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20 Must Have Things to Keep in Car

must have things to keep in car

Everyone should always be prepared like a scout boy, no matter what!

Sometimes cars may break down and you’ll need to stay safe. You can call your car a little home while you are away from home on a long journey. That’s why there are some very useful things everyone should keep in his car.

Some of us keep nothing in the car trunks. It’s very important to stock your car with some things that might come to your need for emergencies or a weekend away.

Does your car have everything you need at the time of emergency?

Here is the list of 20 things you should always keep in your car:

#1. Jumper Cables

Every car battery will die at a time. If you think your’s one never will, you’re wrong. Its always good to have a set of jumper cables to save the unprepared stranger who needs their car jumped. It’s an absolutely essential thing. Jumper cables enable you to get your car started with a dead battery if a Samaritan comes along. It also enables you to charge for someone’s car else. Alternatively, You can pack an emergency battery booster.

Buy a pair of #4 or #6 gauge jumper cables. Jumper cables of six to eight feet in length is ideal for jumpstart a dead battery.

#2. Flashlight

It’s very difficult to change a tire, jump starting another car or working at anything else at night without a flashlight. if you have a LED flashlight, you won’t have to worry about draining your phone’s battery.

A long lasting led light will help you in these situations. A good flashlight is extremely bright and will last for a long time. It’s better to keep a magnetic LED flashlight in your car. That will allow you to place the light and to keep both hands free to take care of the problem.

#3. Tire Changing Supplies

This is one of the most important items. If you have a spare tire, jack, tire iron and some WD 40, then you’ve got the things you need to change a tire.Things every man should have in his car

#4. Multi-use Charger

Keeping a charger in the car is one of the best decision. A multi-use charger will take care of your smartphone, laptop, and many other devices. Choose a charger that’s compatible with most USB enabled devices. You can charge your mobile at any time while driving and ensure full charge at emergencies.

#5. Water Bottles

Your car and you both need water! Right? You can live for 12 days without food, but only 3-5 days without water. That’s why water is very important. I’m not telling you to keep a water tank in your car, just keep three or four bottles and you’ll be good. Make sure the bottles are sturdy enough to tackle extreme heat and freezing conditions.

After a long drive when your car’s engine overheats and starts hissing out steam, you’re going to need some water to keep it alright.

#6. Blanket

A dedicated car blanket can help you keep warm in an emergency such as cold weather. Without one, you could freeze to death. It’s always good to have a blanket in the car.

#7. First Aid Kit

Keeping a set of simple first aid kit is sometimes very needed. Fill the box with antiseptics, basic medications, bandages, small scissors, Savlon etc. It’s always nice to have one when you cut your finger or something bigger than that. I am requesting you to keep one. Because you never know when you’re going to need this.

#8. Multi-Tool

Having a multitool can help you when you’re stuck with little repairs that could otherwise be a major problem. Take a proper multi-tool kit for your car. Because you never know when and what tool you’re going to need. Fill your toolbox with an adjustable wrench, needlenose pliers with cutting edge, a can opener, a file, small scissor set, screwdriver, corkscrew, wire cutter as well as a dedicated knife.

#9 Duct Tape

This another great piece to have in car. It can temporarily fix almost anything.

#11. Umbrella

You will practically feel the importance of keeping an umbrella in your car when you get stuck in the rain and your office time has started. An umbrella also makes a quite good handy sun shade.

#12. Pen and Notebook

It’s pretty cool if you keep these in your car. But most people don’t carry purses. You should keep a pen and a small notebook in your car because often you’ll need this. Sometimes you may need to write down directions when you’re lost in an unknown area, or the name of the amazing roadside, or the plate number of the driver’s car who cut you off and went all road rage on you.

#13. Hat and Gloves

A pair of work gloves will protect your hands while you are working with tire irons, lugnuts, hot engine parts etc. If you have these two items, then you are ready to manage many roadside situations.

#14. Maps

A printed map is very important when you’re going to a distance new area. Keep a dedicated map of your are in your car at all times. You also can keep a current atlas you have enough space. It’s not good to rely on a GPS navigation system fully.

#15. Football

Football! Quite unfamiliar. Right? Truly to say, Keeping a football in your car is pretty good. You’re a human, not a robot. Keep a football in your trunk when you’re going on a camping trip/long journey/day trip etc.

#16. Reflective Triangle

It’s very dangerous to be hanging out of the site of the road at night or dark area. Keep at least three reflective triangles to put them properly.

#17. Fire Extinguisher

Keep a fire extinguisher in your car. This will not only protect you from the fire but also enables you to help others in a dangerous situation.

#18. Toolbox

A toolbox with some primary tools such as pliers, screwdrivers, wrench etc will help you o do minor repair work.

#19. Extra Clothes

This is also an important item. If you get drenched in snow or water, you’ll need it.

#20. Cash

Don’t rely completely on a credit card. You may sometimes find yourself in such a place where a credit card is no more valuable than a plastic piece. Sometimes you need to buy a snack from an old store or get a drink from a vending machine. In this situation, your card has no value. So store some cash and hide it in your car.

##Some Other Items You Can also Consider

Snow chains, Ice scraper, Handwarmers, Measuring Tape, Waterproof matches, Portable Tire Inflator, dash camgrease gun etc.

Do you agree with our list of the essential car items? Inform us if we’ve missed something.

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