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15 Must Have Tools for Home

Must have tools for home)If you’ve just bought your first house, Congratulations!

I think you’re loving your house and feeling thrilled! But being a homeowner also encompasses a lot of responsibilities. You should remember that too.

Every house requires maintenance to keep up its value, beauty, appearance, functionality and you also need to build various fixtures around the house.

Often your home may need a minor repair. It is one of the most reoccurring responsibilities of being a house owner. To keep up your home with repairs, you need the right tools to do the job easily and perfectly.

You don’t need to be a professional repairman/skilled handyman to do this. If you have the right tools, you can become your own handyman. Fill up your toolbox with these must-have tools for your home. If you want to get the feelings of being able to repair or maintain on your own, then take some time to discover these essential tools.

Here is The List of 15 Essential Tools For Home Repairs/Improvement

1. Tool Box


Firstly you need a toolbox to keep your tools properly. If you have a toolbox, you can put your tools in proper maintenance and will be able to find it quickly when you need the tool.

There are many sizes, types, styles, and varieties of the toolbox. Choose one that suits your need and will be suitable for your tools which will you buy.

2. Drill and Bits

drill & bit

Drill drivers are used for drilling holes and driving screws. A multipurpose cordless drill can be used for a large number of jobs. Every drill has a different weight. So, try a few drills before buying one. We’ve also reviewed some best drills. You check these reviews to pick the perfect one for you.

3. Hammer


Who doesn’t own a hammer? A toolbox cannot be completed without a hammer. It’s an essential tool in any toolbox. From hanging a frame to repair a garden fence, building a planet box.

Hammers come in a different of sizes dependent on weight and size. You can spend $5-$200 for a hammer. Buying a quality hammer with anti-vibration, rubber grip, and curved claw is very necessary. If you want to buy only one hammer, then select a lightweight hammer with a curved claw. Also, look for drop forged on the head and fiberglass handle.

4. Tape Measure

tape measure

You can buy a 25-foot tape measure for only $4. It will imbue your home projects accurately.

When you want to hang shelves or art or measuring space for painting or before buying a sofa, furniture, appliances etc, then you need to measure the targeted place or objects. You should take measure more than once to get it right.

5. Pliers


Pliers increase the ability to hold things than your fingers can. It also gives extra gripping power. They can help you by bending and cutting wire too.

A set of 5 pieces of pliers is enough for every small object you’ll need to band, pinch, cut, grip or pull. It includes slip joint, needlenose, adjustable wrench and wiring-cutting pairs. It will cover almost all pinching and snipping.

If you are working with wire than needle-nose pliers will be ideal. Groove-joint pliers are used for plumbing work. A five-piece set usually costs around $11.

6. Adjustable wrench

adjustable wrench

If you’ve no wrench, then no plumbing will be fixed, that’s the final word. A Wrench is used for tightening or loosening nuts and volts. It is one of the most used tools. I also have a wrench!

Look for a range of wrench sizes between 8-15mm (1/4″ to 11/16″). Average homeowners don’t need a 100-piece wrench set. A largely adjustable wench is enough. It should adjust easily and hold its sizes after setting.

7. Utility Knife

utility knife

A utility knife is needed when a pair of scissors fail to cut. The uses of utility knives are endless. It’s used for strip wiring, scrape paint, slicing through wallpaper, cardboard, wire, carpet etc.

Sometimes it’s better than a kitchen knife because it’s more sensible and easier to control than a kitchen knife. You can replace the utility knife blade when it becomes dull. Truly to say, the uses of utility knives are so many that you will be surprised.

8. Hand Saw

hand saw

Handsaw is used for slicing through plastic and metal. It’s a classic favorite tool of the carpenter. If you need to cut something heavier, then leave the kitchen knives and take a hand saw if you value your fingers. You will find these tools useful more than you think. You can do a large number of jobs easily by handsaw. If you want more information about sawmill please go to portable sawmill page.

9. Flashlight


Flashlight let you see what you can’t see without light. Sometimes necessary repairs can be done at the dark place, darkest corner of the basement and even when the power is out.

A flashlight is a sure way to find problems under darkness. So you need a flashlight. You don’t need too many flashlights. one or two is enough. Two battery flashlights are easy to hold while working.

10. Screwdrivers


High-quality screwdrivers are a must-have tool for owners. You don’t need combo packs of different sized screwdrivers. Flathead and Philips screwdrivers access you to reach the places where an electric screwdriver cannot reach.

Select a screwdriver that has both types of screw tips. Try to select those screwdrivers which are slightly magnetized. it’s a bonus feature. It will help you from losing your screws. A good multi-bit screwdriver is better because it gives the opportunity to swap between both (flathead, Philipshead) bits using the same handle. Always remember, one size doesn’t and can’t suit everything!

11. Staple gun

This is a great tool for quick fastening jobs. Manual staple guns are mostly used by homeowners because they’re less expensive and easy to use than pneumatic and electric models.

12. Level

If you don’t like to hang your pictures, mirrors or artwork at an angle, then you will need this tool. It will ensure everything is straight.

13. Step Stool

You’ll need a step stool for everything from changing bulbs to cleaning the upper corners of the home.


A multitool will be very helpful to do various types of small repair work. Get one and keep in your toolbox.

15. Safety Gear

helmet sunglass boots

You should have some safety gears to keep yourself protected while doing repairing work. These are safety gloves, dusk masks, eye goggles etc.

Bonus Tools: It’s always great to own a weed wacker so you can cut your garden grass.

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