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Makita XPH102 vs XPH012 Review 2019 – Which One Should You Choose?

Makita XPH102 vs XPH012 Review

Do you want comfortable drilling experience with a powerful but affordable cordless hammer drill?

I know that you want, who doesn’t! But the fact is that it isn’t easy to pick the right one.

To help you find the perfect drill, I’ve done a long research and prepared this Makita XPH102 vs XPH012 review.

So, take a deep breath, hold your sit tight and read this review till the end.

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Makita XPH102 vs XPH012 Cordless Hammer Drill Review

Here are some of the latest Best Seller Cordless Hammer Drills on Amazon:

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1. Makita XPH102 18V LXT Review

Makita Xph102 is an incredible drill from the brand Makita that combines speed and torque in a compact size. It’s a best seller drill. This has a four-pole motor that can deliver up to 480 lbs of max torque. But surprisingly it comes in a compact size.

It has alternatives for both hammer drill and driver. This adaptability enables Makita Xph102 to shift from hammer-drill mode to driver mode, which makes it simple to work with.

Those who need a single awesome machine that can perform both these functions and ensures perfection in both types, this drill can be the perfect one for them.  Engineered for using on wood, metal, masonry, and concrete.

Key Features & Specifications

  • Four pole motor.
  • Can delivers 480 lbs of Max Torque.
  • Up to 3.0Ah capable of battery.
  • Gears are made of metal that increases life-cycle.
  • Extreme protection technology(XPT).
  • Dual speed transmission system.
  • Full charge completes in 30 minutes.
  • Dust and water resistant.
  • Chuck capacity: 1/2 Inch.
  • Weighs 10.3 lbs
  • Can drill wood, metal, masonry, and concrete.


Makita XPH102 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Drill is pretty much like XPH012 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Drill model. The difference is it has less weighted (3.9 pounds) & less long in size (7.3 inches) than the model I reviewed later on.

This drill is built with some of the toughest materials and it is capable of tackling big challenges. The drill contains four pole motor that delivers up to 480 lbs maximal torque & 18-volt lithium-ion battery that takes only 25-30 minutes to recharge.

Its lightweight design makes it easier to control the drill and maneuver it into tight spaces as your job. You can take advantage of the lightweight and ergonomic design.

Because when you’re doing larger projects, you’ll be able to work for longer period becoming less tired or fatigued. It wouldn’t be much easier if you were working with a heavier drill.


This drill can be used in multi-functional ways. You can use the service of drill and driver both. Moreover, Makita has a tremendous reputation for its high voltage battery performance.

It contains dual duel speed designs. In slow speed setting, it goes up to (0-600 & 0-1900 RPM) and another setting it goes up to (0-9,000 & 0-28500 BPM).

Its speed performance is very high than the previous model. It is suitable for using every kind of drilling applications. You’ll be able to do quick and effective work with quality.

You can also take advantage of the powerful 4 pole motor that can provide an impressive 480 lbs of torque to get your job done quickly.

Moreover, this drill comes with a powerful lithium-ion battery, that will help you to work for a long time continuously. But still, if you need more backup, you can buy another battery. So that you can always have a fully charged battery for your drill to work with. This one works as both drill and driver.

Latest technology

It has start protection technology that reduces overheating. Moreover, the new extreme protection technology(XPT )  increases its dust and water resistance.


It has 2 LED lights. It is beneficial to work in dark places. The handle is enough long and grip is made of soft rubber. It helps to hold it comfortably.


You will get 3 years warranty on tools & parts and 30 days money back guarantee. (Note: Warranty & guarantee period may change at any time.)

Package Includes

The package includes 18V LXT 1/ 2-Inches Makita hammer drill, an 18-volt Lithium 3.0 Ah battery, Lithium-Ion rapid optimum charger and a tool case.

Users Feedback about Makita XPH102

A happy user, who is a metal roof contractor shared that he has been using this drill for 11 years. He puts in about 2000 screws a day. He is amazed that his drill is still working fine! He even dropped the drill off roofs and have never broken one! Other users also impressed at its battery power, durability, and overall performance.

A few users reported that they faced some issue with the chuck.

Pros & Cons of Makita XPH102


Versatile, Low weight & easy to operate.
Astonishing battery life.
Affordable price.
Comfortable for using.
LED lights make working easier in dark areas.
Star protection technology increase battery life.
Battery recharges in less than 30 minutes.


Lack of extra battery.
Sometimes harsh sound comes from the drill while pressing the electrical brake trigger.

2. Makita XPH012 18V LXT Cordless Hammer Drill Review

Makita XPH012 is a great drill from the famous brand Makita that delivers versatility and performance at a time. Some skilled engineers made its high-torque motor and drive­train to squeeze every bit of performance from the battery. It also exhibits incredible industrial design.

For a heavy and large drill, it’s very well adjusted and handles easily because of a nicely shaped handle with a layer of rubber.

Key features & Specifications

  • Dual speed transfer options.
  • 480 lbs of Max Torque
  • High performance four pole motor with bearings.
  • 8-inch large handle.
  • Contains led light for working at night.
  • 18-volt powerful battery runs up to three hours.


Makita XPH012 is very powerful. This drill contains an 18-volt lithium-ion battery which can provide up to 480 lbs. torque. This drill is cordless and the powerful motor enables it using in all kind of drilling works.

High Performance

This driver provides excellent performance in the worksite. It has two-speed options. One is 0 to 400 RPMs and another is 0 to 1500 RPMs. The alternative option makes the job much easier.

Another great thing about this driller is that once you buy, you can use it for every kind of drilling works. After the full recharge, the battery runs up to 3 hours, so that you can drill in a place without any source of electricity. You can use an extra battery if you need.

Easy to use

This tool is straightforward to hold and manage than other cordless drills. It is 8.1 inches long and 9.8 pounds in weight. It is enough light for a person to hold while drilling.

Cushy Design

The handle is 8 inches long. It reduces the stress of hands. The handle is so long that people of tiny hands can carry it comfortably. Moreover, the price is so affordable to buy.


For your concern, Makita provides three years of warranty for tools and parts. It also offers 30 days money back guarantee. So if it doesn’t fulfill your need, you can return it without any worry.

Package Includes

Along with the package, you will get one Makita drill and an 18-volt 3.0 Ah battery & charger for the drill. Both are made of lithium-ion. So if you buy it, you will get two machines in a powerful one.

Users Feedback about Makita XPH012

Most of the users said that they are impressed with it’s lighter weight and faster charging. Another user Andres shared that his drill survived a flood in New Orleans, Which was completely drowned in his garage! Another user said that this drill delivered all the power and speed he needed for this project. He couldn’t be more pleased.

Some user said they faced some issue with the battery.

The Pros & Cons of Makita XPH012


Affordable price.
Compact and Lightweight.
The charger takes 20 minutes to recharge the battery.
Star protection technology reduces overheating.
Work as driller and driver both.


Lack of bit holder.
You need to take extra care for longer use.

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Which One You Should Buy?

makita xph 102 vs 012

Makita 18 volt LXT drill series are the best drill series on the market. Makita XPH102 & XPH012 are enlisted as the best models of this series. You can do any kind of drilling job without any problem with these drills. Both have an 18-volt lithium battery.

Makita XPH102 is less heavy but a little longer in size than Makita XPH012. Moreover, XPH102 is more speedy but less costly than XPH012.

On the other hand, XPH012 is long enough for flexible handling and it’s 2 design speed feature makes the work much easier.

Both drills suits for heavy drilling yet very affordable in price than other hammer drill models. However, I like the XPH102 more. Its newer than the XPH012.

About Makita Cordless Hammer Drill

Makita is a very reliable brand in the power tool industry. They always ensure high-performance drilling tools with the best quality.

Makita produces cordless drill in two designs. One is CXT and another one is LXT. Where CXT includes 12-volt drills, LXT includes high performance 18-volt mighty quick charging drill with lithium-ion batteries. They can drill holes in concrete, rocks, bricks etc. These are good for any household and outdoor works.

There are also other designs available in the online store but I always prefer these two specifications. So today I will show you what you’ll get in these hammer drills.

So, if you want something durable and powerful to drill tougher things, then you can consider Makita xph102 or Makita xph012.

Final Verdict

Makita always ensures high-performing quality tools. Both tools contain the same kit, cases, and batteries. Among these two drills, Makita xph102 seemed a better choice to me, considering the price with features and quality.

One thing that I didn’t like is that Makita includes only one battery pack in the delivery package. If you purchase another 18-volt battery that may help you in many cases.

In this Makita XPH012 vs XPH102 18V LXT cordless hammer drill review, I tried to cover everything that you may need to know. If you’ve still anything else to know, please comment below.

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  1. I contacted Makita USA to know the best hammer-drill-driver for my everyday use, they suggested XPH12. However, a lot of customers complained about it getting stuck in hammer mode, any comments/suggestions.

  2. Good review. But still a little confused. I’m thinking about buying the XPH102. Do you personally think this one will be better?

  3. That Makita XPH102 is great. Undoubtedly one of the best of this type.

    One question, do these Makita drills use standard bits and drivers or are they proprietary?

    • These drills use the standard one.
      We believe these drills can go with most bits available out there regardless of brands.

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