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eMotorWerks JuiceBox Pro 40 EV Charger Review 2019

Are you looking for a quality electric car charger that can charge your car fast and won’t get spoiled after using a few times?

If the answer is yes then JuiceBox  Pro 40 is the best option for you.

This smart level 2 UL certified EV charger can charge electric vehicles 7X faster than most others out there. It works with almost all of the electric vehicles. Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant. It’s a bestseller EV charger and one of the most famous product ever made by eMotorWerks.

Now, let’s dive deep into the main part of this JuiceBox Pro 40 review to find out more about this EV charger.

JuiceBox Pro 40 Video  Review

If an image is worth a thousand words then a video is worth…… You know!

To get a real idea about this EV charger, first, watch this video then read the detailed review below.

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JuiceBox Pro 40 Review

JuiceBox Pro 40, manufactured by eMotorWerks supports high-speed charging (maximum 9.6 Kilowatts). It is certified by UL.

It assures that it is safe to use inside or outside of the home. It comes with a smart grid, Wi-Fi connectivity, and advanced controls system features.

Key Features:

  • Voice control via Amazon Alexa & Google Home
  • Durable, Waterproof, and Fireproof metal case
  • Charging Cable: 24 feet long, NEMA 14-50 plug
  • Certified By UL
  • LED indication for power, connectivity and charging status
  • Full JuiceNet app and web-based charging control system
  • High charging speed, 40A | 10 kW
  • Voltage: 240 volts
  • Portable, Weight: 20 pound

A high range of electric vehicles like BMW i3, Chevrolet Volt or Tesla Model 3 and many more EV models are compatible with this charger for its long-range charging ability.

You can use it as your home charging set-up. In case if you don’t own an electronic vehicle yet, I hope you will get one very soon. The pricing is very competitive and contains specific guidelines on how to use it.

Easily Assessable

This charger is very easy to assess. It supports any kind of power supply source. It is ready to plug into any outlet that supports 240 voltages & 40 amp power (NEMA 14-50). They provide the adapter for free with this EV charger.

It fits for almost all kinds of electronic vehicles on the street. It’s perfect for those EV owners who have their own house or garage. They can fast-charge their cars and with safety control from electric demand protection.

Faster Charging

This 70A version charger station uses 240 voltage & 40 amp power. This is a level 2 category charger station that provides a 10X faster charge than other models out there. It is powerful enough to charge even demanding vehicles from Tesla.

Those who own multiple electric vehicles can install two JuiceBoxes to share just one electrical line and configure them in such a way that they never exceed 80A of a combined draw.

But when any one of them is not used, the other one is allowed to charge at the maximum rate of 70A. It naturally accustoms with your vehicle and provides as much power as it demands.


nema 14-50
NEMA 14-50 Outlet

JuiceBox Pro 40 is very portable and smaller in size comparing to most of the EV chargers.

JuiceBox EV Charger can be plugged into standard outlets and don’t require hard-wired installations. It only requires NEMA 14-50 outlets and nothing else. It is fantastically transportable and really cost-effective.

The mounting bracket provided with this EV charger allows users to remove the charger within a few seconds and move it to another location. It’s also ideal for apartment and home EV drivers that surely avoid outside electric demand/rates.

It can be used as both indoor or outdoor charger or it can be used as a travel vehicle charger.


It is the most powerful electronic charger on the market which is categorized in Level 2. Its onboard charger capacity is 10 kilowatts that are enough for recharging high-speed cars like Tesla X, Mercedes B- class electric car, etc.

Advanced Control System

It’s quite hard to find a smarter charger than JuiceBox Pro 40.

It has a complete software Juicenet and web-based control system with this product that provides real-time charging, current measurement, and voltage monitoring facilities.

JuiceBox Pro 40 Smart Features
Image: The interface of the Juicenet app.

You can check the history of your data charging from your smartphone. There is also an option for voice control system. This technology is newly added.

You can control, monitor or manage your charging system through voice command of Google Home or Amazon Echo/Alexa.

With Wi-Fi connectivity, persistent storage of energy data, a dedicated smartphone application that supports notifications, exact voltage and current measurements, and other features. JuiceBox is definitely one of the smartest EV chargers ever made.


This product is certified by UL. UL provides the safety rating for electronic charger stations. So, JuiceBox Pro 40 is obviously a very safe one to use.

Small Footprint

Because the JuiceBox EV Charger is such a simple device, it’s likewise the smallest EVSE of its class available on the market. Measuring only 10″ x 6″ x 3.5″ and weighing approximately 18 pounds which is so convenient to shift from one place to another.

Heavy-Duty Cable

Though EVSE charging cables have to carry heavy loads, they generally don’t really feel adequately rugged.

Definitely, it’s not the main case with the JuiceBox. The cable is durable, heavy but not too heavy. The cable is approximately 24 feet long which is so sturdy, long-lasting & heavy. It is enough powerful to carry mass loads.

Rugged Design

This Juicebox Charger is fully waterproof and fireproof. eMotorWerks practically proved this by submerging their 60A / 15kW Open Source JuiceBox EVSE under 12 gallons of water and ice for 5 minutes in their EVSE Ice Bucket Test.

The charging system is unique can be used with any power source. It is capable of withstanding even complete submersion for several minutes.

You can plug it into RV-type, regular wall outlet with adapters or dryer. After installing a 14-50R outlet you can plug in your Juice Box pro 40. It has the smart circuit load balancing capacity that never exceeds the limit of your electrical supply circuit.

Manufacturers Warranty

When you buy this charger, you’ll get a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty for home usage that covers just about all the problems that you could experience. (Note: Warranty period may change anytime)

Pros & Cons of Juicebox Pro 40


Fireproof and waterproof metal case.
Fastest charging system and heavy-duty cable.
Higher amperage than other competing models.
Web and smartphone access for smart charging.
Very durable & portable EVSE with advance Wi-Fi control.
Access to utility demand response programs in California.
24 feet long sturdy cable.


Installation can be a little hard for some people.
Less sleek design.

What Users Say About JuiceBox Pro 40

A user said that this charger charges his MB B250e car at it maximum 10 kWh rate so, it’s fully charged in about 3 hours from empty. The dashboard for the browser seems very informative to him and sends useful notifications from time to time. He also said that EMW’s customer service was great. He faced a problem and EMW solved the problem within 2 days!

Another user said that this charger is sturdy, reliable, full-featured, and excellent customer service.

A user Jeff said it was very easy to install, just plug it in and go. Web and android setup couldn’t be much easier for him. He loves the faster charging time on his Volt.

Some user said they don’t like the fact that this charger has lack of indicator lights. Because it was hard for them to know what is happening to it without using the app.

Some found the app for this device is sorely lacking. Some other people found it hard to connect the charger to their smartphone app. It took a few tries to get Wi-Fi working for them.

About the Brand eMotorWerks

Electric Motor Werks is a privately held company situated in California and led by a group of people from Tesla, Google, Princeton, Stanford, BMW, and McKinsey.
[Update: eMotorWerks is now acquired by Enel. Thanks to Daniel Feldman for the heads up in the comment section]

This talented group was able to produce highly advanced charged packed with many high-end features, including sub-3-second control response latency, programmable AGC-style local response profiles, exact charging rate control, and advanced mobile/web user interface.

The company goes the additional mile to minimize their operating expense and manufacturing expense while meeting some of the strictest quality standards in the industry, in order to maximize their return on investment and provide end customers with fantastic value and quality items.

Unlike some other EVSE manufacturers who are fairly limited in the scope of their industry involvement, Electric Motor Werks plans to deploy over ten thousand stations this year, including those associated with a leadership role in the California Public Utilities Commission submetering pilot. The company is partnering with a number of big players in the energy industry to maximize the utility of its network.

Frequently Asked Questions

juicebox pro 40 faq

Ques: Does it work without wifi when plugged in?
Ans: Yes! It works.

Ques: Does it have an iPhone and Android app?
Ans: Yes, it has an app for both iOS and Android.

Ques: Can I mount it outside?
Ans: Yes, It’s a portable charging station. You can move the charger instantly.

Ques: Does this work with Mercedes B class or Tesla or BMW?
Ans: Yes, it works with all of them.

Ques: Can this charging station adjust input amperage? How?
Ans: Obviously.  You can do that via the mobile app or web app for this Pro unit.

Ques: What electric vehicle models are this unit compatible with?
Ans: JuiceBox Pro 40 utilizes a standard J1772 charging protocol adopted by all EV manufacturers. That’s why JuiceBox works well with all production EVs.

Ques: What is the diameter of the J1772 cable of this charger?
Ans: 1 inch

Ques: Is JuiceBox Pro 40 safety certified?
Ans: Yes, JuiceBox Pro 40 is UL listed, with cUL for Canada.

Final Verdict

I tried to cover everything about this EV charger in this JuiceBox Pro 40 Review. This one surely outranks other EV chargers in terms of features at its price range.

The fact that it can charge vehicle faster, is extremely durable and certified by UL makes it worth giving a try. You won’t be disappointed.

EV Charger Buying Guide & Tips

ev charger

Things You Need to Know Before You Buy

An EV charger/ charging station is essential if you drive that type of vehicle. A lot of people charge their EV at work, while most EV owners purchase charging stations.

There are various types and models of EVSEs available in the market, which may fall you in big confusion to choose the best one. In this point, we will explain some factors you should think about while you’re buying a charging station such as size, charging speed, installation, cost, etc. We hope this buyer’s guide will help you to make the best choice.

  • EV Charger Levels

There are three levels of EV chargers that correspond to different rates of electricity delivered to your EV.

Electric cars that come with a charger cord rated at 120 is level 1. It can be used either at home or if you’re away. Level 1 chargers take a very long time to charge and many of them may not even provide a full charge if left overnight.

Most EV buyers prefer level 2 charging stations which is rated at 240 volts. They are the most practical for most EV owners as they are faster, more powerful and have other user-friendly features.

Dc fast chargers provide the quickest charge. But they are expensive and not widely available yet.

  • Charging Time

Level 1 chargers can take 12 hours to charge a car. But you can get a full charge in just 4 hours by level 2 charger. DC charger offers the rapid speed. This rapid charger can charge up to 150 miles of range in 1 hour.

  • Installation Location

Many people install their charging stations in their garages.  Some people need to install the charging station in a less protected area. So, when you’re buying one, consider its durability while exposed to wind, water, and sun. Look for a charger that is like the JuiceBox Pro.

JuiceBox Pro is both UL and NEMA 4 rated. It features a durable case that is both waterproof and fireproof. Look for the right location for installing your charging station.

  • Connectivity

In this age of smartphones, you might feel compelled to buy a Wi-Fi-enabled EVSE. The juice box Pro is enabled to work on WiFi network. This smart feature allows you to easily access all of the functions and details of your device from smartphone, tablet or computer.

You can control everything including stopping or initiating charging, charging schedules and view charging history.

  • Size

There is a verity in sizes of EVSEs. Some are quite large, some are small or even portable.

Firstly make sure where you want to locate your charging station and then choose a model that fits in the available space. Most of the EV charging stations require hardwiring by an electrician and their size is bulky or too big.

But the JuiceBox Pro offers you a compact size and easy mount design. It is easy to install and can be removed from its wall mount. It allows you to take with you where you move.

  • Electricity Cost

EVs require a lot of electricity. It can be very expensive if you charge your car at peak times. Depending on the overall grid usage, utility electric rates vary at various times of the day.

  • Ease of Installation

A lot of people often hire electricians to install their EVs. But the JuiceBox pro is easy to install. Look for an EV that is easy to install.

  • Ease of Use

Some EVSEs may have complicated apps or displays that may make it difficult to control or view charging history/information. Some chargers have the features to control them via voice commands.

JuiceBox Pro has the features too. You will be highly benefited by these features. So, look for a charger that is easy to use.

  • Brands

There are a lot of EV charger brands available in the market. Buy one from a well-known and trusted brand. My first choice is JuiceBox because it’s probably the best option in terms of power and features for the price. My second recommendation is ClipperCreek.

There are some other popular brands of EV charger available. These include ChargePoint Home, Bosch, GE Durastation and Siemens.

Why is JuiceBox Pro 40 Better Than Other Charger?

JuiceBox Pro 40 is a UL certified charger which offers the highest faster-charging power of any present or future EVs.

JuiceBox offers portability, voice control, advanced WiFi control, notifications, charge scheduling, smartphone app, convenient design, front LED displays, easily assessable, faster charging, powerful, heavy-duty cable, and a set of advanced Juicenet features that pays you to charge.

Moreover, JuiceBox works well with all production EVs as they utilize a standard J1772 charging protocol adopted by all EV manufacturers. All of these features have made juiceBox unbeatable. That’s why JuiceBox is better than any other charger available on the market in my opinion.

Advantages of WiFi connectivity

WiFi connectivity has made JuiceBox pro 40 smarter. This feature gives you the ability to set charging schedules. Your EV avoids consuming electricity because of this feature. This smart feature allows you to see extract accurate energy data and charging history.

You can set up 2 or more juice box pro units to share one electrical circuit if you have more than one electric vehicle. You can set your EV charger units not to exceed 40A combined draw. It gets 40A when only one EV is charging.

But when another EV shows up, the current gets shared and each of the cars gets 20A of current. After one EV finishes charging, another EV again get 40A of current.

Instructions for Using Juicebox Pro 40

Before you power up:

  • Select the mounting location within the cable reach of your car.
  • Do not install the JuiceBox charger in an area where it will come in touch with direct sunlight.
  • Make sure your electrical board has enough power and space.
    you’ve to dedicate an electrical breaker for your JuiceBox charger.
  • The type of breaker relies on your car (most electronic vehicles draw 30A max). For this kind of installation, a 40A breaker is ideal(depends on the National Electrical Code. Your breakers should be rated for 120% of your nonstop load).
  • Have a 14-50 outlet installed or have adapters matching your power source. Any good electrician can install a 14-50 outlet. The cost will be much less than installing hardwired EVSE. Carefully choose the right wire gauge. Normally, a 30A continuous load requires AWG 10 wiring, 40A continuous load requires AWG 8, and 60A continuous load requires AWG 6.
  • Make sure your PC or smartphone is ready, you have to use them to pair your JuiceBox charger with your home network.

Powering up the charger for the first time:

  • When installing the charger insert the JuiceBox into the mounting bracket and clip the J1772 plug into a J1772 holder.
  • Connect your JuiceBox to a 14-50 outlet and wait for a few seconds. You will hear the main connector of JuiceBox close and immediately open. This is actually a normal power-on-self-test.
  • You can now pair your WiFi or charge your car.

Connecting your JuiceBox to Wifi:

You will have about 2 minutes to do the steps below:

  • Plugin your JuiceBox charger to power it up. If your JuiceBox charger power up, unplug it then wait for 15-20 seconds and plug back in.
  • On your smartphone, find the ‘JuiceBox’ WiFi network. The password should be “GoElectric”.
  • Open any browser then goto to setup.com to join your home network.
  • Then select your network, enter the password and connect it.
  • JuiceBox will be online as soon as your server times out.

To pair your JuiceBox with JuiceBox Smartphone App (optional):

If you don’t know how to download the app just goto your iPhone/Android app store and search “JuiceNet”.
To access your JuiceBox data and manage multiple JuiceBox units click here.

  • User Setup: Click on ‘Update your info’ then change your password, email, and name
  • JuiceBox Setup: Click on ‘Register / Update JuiceBox Info’ then add JuiceBox products to your profile / manage JuiceBox profiles
  • JuiceBox Data: Now click on ‘Show all JuiceBox’, you will see real-time data in a table of all JuiceBox devices you’ve added to your profile.

Which Factors Affect Electric Vehicle’s Battery Life?

To understand what impacts a battery’s life, you first need to understand how it works. The batteries of EV are lithium-based. When these batteries are charged and discharged once, it’s called a cycle. EV battery’s capacity will degrade as the cycle number increases. Some factors shorten the life of a lithium battery. A number of factors are:

  • Low voltage or deep discharges.
  • High Voltages or overcharging.
  • High temperatures.
  • charge current or high discharges.

The voltage of the lithium battery rises when it is charged. When the battery reaches the full charge, the battery’s voltage is at its highest and will not go up anymore.

7 Tips To Make Your EV Battery Last For A Longer Time

The battery system is likely the most costly part of electric vehicles. The batteries need some special maintenance. Here are a few things you can do to make your batteries last longer.

Tip 1: Avoid Deep Discharging

Leaving your electric vehicle’s battery in a discharged state for a longer period of time will reduce its life. Most vendors defend electric vehicle batteries from becoming fully discharged as that can effectively “brick” the EV battery to make it fully useless.

The general rule of thumb is to plug in and charge it whenever you feel the need. It doesn’t mean overcharging the same.

What is a low status of charge? If the charge is under 30%, then it is generally considered the low status of the charge. you should not let your Ev sit at that low charge for a longer period. keep in mind that, Evs lose their charge even when they sit unused.

Tip 2: Don’t Overcharge The Battery

it’s very important to make sure that you are not overcharging the EV battery. According to the general charging rule, you should not let the battery of your electric vehicle remain in fully charged status for more than eight hours at a stretch.

Tip 3: Plan Ahead Extended Storage

In case you’re going out on a long vacation or business trip, the best thing you can do is to set the charge level of your EV at 50% and leave it plugged in.

But remember that, if you don’t leave it plugged in, then you’re going to lose some charge each day. Charge to a level where you can get to the airport, let it sit for the trip and then still have enough charge to return house.

Don’t let it sit unplugged at an airport for days on end at a 90% charge status if you can avoid that. It’s better for you and the battery to leave it at 90% than leaving it at 10% and coming back to find the battery fully discharged.

Tip 4: Never Charge Your Cars Battery To 100% And Let It Sit

Most electric vehicles have an option for a standard, range or max charge. Do the maximum possible charge when you need it, but do it right before you begin using the EVs battery for the trip.

Most electric vehicles have charge timers to help you plan for this. But If your EV doesn’t have charge timers, do an overnight standard charge and then charge the last 10-20% in the AM before departure.

If you leave Ev’s battery at a max charge for even relatively short periods of time, it can reduce the batteries life. Try to never let your Evs battery sit at the maximum status of charge for longer than eight hours.

Tip: 5 On a Hot Day, Try to Park in The Shade. During The Winter, Park in a Garage, Rather Than on The Street

Many EVs have thermal management—via liquid or air—that is great for keeping the batteries in your electric car comfortable, but it comes at a price.

AC processors and running fans use energy. On a very hot day, if you’re to park your EV on a hot asphalt parking lot, you would not want this system (thermal management) to run continually. If it did, After hours when you return, the batteries of your cars could be somewhat drained from cooling themselves.

Alternatively, your vehicles thermal management system could run for some minutes after parking and then the system is shut down until your vehicle is restarted. It means that the battery of your vehicle is slowly being heated by their surrounding after that cool-down cycle finishes. Neither of these solutions is perfect for battery longevity.

Tip 6: Keeping Cool

Temperature is the most important influence on battery life. Lithium-ion batteries typically best condition at around a room temperature of 25 to 3o degree C. A protective layer which is inside the batteries breaks in warmer temperatures and it needs to be reconstituted, which sucks up some of the energy capacity the battery has to offer.

On the contrary, if the temperature is colder, the chemical reactions inside the battery slow down. While coupled with significant power draw, it creates trouble familiar to roadworks during rush hour traffic. After all, the cold temperature is usually less harmful than the heat.

Tip 7: To Maximize Battery Life, Minimize Use of  DC Charge

If you regularly use DC fast charging, then it will cost about 1% of capacity every year. But if you avoid dc fast charging, then you may have 80% capacity after ten years of normal use. If dc fast charging is your primary fueling method, after ten years, your capacity would 70%.

Wrapping Up

It’s time to enjoy your JuiceBox pro 40 EV charger, the world’s most advanced residential EV charging station! Good luck with your purchase.

I hope you’ve found my JuiceBox Pro 40 Review helpful. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

13 thoughts on “eMotorWerks JuiceBox Pro 40 EV Charger Review 2019”

  1. 1. I bought this great EV car charger for at discount for my Hyundai Ionic EV
    2. It is easy to hook up and the app is great to work on.
    3. The software update yesterday now allows me to inform the app how much charge the car has, so it can automatically charge to the desired capacity, whether it is the full charge or, let’s say, %80 in order to extend the battery life, if you will.
    4. Can also adjust the charge amperage, for slow or fast charging.
    5. Now if I wanted to add a second EV to my household in the future, the software is capable of lowering the amperage for each car automatically, until one of them is full, so that my electric breaker doesn’t trip.
    6. Customer service is very friendly and helpful too.

    I’m super happy with Juicebox Pro 40

  2. We have installed about 12 of these units in our housing community. We selected them for the ability to share circuits and keep track of usage by owners (this is a one household, one unit setup). Notwithstanding great effort, we have not been able to keep the units connected to the WiFi. We have installed repeaters, we have strong WiFi in the carport area and yet the units drop off regularly, sometimes more than once a day.

    The staff in California has been trying to help but none of their solutions have changed the problem. If you are counting on the WiFi, better look elsewhere.

    • That’s unexpected and very uncommon too. For most people I know, juicebox works great. Maybe unluckily you got a faulty unit.

      Have you tried to get a replacement unit? ask them

  3. Wonderful post however , I was wondering if you could write a litte more on this
    subject? I’d be very thankful if you could elaborate a little bit further.
    Thank you!

  4. I have a had a JuiceBox Pro 40 EV for about a year now. I really enjoy the charging speed but I have a major problem with the smart features. I have a rock solid wifi connection and the unit tends to drop connection at night. It only does it when scheduling is used. Otherwise, it works fine so it makes me think the scheduling programming is bad.

  5. Everyone loves what you guys are usually up too.
    Such clever work and exposure! Keep up the great works guys I’ve included you guys to blogroll.

  6. When charging our Bolt, we often get an alarm from the car and from the Juicebox Pro 40. I’m not clear on a pattern as to when it alarms. The car alarms for a while and the charge light is off. The Juicebox continues a beeping. 3 beeps I believe. Sometimes I ignore it, and when I go out in the morning, the cars charge light is steady indicating charge complete. So the charger must reset during the night.

    Sometimes I’ll unplug car and NEMA 50, replug after a minute or so, and it operates normally. Thoughts?

  7. My concern is securing the JuiceBox EV charger to protect it from theft in my open carport. Is there a way to bolt it to a wall or otherwise theft-proof it?

  8. Great review, thanks!
    This EV charger is the perfect one, that I was looking for.

    One question. How can I control the ev charger when it’s not connected to wifi?

    • JuiceBox doesn’t need the wifi, it can charge without it.

      However, if you have TOU scheduled and it loses wifi then you can unplug it from the wall. That will make it forget TOU until it is back online again when you can use the app/web interface to control it.

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