How to Wear a Tool Belt with Suspenders [Ultimate Guide]

How to Wear a Tool Belt with Suspenders

Imagine you have just bought a brand new tool belt but it is so heavy that it is bringing your pants down every time. It must be an embarrassing moment for you if that happens during work.

The first option which might come to your head is to wear a tool belt with suspenders belt but it causes pain in your butt. This is a very common problem for farmers, electricians who need to use a tool belt to carry vital stuff around.

The solution often lies in properly adjusting the suspender and distributes the weight of the tools and fasteners for more comfort. For that, you need to know how to wear a tool belt with suspenders perfectly.

Why You Need to Wear Tool Belt with Suspenders

Many years ago, I met an old farmer in Connecticut who came to me with the same problem. He did not know how to wear the tool belt with suspenders properly and ended up with a compressed disk and a lot of back pain at his back. After visiting a doctor, he was told that the weight of the suspenders was the culprit. It took him several weeks of therapy to recover from his back pain.

If you can set up a tool belt properly then it will help you to do your work much easily and comfortably.

Selecting the Right Tool Belt

The choice of selecting the right tool belt is often tricky because all are not equal when it comes to design and performance. The best way to decide is to buy one which can carry all the tools you will need for work and also how comfortable you feel after wearing it.

Nowadays nylon-made tool belts are more preferred than leather-made ones due to their lightweight. Many forget to repair them after using for a long time and they become unusable after some time.

Tool Belt Essentials

Tool belts are of different types. It depends on your profession and your requirements. You can even design your own tool belts to fit your requirements. Some of them have bags attached to them, i.e suspenders and others are customized.

A tool belt can be used to keep essential items like fasteners, tape measures, utility knives, screwdrivers, electric tapes, and also safety gear like gloves, hearing protection etc. For non-professional use, it is preferable to use nylon which has a quick-release function with it.

I have also used it often and have found it easy to operate since it needs to be adjusted only once and I can snap it before starting my work. Since the person who does woodworking works need to use a lot of nails so I often use two bags attached to my tool belt.

Even though I designed my own bag to be used with the tool belt but it is often a good idea to visit a shop to look for better options. Many workers I know, wear a tool belt with suspenders because they need to carry more equipment with them and suspenders distribute the weight properly.

Set Up The Tool Belt

how to wear a tool belt with suspendersMaybe you are confused on how to set up a tool belt, the solution is not complicated as might seem.

If I needed to wear a tool belt with suspenders for my work, I would use a CLC tool belt which can be used by carpenters, electricians and many others. The trick is to buy one with a lot of pockets.

For right-handed people like me, the setup is done near the right hand. You should put fewer things on your secondary side, i.e the hand which you do not frequently. If your task requires you to bend over frequently then you should switch the pockets to your back.

I have to climb the ladder often to fix the wooden window frames. In those situations, I carry the necessary tools in my belt.

As a final precaution, I use suspenders to distribute the weight and use tool pouches which could be rigged with or without harness-type suspenders. If these instructions are followed then you can avoid many injuries before they occur.

Wearing a Tool Belt with Suspender

  • At first, fasten it at the back of the trouser,  put it on and skip the belt.
  • Secondly, cross the suspender on the back and bring them down to your chest.
  • In the final stage, attach them at the front of the trousers.

Use of Tool Belt

Tool belts can also be used by farmers and florists. I remember a few years ago there was a wedding of one of my friends and there was a huge requirement for flowers. Since my friend’s wedding took place in the village, where he lived there was a huge supply of flowers near her home. In that occasion, we had to hire a farmer-florist who lived in the village.

I saw him wearing a leather tool belt and because of it, no tools were misplaced during his work. He also used a suspender to adjust the weight. At the end of the ceremony, some people were so impressed by it that they wore the belt with suspenders and took selfies with him!


If you are an electrician then buy a tool belt with suspenders. Capacity and comfort matter the most for an electrician. You need quick access to your tools during your work and large tool belts can help you in this regard.

The Custom LeatherCraft 1608 comes with padded suspenders and it will reduce the stress on your hips. It is great for your back. If you are worried about things falling off it, it also has a zipper to lock the tools in their place.

If this model does not suit you then you can use the Milwaukee 48-22-8110 Electrical tool belt, which comes with features like warranty, suspender-ready clips and also integrated carry handles. The nylon in the belt will greatly reduce your moisture retention from sweat during summer time. If you have pain in your hip, the padded belt in the tool can give you comfort.


Finally, a belt made in the U.S is the best option for you, since they usually last longer and comes with a warranty. You will get the best product and your money is worth it. Do not trust those Chinese made tool-belts!

I hope you’ve found our guide helpful. If you need to know anything else you can comment below, I’ll try my best to reply you as soon as possible.


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