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7 Tips to Make Your Family Vacation an Exciting Venture

Tips to Make Your Family Vacation an Exciting Venture

Just when you think you had enough with the holidays, you decide that you need a vacation, but it’s not only you who needs it. It’s your entire family who needs a vacation!

Whether you have a big family or a small family. Why does it feel like we experience some worst vacations we least want to remember?

These steps below will help reduce the terrible tension and under strain when seeing through the process. Here are some tips for making the family vacation a great and memorable family experience.

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1. Pick a Kid-Friendly Location

kids friendly location

Exploring the various places you can go as a family is the least of what you should be doing.

First, you should make it a kid-friendly vacation location if you have kids. It should allow for the relaxation for adults and children. Relaxing in front of the adult pool instead of the kid’s pool may be an idea, or having a massage while the children are at the kid activities center in the resort you plan on staying at.

Schedule a tour at the local museum or go on a cave tour nearby a canyon or mountaintop. Remember to plan ahead for these things. In fact, the hotel you are booked at may have some ideas on their website, so search on their official website if you plan on staying at a hotel or resort.

If you plan on going to the beach, then there’s plenty do there which are considered kid-friendly locations. It’s all about the research of the town or city you plan on going to. Look for the location and the “kid-friendly” things to do there and you should get a list of things. If not, then don’t bother to go there, simple as that!

2. Create Vacation Packing List

vacation packing list

Have each family member write down what they are taking and make scan through it to see if you think they left anything out.

It could be that favorite blanket that normally puts your two-year-old to sleep or your son’s asthma medication he may need at times. You spouse’s muscle rubbing crème may be another medication that should be on the list as well as aspirin’s and emergency kits. You can take a travel backpack, that’ll help a lot. You can take one from the brand Herschell. They offer very cool backpacks at a reasonable price. Also, If you have enough budget, you can also check our tumi backpack review.

You may want to take some extra entertainment such as CD movies, books, and board games.  The packing list is a great way to go over everything you take as well as when you come back. You may find it helpful to update it every year.

3. Your Budget: Don’t Over Schedule

Children do get overexcited once they reach the final destination. Don’t allow them to rush into things such as one activity for the entire day.

Schedule one day at least for the entire family. It is a family vacation after all! You should plan on having a family activity at least once a day so you can make it a memorable family vacation, not a forgettable one. Some of the older kids will want that “alone-time” and there’s never any complaints when they’re on their mobiles.

4. Consider Apartment Rental


rent apartment

If you want your family to change it up a bit for your next family vacation, then rent an apartment in the city or town you are planning on vacationing at.

Look up travel vacation rentals nearby your city and check out all the results. You’ll be surprised as to how many rental properties are out there. Some are fully furnished apartment rentals too and they have all the amenities.

5. Keep Meal Costs Down

Instead of going out to eat in the nearby town, you can keep meal costs down when you make a family vacation this season.

You don’t want to sacrifice the local deli or the local family restaurants that are open though. Therefore, again, research and book the right restaurant where everyone agrees on eating.

If you travel to Texas, you can’t skip any of the local BBQ restaurants, if you go to Maine, you can’t skip out on the large lobster tails. In fact, you must eat at one of the local restaurants before returning from your family vacation.

Hotels and resorts offer free continental breakfast. Take advantage of the combinations. Go for all food that’s free there. You’re paying a high dollar for your vacation, especially with the entire family, you might as well take advantage of the free coffee too!

Additionally, you can pack dry perishable foods and snacks that you can eat while vacationing. You can also take portable electric smokers with you.

6. Prepare Kids For Different Foods And Customs


If you plan on making a family vacation memorable and fun, prepare your kids for various expectations when you go to a foreign country.

Foods and customs are much different. Therefore, teach your kids the appropriate local languages where you may be visiting if the natives do not speak your language. At least teach them the “please” and the “thank-you.” In a foreign country, it’s the right thing to do and that’s being polite especially when eating the native cuisine.

7. Find Fun Everywhere

travel fun

Do activities centered around the family when on your vacation. There are resorts and hotel activities that will have you develop something as a family. You’ll be able to take something back from it which will be a memorable token of appreciation as a family during your vacation.

Another example of capturing a family’s fun time is at a museum you visit. For your visit to a museum, family activities which may be scheduled there will allow you to take something back from it too. Therefore, when you plan on capturing your family travel memories, keep these in mind.

Some Other Tips

Here are some final tips for making a family vacation memorable and fun.

  • Planning is the number one tip for making a family vacation memorable and fun. Without it, the devastation can trickle and make even the happiest child in the bunch sad.
  • Doing your homework and knowing a budget for the vacation is where you should start, so, know your budget.
  • Build the flexible downtime for all to have alone when on vacation.
  • You don’t have to necessarily be together 24/7 but you do want some quality time when you go on vacation with your family.
  • You may want to book early, like when planning on a Spring Break vacation with the family.

Wrapping Up

Finally, you may need to gather the entire family for a pre-vacationing meeting to brainstorm schedules, ideas of where to go, and maybe a little insight as to what everyone wants to get out of this.

It’s always a good tool to communicate with your family when it comes to having a pre-vacation meeting. You’ll discover it’s a great way to start planning and making a family vacation more memorable.

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