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How to Start Your New Sewing Passion?

how to start sewing passion

If you are ignorant about sewing like me, then this article is for you.  A few days back when I thought of learning sewing I realized that the main problem of a beginner is a beginner does not know how to learn, this ignorance makes the learning process more difficult.

I always keep in mind that where there is a problem there is a solution. And on the basis of this information, I started to think and search for a solution to make sewing journey fruitful.

I realized that an easily understandable precise guideline is the solution to my problem. So, I made a note with the essential sewing guidelines and I know there are many people who want to learn sewing but facing the same problem. So, I thought to share my sewing notebook about how to start sewing with the apprentice sewers.

Easy and Effective Tips to Start Your Sewing Passion

I have divided my work into 2 steps. One is shopping and the other is starting an easy project for developing my sewing skills.

Step 1: Preparing Shopping List

No matter what your project is you must need to keep some essential sewing tools in your collection. These tools include:

  • Sewing machine
  • Needle and needle threader (you can skip needle threader if you are expert to thread needle by hand)
  • Thimble
  • Fabric scissors
  • Seam reaper
  • Thread
  • Measuring tape
  • Straight pin and pincushion
  • Tailor’s chalk
  • Iron

Though there are many more sewing tools as a beginner, I considered these 10 sewing tools as essential.  Depending on my project I will take the decision to buy other sewing tools when I will feel its necessity.

Step 2: Sewing Project

Many people prefer to start their sewing journey with a sewing machine but since I learned that for many projects sometimes it needs to sew by hands and that is why I decided to learn the manual sewing at first.

If you do not want to learn this step you can skip this part. Here is step by step direction that you need to follow to start your hand sewing journey:

  • Enter the thread into the tiny hole of your needle with the aid of the needle threader. You can enter a single thread or double thread. It depends on your project. Generally, people use a single thread but if you are going to sew a button it is better to use double thread, it will speed up your sewing.
  • For normal hand sewing project, it is enough to keep the thread length within 45-80 cm range. If you use too long thread then you need it may cause snagging or kinking problems. And, if you use the short thread you have to add thread very often which will lower your sewing speed.
  • Cut the thread keeping around 45-80cm range at 45-degree angle with sharp scissors.

Cutting in this way will prevent the edge of the thread to be messy. Sometimes people cut the thread with teeth or torn apart with a hand which makes the edge of the thread messy.

  • Then make a knot at the end of the thread.
  • Now it is time to start stitching. Do not forget to use thimble otherwise your finger may get hurt.
  • Here I am going to give you some idea of easy and quick hand sewing project. You can start your practice by picking any of them.
  • Laptop Sleeve
  • Pillow cover
  • Headband
  • Sunglass cover
  • Key ring

Let’s discuss sewing with a sewing machine.  At first, you have to learn how to use your sewing machine. Here I am giving you some tips to learn how to use your sewing machine:

  • Each sewing machine comes with a manual. Read this manual thoroughly and learn the function of different parts of the machine.
  • Learn to change the needle, thread the needle, winding the bobbin, drawing up the bobbin thread and to adjust the settings of the machine.
  • You can sew some lines on a piece of tissue paper without using the thread. This is just a practice.
  • Then you can start sewing a straight stitch. After learning it you can practice zigzag stitch or other stitching techniques.

Here are some ideas of easy and quick sewing projects:

  • Zipper pencil pouch
  • Skirt
  • Fabric gift bag
  • Handkerchief
  • Bear hand warmer
  • Tote bag
  • Ruffled ribbon make up bag
  • Jar topper
  • Fabric birds
  • Simple fabric letters for your kids
  • Puffy heart


If you perform every step with enough care and consciousness fewer mistakes will occur and your sewing journey will become enjoyable.

Beginners generally do mistakes in measurement, choosing the right fabric for the project, cannot fix the right tension of the sewing machine, feels problem to use foot pressure properly, keeps so many fabrics at hand that overwhelms them to take right decision etc.

At the beginning stage, it is better to practice simple techniques using only essential materials and sewing tools.  Once you learn the basic of sewing properly, you can easily learn other sewing techniques.

If you need to anything more about sewing passion. Then let us know via the comment section below.

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