20 Must Have Tools for Boat

must have tools for boatIf you’re an owner of a boat or planning for a boat journey or involved with a boat, then surely you need to know about the essential tools for the boat.

Having proper tools will help you to face any trouble situation while you’re in a boat. If you’re going fishing with your boat, then you should also take all the essential fishing tools with you.

Below I have listed some essential tools. Read the article carefully and let us know if we’ve missed something.
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Short List of the Boat Tools

boat toolbox

Screwdrivers, adjustable wrench, spare fuses and bulbs, hammer, scissors, utility knife, hacksaw, hemostats, pliers, Tie Wraps, Allen/hex key wrench, fire extinguisher, flashlight, first aid kit box, Towline, signaling devices and communication devices are some of the important tools for a boat.


Every boat has many different sized screws. look at your boat to know exactly what size and types of screwdrivers you’ll need. It’s better to carry a variety of sizes and types of screwdrivers. Most boats will use Philips and flat head screwdrivers. Keep a set of Philips and flathead screwdrivers in different sizes.

Always make sure you purchase a high-quality tool. However, a set of one to four inches and five to sixteen inch wide, three- and six-inch long flat-head screwdrivers will generally fill all of your need. Try to choose one that is magnetic, because it will avoid losing screws while working.

2. Adjustable Wrench

It’s an essential tool to have. It’s very necessary for emergency repairs to just about anything that bolts together. It is often used in conjunction with the pliers. A mid-sized wrench handles will do most of your work. It’s better to carry a smaller wrench if your boat has a smaller size of nuts and volts. Stainless still is always recommended. It’s good to have a set of six, eight and ten-inch adjustable wrenches. For heavier work, you can carry a bigger forged adjustable wrench.

3. Spare Fuses and Bulbs

Nobody wants to do electrical works on the water, but sometimes you have to do it. You will be unable to do this if you don’t have proper tools. So, it’s better to carry a set of replacement fuses. Always keep your spare fuses away from water and safe from vibration.

Make sure that you have some bulbs on your boat and they actually work. You can store this spare bulbs with the fuses in a compact plastic container.

4. Scissors

Scissors and shears are an essential and common tool for every toolbox. To cut fiberglass material, sandpaper, emergency gaskets, chicken etc, They are needed.

5. Utility Knife

It’s a great tool to cut hosen wire and tape and many other jobs. When scissors fail to cut, a utility knife is needed.

6. Screws, nuts & bolts

Make sure you have various sizes stainless still screws, nuts, bolts, and washers. You can use a small zippered bag to keep them.

7. Jumper cables

Every boat should have a good set of jumper cables. There is no substitute for these tools. Do not get poor quality cheap jumper cables. Pick a good one though it’s cost a lot.

8. Hemostats

Great for getting into tiny areas/places. Buying a pair will be quite good.

hacksaw tool
Photo: A Hacksaw

9. Hacksaw

Hacksaw is used for metal tubing, rigging wire in a pinch and more.

10. Allen/Hex Key Wench

It’s very good to have a set of foldable Hex key/Allen wrench. You’d be amazed.

11. Tie Wraps

Carry a selection of different sizes tie wraps and prepared to be amazed.

12. Electrical and Gorilla Tape

Electrical tape is used for wiring and gorilla tape/duct tape for anything else.

13. Drill

Keep a good quality drill and make sure that it’s fully charged. You never know when you will need this.

14. PVC, Hose and Tube Cutter

This is a cheap and handy tool to have onboard. It is much easier to use than a saw and safer to use than a knife. You can get one from any hardware store.

15. Flashlight

Flashlight is one of the important tools. Choose one that is waterproof and good quality. A flashlight will help you to return home in dark.

The Importance of Having the Essential Tools

Having a proper waterproof Toolbox can get you out of some most serious trouble. It’s very important to have essential items because accidents have occurred suddenly. To face any trouble situation, you need these tools to get out of these.

Imagine, something has broken. What will you do then? If you have a baling wire, It might get you home. If you get injuries in water, a first aid kit will enable you to take basic treatment. A flashlight will help you to come back home in dark. A fire extinguisher will protect you from a serious accident. So, It’s very important to have the essential boat tools to face any trouble.

Some Safety Items for Boaters

safety gear

It’s very important to prepare by having proper safety items on your boat Because problem can occur at any time. Here are some important items every boater should have on his boat.

First Aid Kit: A first aid kit box is very important items. Because if you get an injury in the water you need immediate basic treatment. If you have a first aid box, you can treat yourself or a passenger while needed.

Safety Glasses: Accidents can happen at any moment. You should have a pair of safety glasses.

Communication Devices: Make sure that you have a cell phone and cordless radio on your boat. Because sometimes you have to contact others for help.

Extra Water and Food: It’s a very good idea to keep some extra freshwater and food with you on your boat. Because sometimes you may be stuck on the water accidentally. So, keep some extra food and water to face this situation.

Signaling Devices: Every boater must have visual and sound signaling devices on his boat. Whistles, air horns, and flares are some common signaling devices. Keep them with you!

Fire Extinguisher: It’s a must-have tool for every boat with diesel or gas. Make sure that fire extinguisher is up to date and in good working condition.

Tow Line: A tow line will save you when you break down. So, keep a tow line on your boat.

These are the most important safety items to have for your boat. You can also take PFDs, Bailer etc.

That’s all about the essential tools for a boat. Start collecting the tools stated above and enjoy!

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For any additional help, inform use via commenting. We’d be thrilled to help you.

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