12 Must Have Things For Off-Roading

must have tools for off roading

Planning to go off-roading?

Then, start building up your offroading toolbox with some essential tools to make sure you get back home safe and sound after each adventure.

Here are 12 important tools plus other things to keep in your vehicle whenever you go off-roading. These will make your off-roading trip safe and trouble-free. Let’s start!

12 Must-Have Things For Off Roading

must have things for off-roading infographic

1. Winch

When you’re going to hit the off-road, the winch is one of the first things that you need for recovery. They’re incredibly handy, especially when your Jeep/Truck/Car is stuck in a place. Whether you’re doing a self-recovery or helping your friend to stuck out, a winch is unrivaled.

They come in a variety of sizes, prices and load capabilities. If you often go on off-road trips then you should take a good winch. You can check our best winch review if you plan to buy one. You must learn how to use the winch safely.

2. Tow Strap

While off-roading, you or someone will need pulling out of a sticky place. In this situation, a tow strap is always a good friend. When you get into a sticky situation, you will need a tow strap and a buddy to pull you out of this ticky situation. You can go for 5-ton tow straps of 5- meters in length and sturdy D-ring shackles.

Tow straps won’t only pull you out from the sticky situation but also enables you to earn some good offroad karma by pulling others out of trouble. Tow straps weigh less and won’t damage body panels of your vehicle. That’s why they’re better than tow chains.

3. Tree Saver

It is slightly different from a tow strap and designed to wrap around a tree to help your vehicle come out of trouble. So, get a tree saver and keep in your vehicle.

4. Hi-Lift Jack

Hi-Lift jack is a unique type of jack designed exclusively for off-road use. This is the ultimate tool that every off-roader must keep in his vehicle. It can be used for all kinds of stuff:

  • For changing tires.
  • Recoveries in many conditions.
  • Doing emergency repairs on the road
  • Winching (Though it’s a lot of works.)

Believe it or not, but it’s true that a High-Lift Jack can be used as a rudimentary winch. Make sure you’re using the jack safely and responsively. They can be very dangerous if used improperly. Also, don’t go for the cheaper models that just release and slam down your Jeep, Car or Truck.

5. Air Compressor

While going off-road, it’s a great idea to carry an air compressor. Dropping the air pressure of tires is the easiest way to add traction off-road. Especially When you’re driving in a desert and enter sandy terrain, you need to deflate your vehicle tires to the minimum safe pressure to get the highest surface width. After getting back on tarmac, again you need to re-inflate your vehicle tires to normal pressure. That’s why you need the air compressor.

A good quality air compressor will do this job properly without overheating. Choose one that connects to your battery with alligator clips. Don’t go for that model which plug into cigarette lighters. Because they tend to blow fuses.

6. Fire Extinguisher

While off-roading, your vehicle will be in extreme conditions, extreme climates and extreme temperatures. A fire extinguisher will save both you and your vehicle from big accidents. Make sure it is mounted in your vehicle securely so it doesn’t bounce around. The fire extinguisher should be within easy reach of you. If your vehicle has a roll cage, you can attach it there.

Most off-road clubs and some local governments require that every member should have a fire extinguisher equipped on their vehicle. Because no one wants an off-road trip turns into a major forest fire.

7. Heavy Duty Flashlight

When you’re looking for lost items at night, the tool you want is a flashlight. You may need to fix your vehicle or change a tire in the dark. It’s irritating to use your phone as a flashlight. Consider buying a heavy duty flashlight. It will be better if you buy one that is water resistant and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

8. Gloves

Gloves are one of those things that many off-roaders don’t give importance. But you’ll wish if you had a good pair of work gloves the first time you rig a recovery strap or pull a winch without gloves.

The repair and recovery work stated above is hard to do in naked hands. Especially, when-when you need to do it around sharp edges, in small and very hot places. It will give you additional grip and protection. You’ll want heavy duty gloves for winching and many other works. So, invest in a high-quality work glove to keep in your vehicle.

9. Hand Tools

While off-roading, make sure that you have a good number of hand tools( Pliers, Wrenches, screwdrivers etc) with you. It’s also good to keep a multitool on your vehicle every time. They’re constructed very well and can tackle almost any task.

10. Tire Repair Kit

Tires are the most important and frequently damaged component of your vehicle. Every off-roader should carry a full tire plug kit in their vehicle all the times. How do you feel when you have a nail penetrate your vehicle’s tire? When you have a tire plug kit, you can easily fix it.

11. First Aid Kit

Every off-roader should have a first aid kit. Fill your first aid box with bandages, gauze, Scissors aspirin etc. This will enable you to do primary treatment.

12. Navigation

While going off-road, using a paper map is a terrific pain to know where you’re and where you’re going. Multiple trails running in similar directions can easily confuse you and fall you in a difficult situation.

On the other hand, If you take an off-road navigation app, you can easily figure out which way to go. You’ll find a lot of options. We recommend Hema Maps Explorer.

Carrying all these tools will ensure a safe and sound off-roading experience and you’ll be also able to help others. You can also check this off-road gears list to get a better idea.

Have we missed something important on this list? Don’t hesitate to inform us.

Leave a comment below and let us know what other vital off-road gear we should add on our list.

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