wheel Locks with a Key

This is the easiest way to remove the wheel lock without any kind of difficulties. Every wheel lock comes with a key and you must need the wheel lock key to unlock your car in this process. So, it is important to keep the keys in place to find it easily in the time of need. It will be better if you put it in the toolbox so that you will not need to remember the keys partially. You will also need a lug nut wrench for this process. Follow the below guide for removing the wheel lock with the key:

  • Park the car properly

At first, park your car on a flat surface so that the car will not move or roll away in the time of removing the wheel. Rolling or moving the car at the time of changing the wheel may damage your car along with causing physical injuries. Make sure that the car is properly parked and handbrake applied. If possible keep the wheel chocked too.

  • Setup the Key

It’s time to position the key by aligning with the wheel nuts. The lug nut must fit perfectly with the space in the wheel lock key. Now position the lug nut wrench on the key. After that, rotate the wrench in the anticlockwise direction with a considerable force. Remove the wrench after loosening the lock. Now keep turning the lock with your hand to pull it out totally.

You may find that using the power tool is a better way to remove the lock but it’s not. The power tool passes a huge energy to the lock and it can initially damage the lock. In the long run, the lock will be unusable.

2. How to Remove Wheel Locks Without a Key

This situation usually happens most of the time when someone buys a second-hand car with the locked wheel installed and the old owner forgets to provide the wheel keys.

Or, if you can’t find the wheel lock key nowhere then you have to find a different way to unlock the wheel. It will be a little bit hard to remove the lock without a key. Moreover, removing a wheel lock without a key can damage your car too, so be careful when following this.

You will need a lug nut wrench, a rubber mullet, a screwdriver, and most importantly a universal lock removal kit. You have to follow the below guide to unlock the wheel without a key:

  • Park the car properly

At first, park the car properly at a smooth space and make sure that the car will not be able to move easily from the place. Apply handbrake, and also wheel chock for ensuring safety. This process will require more energy than the previous method. So, you need to be extra careful about safety.

  • Position the Key

The universal wheel lock key comes with a variety of different tooth with the barrel. Position the universal key in the wheel lug nut. Now hit it with a rubber mullet to carve the key teeth in the lug nuts. Continue this process until the lug nuts fit perfectly into the tool.

  • Remove The Lock

Now use the lug nut wrench to loosen the wheel lock. Turn the wheel clock gently in the anticlockwise direction to do this. As soon as the wheel becomes loose, pull it up slowly using your hand.

The wheel will stick with the universal key tool as you pressured it to stand with the wheel. Use a screwdriver to separate them. As like as the first method, don’t use the power tool to remove the lock if you want to use the wheel lock again.

Wrapping Up

Removing the wheel locks may be hard sometimes but don’t forget that it is a great way to ensure the security of your beautiful car wheels. Hopefully, you can easily remove the wheel lock of your car with the above-mentioned methods. You can also check our grease gun review guide and checking blind spot guide.


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