Best Speedmaster Winch Review [Updated 2020]

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I understand the pain point of getting stuck during an enchanting off-roading adventure.

Most probably you have faced that awful situation already. Or, you are about to start your first off-road journey.

Whatever the case is, you must be aware of the fact that you’ll need a winch to rescue yourself if you get stuck. You have to choose the right winch based on the vehicle you are going to use during the escapade. But that’s easier said than done.

I know exactly what affects the performance of a winch, the factors that make them best performing under certain circumstances.

I aim to make your life easier by finding out the upsides and downsides of different winches from different brands; all by myself.

In the process of reviewing different winch maker brands, here is my Speedmaster winch review where I’ve reviewed top 3 Speedmaster available in market now. 

Top 3 Speedmaster Winch Reviews

In case Speedmaster winches are out of stock when you are reading this, you can check other winches of similar price range like  Smittybilt winch, X-bull winch  and Engo winches.

1. Speedmaster PCE553.1005 13000 lbs Winch Review

Speedmaster PCE553.1005 13000 lbs Winch Review

Key Features:

  • 13,000 lbs load capacity
  • 85 ft Steel cable
  • Wired + Wireless remote

One of the main reasons behind keeping this Speedmaster PCE553.1005 winch on top of my list is its insane winching power of 13000 lb.

That means you can use this winch to recover your vehicle if the loaded weight is anything under 13000 lb but ideally 8666 lb or less.

The weight of a loaded vehicle = vehicle weight + the weight of anyone (e.g driver) or anything (e.g baggage) inside the vehicle during the towing process.

Why the ideal weight of your vehicle should be 8666 lb, while the winch has got the capacity of 13000 lb?

Because as a golden rule your winch should have at least 1.5 times more winching capacity than your loaded vehicle to make the towing process smoother.

I always look for the winches that give good control during the recovery process.

In this particular winch, the 85 ft steel cable going through the roller fairlead, free spooling clutch, automatic in-drum-braking, three-stage planetary gear will give you the exact control that any off-roader will want to have during towing.

Another feature that attracts me is the remote control system. This Speedmaster winch comes with both wired and wireless remote control.

The control box is only water-resistant. This is something I don’t like. It would have been more useful if the box was waterproof. I found this winch heavier than its other counterparts of the same capacity from other brands.

Despite having few drawbacks, this Speedmaster winch performs the way most of the real off-roaders expect. This winch will definitely provide you the power and dynamism that are required for the recovery process of your truck/SUVs.


  • High capacity winching power of 13000 lb having 85 ft steel cable.
  • This particular winch comes with both wireless remote and 12 ft wired remote control. So, no matter whether you are a fan of wired remote control or wireless remote. You will find this winch a handy one.
  • I found the mounting / installing an easy task to do.
  • Performs like Hulk.
  • Steel cables are durable, easy to maintain, heavy-duty.
  • The cable goes through roller fairlead that makes the towing smooth.
  • Free spooling clutch, automatic in-the-drum braking, and three-stage planetary gear make the winch easy to control


  • You may find this winch a heavy one to carry.
  • Although the control box is water-resistant but not waterproof. I am sure you know the difference between water resistant and waterproof behavior.
  • A cable stop with the kit could have been a useful addition.

2. Speedmaster PCE553.1003 9500 lbs Winch Review

Speedmaster PCE553.1005 13000 lbs Winch Review

Key Features:

  • 9,500 lbs load capacity
  • 94 f Steel cable
  • Wired + Wireless Remote

Speedmaster PCE553.1003 winch is able to pull over any of your vehicle that weighs below 9500 lb.

But as per the basic principle, you better use this winch to tow anything weighing equal or less than 6333 lb.

Beside high winching power, I found this winch super easy to install.

This specific winch also comes with both 12 ft wired and wireless remote control, and I haven’t seen anyone complaining about the quality of the remote controls.

The wireless remote performs perfectly within the 50 ft range. As per my finding, you should be able to get the response from the remote beyond the range of 50 ft.

To give you proper support or control this winch is equipped with three-stage planetary gear, 94 feet steel winching cable, free spooling clutch, and automatic in-drum-braking system. I haven’t found any issue related to controlling the towing from any off-roaders.

Are there any downsides of this winch?

Yes, like the previous winch I reviewed, the weight of this winch is also heavy and the control box is not waterproof.

But overall, this is a great winch providing good value for the money.


  • Powerful enough to recover Truck, SUV, sedan or any other vehicle that weighs under 9500 lb. Ideally, if the gross weight of the vehicle is equal or under 6300 lb.
  • A super easy to install winch.
  • This is a good value product for the money.
  • Similar to the previous Speedmaster winch this version of the winch also comes with a 12 ft wired remote and wireless remote together. I think, getting both wired and wireless remote is something any offroader will like to have to control the towing from his/her comfort zone.
  • Although the off-roaders tell the remote works within the 50 ft range perfectly, I found it working in more than 50 ft range.
  • Three-stage planetary gear helps to control the towing accurately.
  • Along with the gear system, the automatic in-drum-braking and free spooling clutch put their own support to control the towing process efficiently.
  • 94 ft steel cable winch going through roller fairlead makes the towing easy and smooth. You know, the steel cable is easy to maintain, heavy-duty, and of course durable.


  • Its control box is water-resistant but not waterproof.
  • Steel cable tends to snap back when breaks under load and this can cause a serious injury to anyone on the spot. Ensure safety first.
  • Heavyweight winch

3. Speedmaster PCE553.1001 2500 lbs Winch Review

Speedmaster PCE553.1001 2500 lbs Winch Review

Key Features:

  • 2,500 lbs load capacity.
  • 40 ft Steel cable.
  • Wired remote(10-ft Lead)


The third one on my list is the Speedmaster PCE553.1001 which is relatively lighter than the other two models I have reviewed. But equally efficient against its winching capacity.

This individual winch has got the capacity of towing 2500 lb (you can rescue your vehicle weighting ideally 1666 lb or below as per the golden rule) equipped with 40 ft steel cable through a roller fairlead.

I found it easy to control the recovery process. I believe you will get efficient performance with the help of the handlebar mount remote control, dynamic brake, free spooling clutch, and differential planetary gear system.

I miss the wireless remote and waterproofing feature of the cover. Otherwise, this could be the go-to winch to recover ATV/UTV. But still considering its price, it’s a great deal to try out.



  • Weighs less than the previous two winches I have reviewed.
  • Easy to install and carry.
  • Winching capacity of 2500 lb.
  • Although this winch doesn’t offer wireless remote control. But the handlebar mount remote with 10 ft lead offers smooth towing while helping you to maintain a proper distance from the water or mud.
  • The button of the remote control is convenient to use and works without any flaw.
  • 40 ft steel cable guided onto the drum through the roller fairlead, differential planetary gear, dynamic braking, free spooling clutch all these help to control the recovery process efficiently


  • Unlike the previous two winches that come with both wired and wireless remote controls, this version of the Speedmaster winch comes with only wired remote.
  • Similar to the other two models, this model doesn’t have waterproofing benefit. The cover box is water resistant though.

Brief About Speedmaster

Speedmaster, previously known as Pete’s Performance, started its journey in 1979 by building engines as a hobby.

They are still manufacturing, assembling, and selling different high-quality engine parts. Beside engine parts, they have expanded their business to produce other automotive gears and components as well.

Now they are selling products like winches, air cleaners, fuel pumps, tanks, filters, shafts, flywheels, tires, and many more.

From one man show to over 400 employees, Speedmaster is growing with a great reputation for manufacturing quality products. Currently, they have their distribution centers at Los Angeles, Sydney and Shanghai. But they sell their products online too.

Final Words

If you are still reading this line, congratulations!

You are now quite familiar with these three Speedmaster winches that I reviewed based on how different off-roaders experienced them.

Particularly I focused on the performance, control, power and other key features that determine if you should buy these winches or not.

If you are looking for winches that may prove to be a solid assistant for the recovery process without breaking your bank balance then Speedmaster winches should be on top of your bucket list.

That’s the end of my Speedmaster winch review. If you’re looking for more reviews of winches from different brands, then read our top winch review.

If you have anything to ask then please inform us via the comment box below.

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