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How to Use a Circular Saw Safely [With Pro Tip]

how to use a circular saw safely

The circular saw is probably one of the most impressive tools in a craftsman and carpenters toolkit. Circular saws are perfect for making clean, quick and precise cuts through a variety of materials.

You should introduce yourself to the design features of the saw model you’re using. Plus, wear hand gloves and eye protection to keep yourself protected while sawing.

You must have had an accident because you became careless when using a circular saw. I can say for certain that you are looking for a guide on how to use a circular saw safely.

I have to mention that you are not the first person to make that mistake and not the last. Most untrained carpenters hesitate on using a Circular saw and I am sure that you must have also at some point. I am sure that you are in favor of using drills or jigsaws more than the circular saw.

Many statistics have shown that most horrible injuries occur when using the circular saw than any other power tools. You might be surprised to know that the circular saw is one of the most dangerous tools out there.

Do you know that more than 90% people who use a circular saw were never taught how to use one safely and effectively?

You might be surprised to learn the fact that novice, as well as veteran carpenters, have the same problem as you. It is not very difficult to use a circular saw. Sometimes carpenters need a refresher course to get to learn the basic rules and regulations on how to use one. I hope that this is why you are visiting this blog or you want to learn my secrets on how to cut wood with a circular saw!

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The Basics of Using a Circular Saw

  • The first rule of “Carpentry 101” you should know is to buy a circular saw which has a good blade and quality.
  • If you ask it is because a good quality blade stays sharp for a long time.
  • Do not forget to wear your protection glasses. It can protect you from becoming blind, believe me!
  • Always use both the handles of the saw. It can help you to cut long lengths of wood.
  • You should not forget to a dust mask or respirator if your area of work generates toxic dust.
  • Do not make the mistake of using the saw near water.
  • You can use your hand as a saw guide but be very careful. Many carpenters I know have made the mistake of accidentally cutting their fingers because they were careless for a few seconds.

I want to share some tips I use myself with you on how to use a circular saw properly. The methods I will teach you are known to very few people.

  • Be very careful with the Blade guard. It often got caught during cutting when I was cutting thin wooden materials. I used my own hands to pick up the guard and lift the handle. The saw moved forward.
  • You need to find the correct position of the saw. I try to place the motor’s direction near the bigger section of the board which does not fall off when I am using the saw.
  • Gravity can be your best friend for making long and straight cuts. Just start from the top and come down gradually!
  • This is my personal favorite. When I want to cut 4 or 5 pieces of wood at a time, I pile them up on top of one another and align the pieces accurately. I adjust the saw to the highest depth and cut all the wood at the same time.
  • I have seen many carpenters who forget to inspect the saw before using. You may have also done the same.
  • Remember that the lower blade guard must always go back to its original place and also go out after release.
  • If you experience a kickback due to using the Circular saw for the first time, try to maintain your balance and be wary of accidents. I have had it once since I lost balance!
  • Finally, you must never keep your eyes off while cutting, people have lost their fingers due to the mistake.

Tips on How to Cut Straight with Circular Saw

How to use a circular saw safely

If you have managed to come to this far, congratulations!  You have mastered the basics by now. I forgot to tell you earlier that a Circular saw cuts straight lines most of the time. If you thought that it can normally cut circular shapes in a wooden object then you are mistaken. Now, few tips on cutting straight:

  • First, you must arrange the depth of the cut and put the blade exactly 0.25 inches underneath the lower edge of the board which is to be cut.
  • Place a mark with a pencil on the back of the wooden piece which you want to cut.
  • Do not forget to align the line which you will cut and the guide used for cutting.
  • If you want to cut from a certain angle, readjust the depth and also rearrange the sole to the required pitch.
  • You should be careful when using the saw. Not too much pressure and pay attention to the sound the saw makes.
  • If your task requires you to make a hole with a straight edge, be careful with the depth. Pay close attention to it so that the saw does not cut beyond 0.25 inches of the thickness of the wood.
  • I hope that I am not repeating this over and over again but you should never forget to put on safety equipment like gloves and goggles.

Do you know that you do not need to use a table as a guide when using a circular saw!  Yes, you heard me right. At the construction sites, the workers do not use any guides. If you still need a table saw for other purposes then you may check this cabinet table saw review.

Let Me Tell You How You Can Do it Like a Pro!

  • You should take the measurement of the part you want to cut properly.
  • Do not make the mistake of making too many big movements while cutting. The saw can jump towards you.
  • If you notice that the chalk is not making proper use of my idea, mark it by a speed square.
  • You might notice that the cut may not be 100% accurate if you do not use a table. Practice more if you want to master the technique!

I hope you’ve found my article very helpful. Please share this article if you’ve liked it. Thanks.

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  1. Is it really true that if you buy tools made by reputable manufacturers it will really last for years? Because I bought a Makita circular saw from HorniBrooks and it’s been 3 years, but don’t know how long it will last. Anyhow, thanks for this! Clear and good!

    • Reputable manufacturers are reputable because of their quality products. So, it’s likely that most of the time their products will be great and last longer. But there are obviously some exceptions. All model’s aren’t good, it’s normal that some model will have flaws.
      Can you tell us which model you bought?

      Anyway, we’re glad that you liked our guide.

  2. Great post! Don’t forget that a well-maintained saw is safer to use, and it will ensure the saw continues being used for longer.

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