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Everything You Need to Know About Tap and Die Sets

When it comes to garage and repair businesses, the tap and die sets are quite popular. As a matter of fact, having a tap and die sets if you are in this line of business will give you a handy toolkit. It is also a handy tool of home especially if you are fond of collecting tools. But before we go deeper into this subject, let’s start with the basics.

What are Tap and Die Sets and Why Do You Need Them?

The tap and die sets are used for chopping threads around a hole to fit into rods. Specifically, you have to use a tap if you want to cut threads around a hole so it can fit into rods. But if you want to repair your current threads that you have been using on battered bolts, you have to use a die. Rods are made from steel so the tap and die set is considered as one of the best tools for making new threads from new bolts.

High-quality sets from reliable brands commonly come with various taps and die so you don’t have to worry about using bolts that are available in different sizes. A high-quality tap and die set should also have both metric and SAE sizes. The more sizes you can use, the better. But the best thing about this is its user-friendly design.

Even if you don’t have enough experience handling tools like tap and dies, you won’t have a hard time using it because it is specially made for DIY projects. Therefore, both small businesses and individuals can benefit from using tap and die sets.

Different Types of Tap and Die Sets

If you are planning to buy your very own tap and die set, be sure that you know its different types. Knowing each type of tap and die will help you determine the best tools that a set should include. So, check out this list below before you decide on purchasing anything:


  • Taper Tap

This type of tap is designed to start a thread around a hole. It is commonly shaped from the top which starts from its bottom point up to its 6th thread. The best thing about this tap is that it can create a full thread around a hole.

  • Second Tap

As its name suggests, this tap is used to reinforce and deepen the threads made by a taper tap. This is commonly used for blind holes where the virtual ends of the drill don’t exist. The only similarity that a second tap has with the taper tap is its first 6 threads.

  • Plug Tap

Compared with the two types of tap above, this tap isn’t shaped like the others because it is designed to enhance the finished look of blind holes to the ends.


  • Circular Die

If you want to create a complete thread through a single operation, you only need a circular die. This type of die is tapered only on one side to start a smooth operation. But, this die isn’t ideal if you want to make adjustments on the screws due to its springiness. So this die is generally used for cutting small thread types only.

  • Two-Piece Adjustable Die

For producing longer threads, a two-piece adjustable die is commonly used. However, it takes more than a single operation to make longer threads since it closes after making each thread. The final cuts are made once etched numbers over it meet on the same side.

Best Tap and Die Set Buying Guide

Choosing the best tap and die sets can be very challenging if you’re not a first-time buyer. At this point, we will talk about the important factors that you should consider to pick the right one. We are pretty sure that, after reading this point, you will be able to pick the best one for you.

  • Quality

The quality of the tap and die sets is one of the most important factors to consider. The design and material used in the tap and die sets determine the quality of the product. You should look for one which is made of high-quality material. You shouldn’t go for cheaper products. Because they tend to be of poorer quality and won’t last long.

  • Type of Steel

When it comes to function and durability, there is a huge difference between low and high-quality steel. If the product is made of poor quality steel, then it won’t be as sturdy as that one which is built by a master craftsman.

  • Size

The size of taps and dies is another important factor. Choosing the wrong size can render the full tap and die sets completely useless. The sizes are metric and SAE. An ideal set should cover both sizes for versatility.

  • Handle

If the handle is uncomfortable and awkward, mistakes can happen at any time. You should also make sure that it is also very easy to use.

  • Case

The carrying case should also be considered. If you go for low quality and poorly designed case, then there is a high possibility of losing your taps and dies. You can choose strong plastic storage cases.  This will ensure that all the components of the tap and die sets are safely kept in place. Also, if you keep your tap and die set organized in a sturdy case, it will save a lot of time.

  • Brand

While choosing tap and die set, make sure you have picked one from a well-reputed brand.


Since there are tons of tap and die sets in the market, most customers become overwhelmed with the number of choices. But as long as you keep in mind the main purpose of the tap and die sets as well as its types, it will be easier for you to find the best one. You can also check TopReviewsAdvisor for more information on this topic. Don’t forget to check each set’s product description and its pros and cons.

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