How to Use / Operate a Grease Gun [Step by Step]


We need to lubricate machines to ensure smooth use and also to maximize equipment life. From manufacturing to wind energy applications, grease guns are one of the most popular ways to achieve proper lubrication.

A grease gun can be considered a useful tool for the home mechanic because vehicle parts often need to be greased to reduce friction and improve the life of parts. A grease gun can inject grease into those areas that are hard to reach. Using a grease gun can be easy when you have taken it aside and loaded it with grease. By simply doing this, you instantly see how the grease gun works and you are prepared to use it without following further instructions.

using grease gunThe use of grease guns is common but these tools should have care and really should be used in accordance with the grease gun manufacturer’s safety instructions to avoid injury. You must know how to use a grease gun properly.


Here’re two methods about how to use a grease gun:

Method 1

Step 1- Remove the head of the grease gun from its barrel.
Step 2- Pull back the rod handle.
Step 3- Lock the guns rod handle.
Step 4- Open the grease gun cartridge.
Step 5- Insert the new grease cartridge into the barrel of the grease gun.
Step 6- Note the pull tag on the end of the new cartridge.
Step 7- Make sure that cartridge is pushed in enough. So that the rim can be in contact with the rim of the grease gun.
Step 8- Reinstall the grease gun barrel to the end cap but keep it loose.
Step 9- Release the gun rod handle by turning it out from the retaining groove in the end cap.
Step 10- Depress the rod handle, this will force grease into the head of the grease gun and force the air out.
Step 11- Pump some grease through the nozzle and wipe it clean before attaching the nozzle to the grease gun.
Step 12- Tighten the cap and push down on the air bleeder to bring out the rest of the air.
Step 13- Put the gun coupler at the end of the extension hose on the area to be greased.
Step 14- Now pump the lever handle enough times for grease to start flowing.

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Method 2

Step 1- Take away the head from the barrel as above.
Step 2- Load enough amount of grease in the head and back strongly.
Step 3- Put the barrel of the gun over the tub of grease.
Step 4- Insert the gun barrel down about 2 inches into the grease.
Step 5- Push down on the gun barrel while pulling up the rod handle.
Step 6- Lock the rod handle when it is completely extended.
Step 7- Move the gun barrel from side to side to slice off the extra grease when the barrel is full.
Step 8- Clean off all the parts with stiff paper, paper towel or rag.
Step 9- Attach the grease gun barrel to the remaining unit.
Step 10- Unlock the gun rod handle.
Step 11- Pump the gun handle to begin the flow of grease.
Step 12- Put the gun coupler at the end of the extension hose straightly on the area to be greased.

Caution!! You must ensure your personal safety and workshop safety before using a grease gun.


Workshop Safety

Regardless any kind of grease gun you choose, it is important to keep your work area clean and well lit. Messy and dark areas occur accidents of many kinds. Oil or grease spills on floors can cause a serious fall and increase fire risks. Wipe up lubricant spills immediately or use absorbent drying pads or lentigo. Sources from where lubricant leaks should be repaired to maintain a secure environment.

If you are using a power tool, make sure that it’s nearby area is free of flammable liquids, gases or dust, which might be ignited if the tool creates a spark. In addition, power tools should not be exposed to rain or wet conditions, and care should be taken to prevent cord damage because this can increase the chance of electric shock.

While operating your grease gun, decrease distractions such as bystanders, because they may divert your attention from the task you’re doing. Never play around with or use a grease gun for practical comedies.

Personal Safety

It is recommended that you wear personal protective equipment including safety glasses, gloves and non-skid shoes or boots to help prevent injuries. Refrain from wearing jewelry or loose or ripped clothes that could become caught in moving parts.

Stay alert while you use a grease gun. You should never operate any tool if you are exhausted or impaired by alcohol or medication, because a few seconds of inattention may lead to serious personal injury.

By simply utilizing sound procedures, training and appropriate tool use and care, you can maximize potential bottom-line benefits received from proper grease gun lubrication techniques while maintaining all workers safety.

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