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11 Reasons Why You Need a Dash Cam for Your Vehicle

One significant investment that costs you lots of money to maintain is your vehicle. For instance, you have to pay monthly or annual auto insurance and car payments.

Apart from your home, your car is among the items, which you want to protect at any cost. The best way to ensure your vehicle is safe is to buy a front and rear dash cam. Dashcam is one of the must-have essentials.

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Truck drivers, police and taxi drivers have been using this device for a long time. These people rely on the footage from the dash camera in the case of an unfortunate accident.

Lately, this technology has found its way on many drivers’ dashboards. It works in similar ways to your home’s smart camera. It ensures you take control of your vehicle’s security by recording incidences of theft, collisions, and vandalism. This article gives you five reasons why you need to buy this device.

    11 Reasons You Need To Buy a Dash Cam

1. A Dash Cam Is Accessible and Affordable

Why You Need a Dash Cam for Your VehicleMany drivers are familiar with the dash cams on emergency vehicles and police cars. These professionals usually use high-end cameras that cost a few thousands of dollars.

However, dash cams are an affordable option for regular drivers. They are easy to set up, meaning you’ll have peace of mind that your car can record any happening. Another reason to consider buying this device is you can mount it discreetly on your car’s windshield.

2. Makes Driving a Better Experience

If you rely on other drivers to provide an account of any accident that happens, you will likely get an account that favors him or her. For instance, they may blame other factors for the crash and be less inclined to improve their driving skills.

If you own a taxi and your driver uses it for his personal use, you can catch him seeing dash cam footage. If your vehicle mileage is increasing abnormally then you can check the dashcam footage to check if your vehicle is being misused.

The benefit of having a dash cam is that it ensures everybody owns up to his or her mistake. Remember that responsibility on the road is one important factor when it comes to safe driving.

3. Assist You to Monitor Your Teenager’s Driving

For parents with teenagers who drive, it can be stressful when it comes to thinking about how safe they drive. However, a dash cam ensures you have the best surveillance and peace of mind. You can monitor how the teenager drives and where he or she goers using the GPS accessory.  

4. May Save You Money on Car Insurance

By installing a dash cam, you may save on car insurance. The reason is that insurers value dash cams when determining claims. For instance, if you have one on your car, you may receive discounts on your auto insurance premiums.

5. Dash Cams Provide You with Concrete Evidence

Dash cams assist you when it comes to solving traffic cases. That’s because you have ready footage in the event the other driver disputes your account. Remember that as you drive, the dash cam will turn, capture the happenings and record the resulting footage on the memory card. If you need, it can replay the footage.

6. Documenting Your Road Trip

dash cam sceneIf you want to turn your road trip into an unforgettable journey that you want to see repeatedly then dash cam is obviously a great thing to use.

Recording amazing scenes when you’re driving is easy with a dash cam. You may end up recording something weird, exciting, strange or something that you never thought! A simple road trip can turn into an unforgettable journey.

7. Avoiding the Situation When it’s Not Your Fault

If you get into a car accident it will be definitely one of the worst experiences imaginable. But it feels worse if it wasn’t your fault and the other person starts to blame you for the accidents. You can show them the dash cam footage and prove that they were guilty.

8. Parking Accidents

Sometimes a parking garage can be the worse place for your vehicle. The next vehicle to you might slightly hit your vehicle causing scrapes or even worse your ride can get vandalized.

When you leave your vehicle in the parking lot, you never know what can happen to it. If someone damages your vehicle when pulling out, you can catch them and show them the dash cam footage. This way you can save money for fixing something that you aren’t responsible for.

9. Avoid Insurance Fraud

Hitting a pedestrian can be a real nightmare. Scammers always try to find new ways to get money from law-abiding citizens like you. Sometimes bad pedestrians tend to get into an accident at their will to get insurance money. People always tend to blame the driver and they try to get the advantage of it.

10. Protects Against Unfair  Fines

Have you ever been in the situation where your word against the cops? If yes then you may know that the judge most of the time will side with the citing officer even if you aren’t guilty. In that case, a dash cam can prove that you’re innocent.

11. Report Bad Driving

As time goes, the total number of vehicles are increasing and incidents of road rage too. I’m not talking about the countryside, I’m talking about big and very busy cities.

There we often see drivers who drive recklessly or drunk driver can barely stay in the right lane. You can report that matter to the police and show the video recorded by dash cam as proof that the driver is guilty.

Wrapping Up

Purchasing and installing a dash cam provides you with several advantages. They include the ability to demonstrate who is on the wrong in the event of accidents and makes your driving experience better. If you have a front and rear dash cam then you can drive your vehicle with much confidence.

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