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22 Things You Should Have for Woodworking

things you need for woodworkingEvery trade has its own tools. Woodworking is no different. Most woodworkers end up with a collection of hand tool, some small and large machine tools.

The tools you should have depends on what kind of woodwork you will make and how you will make it. You can buy the woodworking tools according to the kind of work you do.

You have to think about your goals and choose the woodworking tools that suit your needs best. Always keep in mind that, no one tool is right for everyone. There is no need to buy all the tools at once. You can enhance your store gradually. Buy gradually and improve your skill.

When you’re going to buy tools, carefully check more than one shop and read the catalog. Don’t hesitate to try different tools until you find the ones that suit your needs. Here is a list of top 22 tools every woodworker should have.

Must Have Tools For Woodworking

1. Hammer

Let’s start with the most common and basic tool. Hammer is one of the obvious tools to have. A good quality hammer is stronger, have better grips and last for a long time. Hammers with steel handle will be stronger. Fiberglass too. Hammers are not expensive. A claw hammer might be a better choice if your work requires a lot of nailing.

2. Hand Saw

Handsaws are often called “panel saws”.It’s a useful and necessary part of the woodworking trade. For cutting wood, there are two basic types of hand saws: rip saws and crosscut saws. Rip saws cuts along the grain like a chisel. “Crosscut” saws are used for cutting across the grain like a knife. You will need both two saws.

3. Set of Chisel

Chisels are another inexpensive, versatile and much-needed tool for woodwork. Chisels with hardwood grips are best if they have metal caps on them. Choose one that’s made of chromium-vanadium alloyed steel or high-alloy carbon steel. Look for ones that feel good in your hand.

There are a variety of chisel sizes and styles. I would recommend four basic chisels: 1/4 in., 1/2 in., 3/4 in. and 3/8 in. The smallest size of chisels is best for mortise work. A basic set of chisel shouldn’t cost too much at all. Shop carefully, buy the best one which is accurate and remain sharp for a long time.

4. Clamp

When you’re building a project, clamps are essential. They hold your newly glued up joints together until the glue hardens. You always need more clamps then you think. so, be conscious when you’re going to buy.

5. Drill


What’s your idea about the uses of a drill? Simply to say, Drill makes holes and drives screws. Most of the people might expect to see cordless drill instead of a corded drill in this list. Truly to say, a corded drill is more powerful and versatile. A cordless drill is more portable than a corded drill. But corded drill can do more than a cordless. They are less expensive than the cordless drill.

While choosing a drill, you need to consider some options: you want to be keyed or keyless, straight or hammer drill, 3/8″ or 1/2″ and so more. You can try Dewalt DCK240c2  cordless drill, this one is a good one.

6. Measuring Tape

The next important tool is an accurate tape measure. A measuring tape cost about $10. Get one tape which is at least twenty-five feet long. You can also consider a measuring square and ruler for accurate measurements.

7. Workbench


You need a dedicated workbench for doing woodwork. You can buy one or make one yourself. You can make a workbench for under $200. There a lot of guides, videos and reviews online that will show you how to do it. Just research on google. You will find it. I have also reviewed some great workbenches with their uses and pros cons. You can read our best workbench review before you buy a workbench

8. Table Saw

Table saw is a versatile, powerful and fast tool. It’s probably the first large machine tool that you need. It is used everything from cutting wood, board sheets to making joints. It will cost between $600 – $900.

When you’re going to buy a table saw, consider these two factors: price, the flexibility of the machine. The most common size of a saw is probably 10-inch. The dimension of the tabletop is one other criterion. The Bigger size is better but more expensive and less portable.

9. Compound Miter Saw

After buying a table saw, the next one would be a compound miter saw. It’s not an essential tool because you can do the same work with a table saw or a circular saw. Compound saw is able to cut at precise angles and depth. It just makes the work accurate and ever cutting job easier. nowadays, this versatile tool has become a fixture at the worksite. 10 – 12-inch saw is enough for most jobs.

10. Circular saw

circular saw

It is used for especially long rip cuts. It is one of the versatile saws. It allows you to use it in many different ways. A table saw is better than a circular saw. Because you can do both joinery work and dimension. If you’re planning to buy a circular saw then you can read our Makita circular saw review.

11. Jigsaw

Jig saw

Jigsaw is highly maneuverable and has a wide range of uses in woodworking. This saw is mainly used to make plunger cuts and curvy cuts. Having a good Jigsaw blade can make your work much easier.

12. Band Saw

The purpose of jig saw and band saw are almost the same. But the extra benefit of the band saw is it can deal with a much thicker wood piece. You can do straight cuts and bevel cuts with it.

13. Scroll Saw

scroll saw

Scroll saws are great for cutting intricate curves in wood, metal, or other materials. It can cut more delicately than a jigsaw, and more easily than a fretsaw. Don’t hesitate to invest in a quality scroll saw.

14. Air Compressor and Nailer

Nowadays, air compressor has become a virtual necessity. This is a great tool to have if you’re making a lot of shelves and bookcases. It’s price isn’t too much. There are huge variations of compressors in the marketplace. Important things to consider before buying one is portability, output, and price.

15. Mallet Hammer

If you want to use a chisel, then you have to use it with a mallet. If you use a regular hammer, it will cause damage. Get different sizes of mallet so that they suit all your works.

16. Air Cleaner

Woodworking produces a lot of dust particles. These dust particles will cause the problem with your breath. No doubt, you won’t work comfortably if cannot breathe easily.  So, try to get an air cleaner for better work.

17. Dust Collector

Dust collector collects the dust right from your cutting place. There are mainly two types of dust collector:single bag and double bag.

18. Carpenter’s square

carpenters square

This is also called a steel square or framing square. It is one of the cheap and versatile tools carpenter uses. It enables you to measure and make right angle corners with ease.

If you are a professional builder, home project enthusiast or plumber, this square will save a bunch of time and help you to get proper measurements.

19. Lathe

The lathe is the essential tool for producing crafts, chair table etc. You can not make old style furniture like spindle-shaped legs or crafts like wooden bowls without it.

20. Drill Press

This woodworking tool is used for more precious drilling.

21. Belt Sander

Belt sander reduces the effort in sanding.

22. Glove

It is one of the most important safety tools for woodworking. To keep your hands protected while working with your tools, you must wear a woodworking glove.

There’s more like oscillating tools, carpenters tool belt but what we mentioned is enough. Now start purchasing your tools according to our guide and enjoy your woodworking job.

If you think we’ve missed something important, the let us know via the comment box.

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