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10 Surprising Ways Playing Basketball Can Improve Your Social Skills

Surprising Ways Playing Basketball Can Improve Your Social SkillsSocial skills are an undivided part of functioning in society and developing those skills can prepare yourself for a lifetime of strong interactions in all aspects of life.

Social skills help people to communicate, display good manners, ask questions, learn new things, seek help, make more friends, get along with others and maintain healthy relationships. It may seem a bit difficult for the introverts to develop these noble skills.

However, today I’m gonna show you some surprising ways that can take your social skills to the next level even if you’re an introvert.

How Can Playing Basketball Improve Your Social Skills?

As I promised, I won’t tell you that already have been told over and over to develop your social skills. So, something new is waiting to be disclosed today and that’s basketball. Yes, playing basketball is the most interesting way to ennoble your social skills alongside its health benefits. Here’s how:

1. Improves Communication Skills

Communication is the key to be social. It’s a must to communicate appropriately to relate to others and convince them to understand us.

Like any other team sports, in basketball, players have to express their expectations, concerns, disappointments and even their weakness to their teammates, captain and coaches. They celebrate their success together and also learn from their mistakes.

Coaches also encourage their players to seek feedback from them as well as comments from their captain and other teammates. They also have to communicate with the other team members as we see Stephen Curry talks to his greatest opponent LeBron James.

Moreover, this sport creates a friendly relationship between the teammates, captain and coaches which improves their communication skills and helps them to learn how to engage with people in general. As a result, nowhere they feel shy to shout their quaere.

2. Basketball Teaches Teamwork

Basketball Teaches TeamworkAs a social being, very often we need to be shown the appreciation of working with others. We may sleep alone, but no great thing can be done alone.

Teamwork is a must to lead the nation, it’s a must even to establish a personal business brand, it’s an inseparable part of the social advancement and playing basketball can successfully teach this virtue.

Basketball is a team sport and a sports team can’t succeed without the conjoint effort of all the team members. And appropriate teamwork requires a friendly relationship between the teammates along with the coordination, consistency, collaboration and contribution of everyone to the team.

A sports team have to develop their own strategies to defeat their opponents. The accomplishment of those strategies wants 100% active participation of all the team members to continuously work on improving their team performance as well as their individual improvement.

3. It Teaches How To Manage Conflicts

Conflicts appear in all respects of our life. From our dining room to hall room, from day to day life to the highly sensitive political life, everywhere you’ll get the specter of conflicts. Those conflicts are also present in the game of basketball as well as in all the team sports.

Coaches love to teach how to manage different types of conflicts. As a result, players can easily handle and manage any conflict not only in their games but also in their social and practical life. Moreover, learning to manage and resolve perplexing conflict plays a vital role to keep your family relationships nectareous.

4. Improves Decision Making Skill

It’s another leading skill for the human being. We’ve to take tons of decision to lead our lives and taking a wrong decision can certainly hamper our life.

Like any other exciting sports, basketball habituates the players to take the right decision at the right time. It teaches when to shoot the ball, when to pass it and even when to let the defenders get the ball which undoubtedly promotes their critical decision-making skill in every aspect of their life.

Any basketball player who has played in NBA or WNBA or any other pro championship games knows the definition of pressure. Basketball creates a challenging world where players learn to overcome their ordinary “fight or flight” tendency to take apposite decisions even in high-pressure situations. This ability to do well under pressure makes them better at making deadlines and working in stressful situations in other aspects of their life.

5. It Teaches How To Manage Time

Time management is another great social skill. As you know, nobody likes the Late Jenny, none can catch the flight even on the next second of its departure and no one can go back to the past.

So, you also know the importance of time. Coaches teach a rule to the basketball players and that is – “basketball isn’t the game of your height and strength, but it’s the game of timing and position”.

All the basketball players know the importance of time and how to manage it. They know it very well that without developing the time management skill, they would never be able to maintain their academic duty and sports at the same time. Moreover, just like other athletes, their sense of timing is so strong that a study by Fast Company shows that employee should be a former student-athlete.

Basketball players have to maintain a minute by minute routine as they’ve got a lot of responsibilities including their academic study, strength training, practicing various drills, and participating in the games. This makes them punctual in every aspect of their life and helps them focus on achieving their goals sooner than average Jenny.

6. Builds Strong Sense of Community

A sense of community is a source of satiety and satisfaction. Because of this sense, together we stand against any social calamity, we celebrate social festivals and we enjoy social ties. Playing this team sport is very effective to strengthen this sense of community.

Instead of improving personal skill level, basketball emphasizes to boost team strength. It’s a must for the basketball players to have a strong sense of community to defeat the opposing team on the court.

It not only requires shooting to outplay a match, but it also requires dribbling, passing, rebounding and other activities which play a major role to harden the sense of community and thus ensure the perfect teamwork both inside and outside the court.

7. Boosts Your Confidence

Without adequate confidence, you won’t be able to make your nation great. Moreover, finding when and how to show off yourself is one of the most challenging skills you should develop.

In a society, you’ll get some strong and aggressive personality and some vulnerable personality. Playing basketball can help boost your confidence to withstand the adversities of life.

In this game, you’ve to box out the bigger players, you’ve to pass the stronger players and even you’ve to outjump the taller players which improve your confidence level. This improved confidence level helps you to take big challenges in later life. The competitive atmosphere of basketball is really a good training field to boost your confidence.

8. Prevents Drug Abuse

basketball prevent drug abuseDrug addiction is one of the most deleterious social issues. It completely ruins the life of teenagers and youths.

Playing basketball ensures enough physical activity and it has been proven that ample physical activity not only prevents drug abuse and smoking, but, it also ensures improved self-esteem, sound health, better nutrition and disease-free happy life.

9. Helps You To Meet New People

Introverts never like to meet new people. But, playing basketball creates such an amazing atmosphere that everybody enjoys meeting new people. Nobody dislikes the claps from the gallery. A basketball player may have to travel from state to state to participate in the various leagues.

Each of your basketball skills attracts new audiences and even new coaches and players to judge your personal skill level. Thus, this game creates an opportunity to meet new people and create new friends.

10. Teaches To Respect Others

We’ve to show our utmost respect to the social leaders. We also have to respect others in our society and without showing respect to others, it’s quite impossible to be respected. This amazing team sport teaches us to respect others.

We know how to respect our parents and teachers and any big authority. But, respecting opponents is crucial to assure a peaceful social life. You’ll get both the supporters and the haters of the ruling political party in each and every society. So, it’s impossible to lead our lives with peace without respecting our opponents and basketball is very effective to teach us how to respect the opponents.

It takes dedication, time, sacrifice and hard work to be a great basketball player that definitely deserves tremendous respect from almost everybody. Basketball teaches how to respect the coaches, it teaches how to admire the teammates, it also teaches how to obey the team captain it even teaches the best way to respect the opponents.

Including all these social benefits, playing basketball also provides a bunch of amazing health benefits. It helps to burn fat, promotes blood circulation and improves bone density. So, you can definitely consider playing this fantastic sport. Don’t worry, I can show you how to start playing basketball.

How To Start Playing Basketball

You know, basketball is a team sport which is one of the most challenging, entertaining and exciting sports in the world. It has some rules and you’ll need some equipment to play this sport. Now, it may seem difficult to start playing this game. But, the following step by step guide can make it so easy for you.

Step 1:

basketball goal systemThere are a lot of points to start. As it’s a team sport, it may seem to you that building a team should be the first step. But, that’s not the reality. It’s not possible to build a team without having the necessary equipment.

So, the first step should be to create a list of the necessary sporting goods. A basketball court, a pair of basketball goal systems and a basketball are the key equipment to start playing this game.

If you’re planning to play it indoor, your game room can be a good choice to create a basketball court. And if you’re planning to enjoy it outdoor, your driveway can be an excellent choice.

Using a cheap basketball court marker, you can easily design your outdoor basketball court and then install those goal systems in the right position. A pair of basketball shoes for each team members, basketball hoop, proper gear and some other accessories will make the game more enjoyable. You can check our best outdoor basketball shoes review if you are planning to buy one.

Step 2:

After having all the necessary things ready, you should now invite all of your family members and neighboring kids and parents to visit your newly designed basketball court. As it’s a very popular sport, they’ll show their best interest to start playing with you and without shedding a drop of sweat, you’ll get your team ready.

Step 3:

Now, you’ve your teams and all the must-have basketball accessories. Hope, you’re going to start playing this dream game from the next morning.

But, before doing so, it’s very important for you to teach the game rules to all of your team members. Basketball rules are not so difficult to understand. I can assure you that, within half an hour, they’ll understand the rules.

Moreover, you can customize some of the rules according to your pleasure as you aren’t going to play any official tournament. For instance, the official height of the basketball goal rim is 10 feet, but at first, you can set it according to your comfort level. There are 5 players on each official team, but you can consider adding more or fewer players in your teams and you can set the game time as long as you want.

Wrapping Up

These are the simple and easy steps to start playing basketball and enjoying this amazing team sport, anybody can develop their social skills. Basketball is also very effective to reduce stress and keep you jovial. Another surprising fact of this sport is that you can even practice it individually.

Let’s love it, play it and enjoy it to be more social!

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