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Warn Portable 500 lb Drill Winch Review 2019

warn drill winch review

Warn drill winch is a rugged and versatile winch which uses a drill as the power source. Don’t get fooled about its ability in pulling. Even though it is small, compact and uses a drill as power juice, it can pull 500 lbs. with ease.

It uses the power of any cord or cordless drill and drives the winch.

This super portable drill winch can be transported easily and can be used with ease. It can be carried or lifted by a single person as it is lightweight compared to other heavy winches which require more persons.

But is this winch really worth the money? Will it last? Keep reading this Warn drill winch review to find out.

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Warn 910500 Drill Winch 500 lb. Capacity Review

Partaking Features of the Warn Drill Winch

  • Excellent Build Quality

The Warn 500 lb drill winch has beautiful and premium build quality. The molded plastic body is very tough and does not appear cheap. It has black matte finishing for extra premium aesthetics. The gripping handle is also very firm and does not slip while operating.

  • Flexible Power And Pulling Abilities

One of the coolest features of the warn drill powered winch is its ability to rely on a drill for the power source. You need not to rely on mains always for power.

It also has overload limiter which prevents the motor from heating while forced to pull heavy loads. You can also lift or drop vertical loads even though it is not designed for that purpose.

  • Excellent Adjustability

This winch has the ability to operate with portable drills. It can be adjusted with both corded and cordless drills with ease. You can easily pull loads of about 200 kgs even with a cordless drill. The winch can be fitted on many vehicles, boat trailers or to a terrain vehicle (ATV or UTV).

  • Conversion Ability

You can replace the galvanized steel rope with a synthetic rope. A conversion kit is required to replace the steel rope. The hawse fairlead can also be replaced with aluminum hawse fairlead in order to assist the synthetic rope.

warn drill winch review

Warn Portable Drill Winch Review

See Warn drill Winch on action:


Technical Specifications of Warn Portable Drill Winch

Model: Warn 910500 drill winch
Winch Type: Electric
Dimensions: 10 x 10 x 10 inches
Weight: 12.63 lbs. or 5.73 kg
Line Pull: 500 lbs. or 227 kg
Gear Ratio: 79.2: 1
Rope: Galvanized Steel
Rope Dimensions: 30-foot length and 7/16 inches in diameter
Fairlead Mechanism: Hawse
Braking: Dynamic braking system
Clutch: Free-spooling
Optimum Working Temperature: -17 to 50 degrees Celsius (0 F to 120 F)
Mounting Bolt Pattern: Not Applicable
Motor: Powered by a cordless or corded drill (not included)
Remote Control: Not included


This is one of the best portable drill winches. This Warn drill winch comes with a multitude of features. The whole body is made of plastic and covers the winch.

It has an excellent molded plastic handle for better grip. This handle also makes it easy to carry the drill winch. Beneath the handle, the open window helps you see the rope while spooling.

The aluminum hawse fairlead mechanism ensures smooth operation. It has a convenient free spooling clutch and dynamic braking system making it a versatile winch with features similar to a standard winch.

It can easily fit on any truck, boat trail or an ATV. The rope is galvanized, aircraft-grade and measures nearly 30 foot. It also includes rigging hooks (swivel and fixed) for better and controlled pulling or rigging.

A nylon strap is provided to attach the hook to the load. The rope must be wound onto the drum evenly to avoid any physical damages.

The line speed depends on the torque of the drill you use. The drill is not included in the product. Shackles, bolts and steel loops help in pulling loads up to 500 lbs. or 227 kg. The hook of the rope will rotate through D shackle to reduce friction and enhance smooth functioning.

It has a switch to lock the drum in pulling or free mode. There are markings on the switch to minimize errors. On the opposing side of the switch, a drive shaft is provided.

The chuck of the drill must be attached to this driver shaft. You can use both cordless and corded drills to use the winch. It works impressively, and you will not see any discrepancies. You may see a slow pull because of obvious reasons, the winch is drill powered.

Pros & Cons of Warn Drill Winch


  • Superior build quality
  • Dynamic braking control mechanism
  • Galvanized steel rope
  • Overload limiter
  • Works with cordless and corded drills
  • Lightweight (12.63 lbs.)
  • Free spooling clutch
  • Excellent portability
  • One year manufacturer warranty
  • Front and rear rigging hooks for safer pulling
  • 500 lbs. pulling power
  • Ability to replace steel rope with synthetic one


  • Limited pulling power
  • No IP67 or IP68 certified resistance
  • No drill included
  • Limited areas of fitting
  • Spooling can hard with increasing loads
  • Power drain issues while using with a cordless drill
  • The cordless drill may struggle while pulling
  • Pulling can be slower if you increase the load
  • Works only with standard portable drills


Frequently Asked Questions


1. Can this winch be used for vertical lifts?

Although it is able to pull or drop vertical lifts, this winch is not designed for this purpose. It is only designed for pulling. Warn drill-powered portable winch’s clutch is not designed for vertical lifts.

2. Can the steel cable be replaced with a synthetic rope?

Yes. You can replace the steel rope with a synthetic one by using a conversion kit. Custom conversion kits can also be used to replace the steel rope.

3. Does this winch have its own battery?

Nope. This Warn drill powered winch is driven by the drill and power source of the drill is what that drives this winch. Usually, cordless drills require batteries, and they will last depending on the quality of the drill.

4. Can this winch be operated with an impact driver?


5. Can it be manually operated

No, You’ll need a drill.

Final Thoughts: Should You Buy It?

Warn cordless drill powered winch is for users who work regularly with minimal loads. It can be used to pull medium to small tree logs, boats on to the trailers, ATV’s and UTV’s. You can move medium density fiberboards (MDF) with ease.

This winch is durable and will perform your day to day tasks hassle-free. You won’t regret buying this drill winch, it’s totally worth the money.

Winch’s pulling force can be a little slower, but it definitely depends on the power of the drill. The ability to use a cordless drill with this winch makes it very versatile to use in different situations and weather conditions.

Hope that you’ve liked our Warn drill winch reviews. You can also check our review of more powerful winches here.

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